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Udariyaan 12th August 2022 Episode starts with Fateh asking how does Aman get every info about Candy. Tejo says Aman is a criminal, criminals get the info. Fateh goes and checks the venue hall. He says I have checked everything, Tejo.

Tejo says I will talk to Gurpreet. She calls Gurpreet. Gurpreet says everything is fine, where is Candy. Tejo says he is fine, you take care. Gurpreet says tension won’t eat till Candy comes. Tejo recalls Jasmin’s words. Fateh asks what happened, is everything fine. Tejo says yes, I was thinking of Candy and Simran.

Fateh writes on her back, don’t lie, I know you are thinking something else. The lady says magician Pasha will show the big magic of the evening, we will call some kid, who wants to come. The kids raise hand. Aman calls Daljeet. He shows the magic by putting him in some cupboard and then bringing him out.

Tejo tells Fateh about Jasmin. Fateh thinks what does she want to do. She says she thinks I haven’t become normal, maybe she is telling the truth. He says don’t trust her, trust me, you are absolutely fine, don’t think of Jasmin’s words. He hugs her. He thinks Jasmin is crossing her limits, I have to tell her truth. Candy says I want to go inside now. Aman calls him.

The lady says magician Pasha will also disappear with Candy in this trick. Aman takes Candy to the cupboard. Simran and Buzo look on. Fateh says what I m going to tell you now, it will clear all your doubts. Tejo asks what is it.

She sees someone running. Fateh stops the man. The man says I m going to get caterers items. He calls Aman and says way is clear. Daljeet asks why isn’t magician uncle getting Candy. The lady says lets start a countdown. Aman doesn’t come out. Simran checks the cupboard. She says Buzo, Candy isn’t here.

They shout. Fateh says Aman isn’t here, he won’t sit quiet. Tejo says I have a strange intuition like something is wrong. He says yes, but he didn’t come here. She recalls the clown. She says no, we didn’t check everyone, that clown’s height was of Aman.

They run inside. Simran says Tejo isn’t here, magician took Candy inside and disappeared. Buzo says that joker was the magician. Fateh says he was Aman. Simran cries. Tejo checks the cupboard. She shows the clown wig to Fateh. She says he was Aman. She asks Simran not to worry, they will catch Aman.

Aman and Candy are in the car. Candy says we shall go to the box, everyone will worry why didn’t we come. Aman says we will go, play with this toy, then we will go. He thinks sorry, Tejo ji, I troubled you, I will make everything fine, I worry a lot for you. Fateh and Tejo come. Fateh catches Aman.

Tejo takes Candy. Aman says your family will get behind bars if you beat me. Fateh laughs and slaps him. He says I have beaten the joker, not you, now police will take you. Aman hears the police siren. He tricks Fateh and leaves. Inspector comes. Tejo asks him to catch Aman. Fateh and police stop the clown,

and see someone else. Fateh asks who are you, where is Aman, tell me. He tells inspector that Aman tried to kidnap Candy. Tejo says he is saying the truth. Fateh says you call him right away. Inspector calls Aman and asks where are you. Aman lies to him. They all go. They check the cctv footage.

Inspector says it means you weren’t there. Aman asks what happened to my son Candy, he isn’t safe with them. Tejo says don’t do a drama, Candy is safe with us, when we thought there is a threat over him, we called the police. She stops Fateh and says we don’t trust Aman, he finds a way to trouble us. Inspector says sorry, we can’t do anything. Aman says thanks, take that man away.

He laughs and sings. Fateh gets angry. Tejo stops him. Fateh says you got saved today, but I will bring your truth out soon. Fateh and everyone come home. Fateh asks why did you stop me there. Tejo says he will prove Simran and Buzo as bad parents. Buzo says I won’t let him get the custody.

Khushbeer says I think we should take police protection. Tejo says no, police is with him, we want a proof against him, we have to prove he is a criminal. Jasmin says Tejo is saying right. Tejo says I will prepare for dinner. Fateh thinks to tell Jasmin’s truth to Tejo.

Tejo comes to Fateh and asks did Candy sleep. He asks her to think for herself. She asks what do you want to say. He says promise me, you will not get upset and forgive me for hiding a big thing, I hid this to not trouble you, but I have to tell this now, else you may fall into a problem.

She asks what is it. He says whatever you are thinking about Jasmin is right, she is playing a game, don’t doubt yourself. He says she is doing this because she is jealous of you, because I love you, you got fine, you married me and came back here, she wanted this for herself, she wanted to come here as my wife. Tejo is shocked.


Udariyaan 13th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Fateh says no one told you about it. Tejo says now its our fight, this time I won’t let Jasmin fight. She goes to Jasmin and ignites a matchstick. She says I m going to lit the fire. Jasmin is shocked.

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Telecast Date:12th August 2022
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