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Udariyaan 12th May 2022 Episode starts with Jasmin and Fateh seeing Angad taking an unconscious Tejo to the car. Angad puts her in the dicky. Jasmin records them. Fateh asks Jasmin is she recording everything. She says yes, I m worried for Tejo. He says don’t worry, nothing will happen to her, come fast, they left.

Fateh leaves. Khushbeer shouts Mahi… He asks where did you go last night. Mahi says I was going to meet Simran but my friend. He asks her not to lie and raises hand. Gurpreet stops him and asks what happened. Khushbeer says your children don’t know their limits, why don’t you find out where your daughter goes. Buzo shows the video. Gurpreet looks at Mahi. Mahi cries.

Khushbeer asks why did you go there, who is that guy, tell me. Mahi says sorry, I didn’t know. She cries and hugs Gurpreet. He scolds her. Mahi runs to her room. Simran says its not Mahi’s mistake. Buzo says she told us that she is talking to a guy. Khushbeer says she should be careful, she ruined her life, my children don’t let me live in peace. Buzo says I think someone did this intentionally, such video was played in elections also.

Simran says yes, Tejo had died and Rupy got the sympathy votes. Gurpreet thinks Tejo is alive. Angad stops the car and says I love you so much, I can’t let you go in Fateh’s arms, you got saved this time, I will bury you in the best graveyard in London, come, no one can find you. She opens eyes and kicks him. He gets shocked. She runs. He runs after her.

Fateh comes in between and stops Angad. He beats Angad. Tejo says I have recorded everything, you have no way to run away, its better you surrender, what happened, why are you surprised, you are thinking why didn’t your tablet affect me. She recalls throwing the tablet. Angad laughs and says its good, your three monkeys can come anywhere, do you think I m a fool. He catches Jasmin at gun point.

Amrik shouts leave her. Tejo calls someone. Angad says I m your father, your smartness won’t work. Tejo and Fateh ask him to leave Jasmin. Mahi says the matter has spread in the college. Simran asks Riya not to scare Mahi, it was that guy’s mistake. Gurpreet prays for her children. Fateh says I will give you the proof, leave Jasmin. He hands over the phone to Angad.

Fateh hits Angad and pulls Jasmin. He fights Angad. Angad sees the gun fallen. Tejo runs to take it. Angad makes her fall down. Fateh runs to Tejo. Angad points the gun at them. Gurpreet calls Fateh. She says my heart is getting restless today. She prays. Simran asks is everything fine. Gurpreet says I feel something bad is going to happen, Fateh didn’t call since two days. Simran says don’t tell anything to Fateh, dad and Buzo will handle. Angad asks them to stop.

He says Fateh you will never leave me, you love Tejo, even I love Tejo, I will shoot all of you and then bury you here. Fateh asks what’s this love that you want to kill her, she never loved you, you are a devil. Jasmin says you had run that video intentionally that day, right, your ego got hurt, Tejo doubted Fateh, you crossed all limits and say you love her, you made her suspect Fateh and my affair, you have created hatred between them. Angad says yes, I did this, I can’t see her becoming of someone else.

Fateh asks why did you burn her when she was marrying you. Angad says she was pregnant with your child, she was going to you, would I let her go so easily, no, I did a lot for Tejo. He counts his favors. He says she just used to take your name. Tejo asks what’s my mistake, I didn’t say that I love you, I told you that I don’t love you. Fateh says she took you to doctor to get you treated. Angad says that passion is my peace, I wanted to be close to Tejo, I didn’t take those medicines that makes me forget you,

I had fuelled Rupy’s hatred for Fateh, I agreed for marriage when Rupy asked me to marry Tejo, but my fate was bad, Tejo left me when she got pregnant, she asked me to take care of her dad, am I her lover or a watchman, I decided that Tejo won’t be of me and you, I heard them and went to that hall first, I had sprinkled the petrol there and ignited the fire, but Lord saved Tejo, but sadly the child wasn’t so lucky. Fateh gets angry. Angad asks Fateh to back off. Fateh starts laughing.

He says passion can kill someone and expose own self, this is your confession. He plays the audio. He says I have sent this to Buzo, now Buzo will take it to the police, we have ended your work, you tell your story to the jail. Angad says I will take you all along with me. He loads the gun. Fateh fights him again. He asks Amrik to take Tejo and Jasmin. Amrik asks them to come. They hide and worry for Fateh.

Angad and Fateh fight further. Tejo worries. Amrik stops her. Fateh beats Angad a lot. Angad rolls down on the ground. He falls near the gun. He sees the gun and picks it. He hits Fateh on his head. Tejo runs to stop. Amrik sees Angad wit the gun and shouts Tejo ji… Angad points at Tejo and shoots. Fateh looks on and shouts Tejo. Tejo, Amrik, Fateh and Jasmin look on shocked.

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