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Udariyaan 11th November 2022 Advait opens the door. It’s room service. Their name isn’t on the list. Ekam leaves. Her phone is off. Ekam says I hope she’s safe wherever she is. Advait gives Nehmat water and his jacket.

She says I don’t want it. I shouldn’t have come here. What am I doing here>I should have sat in the car. Advait says come on, we are stuck due to the weather. What’s the big deal? She says you wrote our names downstairs and we lied to everyone. He says I fear being seen with you a lot more than you.

I changed the names on the register. People have eyes on me, I am only here because there’s no option. Nehmat cries. Advait says I am sorry. He gives her a shawl. Nehmat thinks about Ekam and cries. Ekam sits with some tourists at their bonfire. He says sorry Nehmat I couldn’t find you. He imagines Nehmat. Nehmat said we are together every day. It’s fine. He imagines hugging her.

Scene 2
Naaz looks at the video. Shally calls Naaz… She says they left the hotel. Naaz says they have not left. Shally says to show the photos to Advait. Naaz says but we don’t know what they were there for. Shally says but they were together in a hotel room all night.

Mallika prepares and invites her friends. She says our events should be classy. Advait’s family has some standards. Ekam says so we don’t have any standard? Don’t do drama. she says, you, constable. He says ASP. She says yeah sure don’t talk to me, I am classy. He says you will always be a monkey to me. They fight. Jayveer says always play like this, my kids. He hugs them. Mallika asks Ekam where is Nehmat? Her phone is off since last night. Ekam calls her again but her phone is off.

Scene 3
Nehmaat comes home. She says how will I answer Ekam? Advait was right. I can’t tell Ekam anything. Ekam calls her. He calls and says where are you? I came to Shimla as well. She says I am sorry. My phone was off and I was stuck there. He says I am ASP I will punish you. She says I am sorry. It wasn’t intentional. He says I was missing you so much. Now will give me five kisses. Nehmat cries. He says to come to the dance rehearsals. Nehmat cries. She says mom please save Jayveer uncle and Ekam. Please I hope everything goes well.

Nana gives money to nanu and says get something for Naaz and Nehmat. She says I got their gold sets made. He says we will never let them miss their parents. I want them to be happy in their lives. I don’t want to be punished for my sins. He says I had to let my daughter jasmine go from here. Jasmine says papa you forced me to leave the country and I had to leave my daughter behind.

Nanu says Naaz had to stay away from her mother. She couldn’t be with her mom even today she gets married. Jasmine says Naaz I so wanted to see you as a bride. Papa ruined everything. Nanu says you’ve done everything for them. JAsmine says you have forced me to do this papa. You took my daughter from me. I have everything, money, and power but you took my daughter and peace from me. You did all this for Jasmine. I will not live until my daughter rules. Nehmat will pay for Tejo’s sins.

Naaz says I will ruin Nehmat and Mallika’s lives. Jasmine says I will come to Moka at the right time. Naaz gets ready. Nehmat says we have to go for the sangeet. Naaz says you look worried. Tell me. Nehmat says nothing.

She says just work. Naaz says did any problem happen? She says that reports could ruin lives. Naaz says did you take your friend’s help? Nehmat says I did. I am so excited about your wedding. I will do your makeup. Naaz says time will tell if Mallika would get married or not. She opens her laptop and finds the report. It’s against Ekam and Jayveer. She reads it all.

Advait calls Jasmine and says that the article won’t publish and Nehmat won’t be able to get to us. Jasmine says a good job, I really like it. He says thanks, Aunty. She says call me Jas. I am not your aunt. Congratulations.

I heard you’re getting married. I want Nikhil to be happy. Jasmine looks at Nehmat and Tejo’s photo. She says Naaz, you have a daughter too. I will give you both all happiness in the world. Naaz says this is about Ekam and Jayveer. And that is why she took Advait’s help. But why did they stay in one room?

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