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Udariyaan 12th September 2022 Episode starts with Satti saying the girls are playing well. Satti asks them how do we tell Naaz about Jasmin. She says I have no courage. Shelly says I will tell them, don’t worry, I understand their pain, I want their pain to get less,

Nehmat should know that Jasmin did the same thing with Naaz, she left Naaz, maybe Nehmat gets some relief. Bebe scolds her. Naaz asks what happened, why did you get angry, did I do anything. Nehmat says no, I don’t want to play. Naaz says you can take the tab back. Nehmat refuses.

She goes to Tejo. Naaz says she might complain about me and make everyone scold me. Nehmat asks Fateh and Tejo to take her home. Satti asks what happened. Nehmat insists. They leave. Shelly says Naaz might have told something to Nehmat. Rupy asks her to get quiet. He sees Naaz and asks what happened.

Naaz says I didn’t tell her everything, don’t know why Nehmat left, don’t scold me. Satti says we won’t scold you, come, I will feed you something good. Rupy thinks what happened between them. Khushbeer hugs Nehmat. He asks what happened. Gurpreet asks what did Satti feed you, tell me. He says you would have enjoyed with Naaz. Nehmat says I m tired, I want to rest. Tejo stops her.

She asks the matter. Nehmat says I don’t want to go there and meet Naaz. Tejo says you always wanted a sister. Nehmat says I hate her, I don’t want a sister. Satti asks why did Nehmat do away.

Rupy says she might be unwell, she is a lovely girl. She says I want Naaz to become good like Nehmat. Shelly says Tejo and Jasmin also got raised together, one was heroine and other was villain. Abhiraj says they both loved each other a lot. Naaz looks on and cries. She goes upstairs. Tejo asks did you have a fight with her. Nehmat says no, I don’t like her. She goes away.

Fateh says maybe I should have not taken Nehmat there. Rupy hears Naaz crying. He sees her. Nehmat also cries in her room. Fateh and Tejo come. Rupy consoles Naaz. Naaz says Nehmat doesn’t like me, why, what did I do. He says she loves you a lot, she was angry on me, I don’t know what to do.

He thinks there is some matter that she left. Fateh says its okay Tejo, don’t trouble her, she is our daughter, she doesn’t hide anything, I have a good idea to make her mood good. They leave. Naaz says she won’t talk to me in school.

Rupy cheers her up and shows the dolls. Naaz laughs hearing his stories. Fateh and family sing and dance to make Nehmat smile. Rupy hugs Naaz and cries. Nehmat asks am I bad, why did Jasmin leave me. Fateh says you are good, we all love you. She says she didn’t keep me like she kept Naaz. Tejo and Fateh hug her.

Rupy asks Naaz to share her heart with the dolls. He makes her sleep. He goes. Naaz smiles seeing the dolls. Nehmat says Naaz is lucky that Jasmin kept her with her. Tejo says look at them, they all put efforts to make you smile. Fateh says they all didn’t have food for your sake, we all love you. Nehmat says I know but… Tejo says sorry, we have no answers, Jasmin isn’t here to give you answers, she left Naaz also.

Nehmat asks what. Tejo says Jasmin left Naaz at Rupy and Satti’s house. Nehmat asks will she never come back. Fateh says yes. Nehmat asks how can she do this. Tejo says never judge anyone, maybe she is helpless, no mother can leave her children. Fateh asks Nehmat to fight. He asks what do you see.

Nehmat says you. He says we have to focus on what we see, we have to take care of Naaz and help her, we don’t have to focus on those who left us. Nehmat says yes. Tejo says yes, she is alone, she doesn’t know that her mum left her, you have to take care of her. Nehmat says yes, I m sorry, I behaved rudely with Naaz. Khushbeer says its okay, you know to take care of your sister, apologize to her.

Tejo says promise me, you won’t tell anything to Naaz, that her mumma left her or you both have the same mumma. Nehmat promises. Tejo hugs her. Everyone pampers Nehmat. Tejo says we wanted to save her from this pain, it broke her heart, her biological mum left her. Fateh says at least she knows this, her pain will help her understand Naaz’s pain, her sorrow will change into love for Naaz. She says we have to try and make her get rid of these feelings.

Mallika comes to meet Nehmat. She asks why were you not coming to school. Nehmat says I m not real daughter of Fateh and Tejo, but they love me a lot, they said Lord chose me for you. Mallika says it would have been so good if this happened with me, your parents love you a lot, you are so lucky, are you coming tomorrow. Nehmat says I m lucky, I m going to meet my sister Naaz tomorrow, our mums are sisters. Mallika reacts Oh God…

Its morning, Nehmat gives the sorry card and toys to Naaz. Naaz asks did you get this for me. Nehmat says yes, you are my sister, I will take care of you. Rupy and Fateh smile, seeing them playing happily. Rupy thanks God.

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