Udaariyaan 10th September 2021 Written Episode Update


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Udariyaan 10th September 2021 Episode starts with Khushbeer asking Fateh and Jasmin to leave. Gurpreet says no, Fateh won’t go anywhere, this girl will go. Khushbeer says I won’t let him stay here. Nimmo says Jasmin is so shameless, she broke the relations, will she get her head broken. Fateh holds Jasmin’s hand and stops her. Gurpreet looks at Fateh. Jasmin goes. He asks Jasmin to listen. Gurpreet says if you go after her, then you will see me dead. He says I did wrong with Tejo, but Jasmin is alone. She asks what about your mum. Khushbeer says let him go. Dadi and Dada also get angry.

Khushbeer says I m cursing the day Jasmin came in his life. Jasmin sits under a tree and cries. Tejo is with Satti, lying in her lap and crying. Rupy asks Tejo to have milk, she didn’t eat anything, she can get unwell. Tejo closes eyes. Fateh says I know, wrong happened with Tejo, her family is with her, who is with Jasmin, she needs me, please let me go, she can do anything with her. He leaves Gurpreet and goes. Khushbeer says did you see how he got mad for Jasmin, don’t know what is Tejo going through.

Tejo opens eyes and recalls Jasmin and her childhood’s gameplay. Jasmin becomes the bride instead her. Tejo sees a glass piece going to hurt Jasmin’s foot. She keeps her hand there and gets hurt. Tejo runs to her little avatar and says Jasmin you always do the same, I always get hurt because of you. Her imagination end. Fateh and Tejo’s pic falls down and breaks. She throws the frame. Kismat kismat…plays… Rupy and Satti cry and see her. Jasmin sits crying. Fateh looks for her. Tejo sees her bangles and removes it. She throws the bangles and cries. Satti cries and goes downstairs. Rupy holds her and says calm down, if you do this, who will console Tejo. Jasmin calls. Rupy answers and asks why are you calling me, shameless, Daayan also leaves nine houses, you ruined your sister’s house, don’t call me Papa, go and die somewhere if you have any shame left. He ends call. Jasmin cries.

She says what shall I do, where shall I go. Rupy says she always snatched your rights, you always left your rights, we forgot that you also have a life, I will not stop you now, I won’t ask you to forget Jasmin, this time she did a big crime, what’s yours will be yours. Tejo asks but was it mine. Satti says we all have to pay for our mistakes, Jasmin will also pay and we will also pay, being her parents. Jasmin recalls Rupy’s words. A truck comes towards her. Jasmin hears the horn and turns. Her dupatta gets stuck on the truck. Fateh comes there and sees the truck. He thinks its Jasmin’s chunri. He runs after the truck. He hears people talking of the accident. He turns to see. He runs there. He gets shocked seeing Jasmin injured. He shouts Jasmin. Ambulance comes. Fateh takes her. Everyone at home are sad and see Tejo. Abhiraj comes to tell something to Rupy. Rupy and everyone greet Khushbeer. Khushbeer asks can I meet Tejo. Rupy says her state isn’t fine, better to not scratch her wounds.

Tejo comes and greets. Khushbeer says daughters don’t touch father’s feet. Tejo says uncle ji… He says not uncle ji, Papa, you will call me Papa from today, come home, I have come to take you, you are my daughter from today, you won’t have any trouble there, I have thrown all the troubles out of the house, come with me, its your house. Satti says sorry, Tejo won’t go with you, she is already worried. Khushbeer says she won’t be troubled there, that’s her house. Satti says it was her house, which Jasmin and Fateh ruined. Khushbeer says please, listen to your father, I didn’t come to take Fateh’s wife, but my daughter, please. Tejo holds his hands and says please uncle ji, Papa ji…. I can’t stay in that house now. She cries. Biji says it will be good if we don’t force her, we are ashamed of Jasmin’s deeds, Tejo doesn’t want to go there, let it be. Khushbeer says I m going, remember that house is yours, it will always be yours, I will wait for you. He leaves. He comes home. Biji asks didn’t Tejo come.

He asks why would she come, where she got cheated. Biji says house’s Laxmi left the house. Mahi says Fateh did wrong. He says your son went after Jasmin. Gurpreet says we all also did wrong, we got him married to Tejo, we knew that he can’t forget Jasmin. Nimmo says Jasmin was trapping him. He asks them not to take Fateh’s side. Gurpreet says I won’t go anywhere until Fateh comes home. She sits crying. Everyone goes. Door bell rings. Gurpreet runs to open the door. Fateh brings Jasmin in his arms. Khushbeer shouts stop there, Fateh, don’t come in, what’s this drama, why did you get her here. Fateh says she had gone to commit suicide, its not a drama. Amrik asks what. Fateh says what could she do, how would she go, she jumped in front of the trick. Khushbeer says let her do anything, there is no place for her in this house.


Udariyaan 11th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Biji falls down. Tejo asks what happened to Biji. Mahi says doctor said anything can happen to her if she gets another attack. Tejo returns home.

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Telecast Date:10th September 2021
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