Udaariyaan 14th September 2021 Written Episode Update


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Udariyaan 14th September 2021 Episode starts with Fateh saying I m going to sleep in the hall. Jasmin says wait, you can sleep here in this room if there is no other room. He says its my house, I will sleep in the hall. She says sleep here with me. He says we can’t sleep in the same room. She sats I m not asking you to sleep me on the same bed. He says we are not married yet, I have to respect the elders. She says then marry me. She argues. He says I want the family to love you, you have to try hard. She says everyone just loves Tejo, it would have been good if you left me on the road to die, get me that rights and respect which Tejo is getting, I can’t see this more, do something, please. Fateh goes and recalls everyone’s words.

Gurpreet comes and recalls his words. He sees her and stops her. She asks how can you do this, you got Jasmin back. He asks her to understand her heart. She says every relation has a limit, I think I failed in teaching this to you, Jasmin did black magic on you, you can’t see anything else, Jasmin rejected your love and left the mandap, Tejo held your hand. He says you think she is right for me. He says maybe she is not right because you don’t love you, but Jasmin will always be wrong, I had accepted Tejo but I can never accept Jasmin. She says this girl will make you away from everyone. She warns him and goes.

Tejo brings Biji to the hall. Biji says Tejo has done this amazing thing. She asks her to make Ganpati prasad. Tejo says sure. Fateh looks on. He asks what do you want Tejo, you would have your self respect. She says Khushbeer told why I m staying here, everyone can’t be selfish. He says if you came for Biji, then why are you fighting with Jasmin, why did you challenge her. They argue. She says no one likes to see the same bad dream twice, person would like to forget that night as well. She goes. He recalls her words and goes. Nimmo looks on. Everyone prays. Nimmo sees Jasmin and taunts her. Jasmin asks Amrik about Fateh. He says I don’t know and goes. Khushbeer likes the prasad. Tejo gives prasad to Jasmin. She asks her to go and make tea, she wanted rights on the family. She asks her not to make food for the family. She goes. Jasmin gets angry. Buzo says I can’t believe how Fateh doubted Tejo and me. Simran says I have also hurt my family, how can I go there and tell anything. Fateh comes to everyone and says I need to say something to Tejo, we will separate our ways, take this. Tejo asks what is it. He shows the divorce papers. He says divorce papers…. Tejo and everyone get shocked.

Tejo cries. Fateh says if you are still keeping your word, then take this and forget the bad dream. Khushbeer scolds him. Gurpreet also scolds Fateh. Tejo says I can understand what you are going through, but few things aren’t in control, like a married person still has an affair. Fateh recalls Tejo and Buzo, and says absolutely. She says when a relation’s age is over, then its better to break it. Biji says you are sensible, you will do whatever is right. She says Papa ji, I m your daughter and has more responsibility to keep your respect, I won’t do anything to make you feel ashamed. Khushbeer blesses her and turns away. Tejo says its not a big thing to sign these papers, I have removed you from my heart, it doesn’t matter if you leave from my life, your freedom doesn’t depend on my sign, you have left much time before. Jasmin smiles. Tejo takes the papers. Kismat….plays…. She signs the papers and says I have signed it, you are free now, you will soon realize you have paid a big price for your freedom. She hands over the papers and goes to her room. She cries. Everyone cries. Fateh recalls Tejo and his moments.


Udariyaan 15th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Jasmin says I have to see Tejo’s plan behind this divorce. Dada ji says we have to stop this divorce. Jasmin says I won’t leave Fateh for Tejo’s sake. Rupy slaps her.

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Telecast Date:14th September 2021
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