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Udariyaan 13th July 2022 Episode starts with Fateh surprising Tejo. He gives her laddoos. She eats it and drinks the milk. He asks her to sleep. She asks for the pillow. He says I forgot it, I won’t let you sleep without a pillow.

He gives his hand. They sleep. Dil utthe….plays… Lovely says you call this marriage, even the law doesn’t accept such a marriage, our pind people got their crazy daughter married, the court didn’t accept the marriage, its illegal, this marriage is fake.

Jasmin smiles. Bebe scolds Lovely. She says Tejo will get fine soon. Lovely says just fix the wrong. Jasmin goes to her room.

She thanks baba ji. She talks to her baby. She says we still have a chance, did you hear what Lovely said. She sees the laptop. She checks about the marriage acceptance legally. She says yes, sleep with Fateh tonight, Tejo, because your marriage drama won’t go on for long, I will not leave your marriage.

Its morning, Fateh makes tea. Nimmo says you are making bed tea for your wife, you are doing her work, how long will you do this. He says till your thinking gets right, where is it written that wives have to do all the work.

He goes. Gurpreet comes. Nimmo says your son has shown this day. Gurpreet says my son got bahu home to handle her. Fateh comes and calls out Tejo. He wakes up Tejo by putting her finger in the tea cup. She asks tea for me.

He asks her to have tea and say if he passed. She says pass. Mahi asks Gurpreet to have breakfast. Gurpreet says my son has forgotten everything for that crazy girl, I should sit here and have food. Fateh asks Tejo to go and have a bath. Gurpreet says you all don’t care. Bebe asks what shall we do, she is our bahu now, we have to accept her.

Gurpreet says Jasmin is finding a guy for herself. Khushbeer says we will find a way. Gurpreet says I will go from here if you want peace. She goes. Nimmo goes after her. Biji says we have to explain Jasmin. Jasmin asks Satti to have sweets. She feeds sweets to everyone and says I got a good news.

Lovely asks her to say, what is it. Jasmin says I found a guy, you are thinking that I got some old man, no, I got a young handsome guy, see the pic. She shows the pic. Jasmin says he has many businesses. Satti asks how do you know he is a good person. Jasmin asks how much shall I wait, he has accepted me knowing I m pregnant, I m a widow.

Dilraj says someone gave this for you. She takes the bouquet and says yes, I ordered this, I have to give this to Fateh and Tejo, they will be happy. She leaves. Satti thinks Jasmin shouldn’t go there, Gurpreet is already worried. Jasmin says we will go to your Dada and Dadi now, baby.

Tejo comes from bath and asks Fateh about the red saree. He recalls and gives the red saree. He asks do you remember it. She says I want to wear this. He says I will make you wear the saree. He helps her dress up. Kya kahun….

plays… They dance. Tejo sees Jasmin at the door and asks why did bad sister come here, ask her to leave. Fateh opens the door. Jasmin says sorry, I couldn’t congratulate you both, congrats for your marriage. She asks Tejo to have the bouquet. She says you both will be happy now, right. She asks Tejo to take the roses.

Tejo takes one and gets hurt by the thorn. Fateh sucks her finger. Tejo says I don’t want her gift, she is bad and her gift is also bad. He hugs Tejo. He asks Jasmin to leave. Gurpreet packs her bag. Jasmin comes. Nimmo asks Gurpreet not to leave the house. Jasmin thinks baby’s Dadi is already angry.

She asks Gurpreet not to go, who will handle the house. Gurpreet asks is it right, whatever happened with you. Jasmin says don’t worry for me, I m fine, I m happy that they both are finally together, I m scared because their marriage is illegal, if anyone complains then their marriage won’t be accepted.

Gurpreet asks what did you say. Jasmin says forget it, Fateh didn’t see my baby and your love, he won’t care for the law, don’t tell anyone, I learnt that their marriage is illegal, when a person is mentally disturbed/ill, then the marriage isn’t accepted, it means the marriage is zero, meaningless.

She says I got my coming baby’s father, I m going to get married. She shows the guy’s pic. She says he stays in Canada, we may shift there after marriage. Gurpreet says no, you have Amrik’s child, you can’t take the child away. Jasmin says baby will go with mom, just bless me. She leaves.

Fateh says we can’t do anything if Jasmin wants to marry and go. Gurpreet asks what about Amrik’s child. Fateh says she just found a guy, nothing is decided. Nimmo says you didn’t think of Amrik’s child. Gurpreet says you have to stop her by marrying her. Fateh says I already got married. She says law doesn’t accept the marriage done with a mental patient, its illegal. Everyone is shocked.


Udariyaan 14th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Fateh says I can’t stay here when my marriage isn’t regarded legal. Gurpreet says keep your duty without anyone’s help, I challenge you today. Fateh accepts the challenge and leaves with Tejo.

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Telecast Date:13th July 2022
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