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Udariyaan 10th August 2022 Episode starts with Aman saying I came to meet Candy, you love Candy. She asks him to go out. He says I came to meet you, give me some love, I love you a lot. She shouts get out and throws the towel on his face. He gives her a flying kiss. She throws the flower vase.

He asks her to throw herself, he will handle her. She says get out, I will not leave you. She throws some bowl at him. He goes out. She gets a knife and asks him to leave. She says its my last warning. He says I will go. Jasmin hears Tejo shouting and says they won’t let me sleep, I have to go and see what’s happening.

She gets the belt and says I can’t forget the fake stomach. She says now I will go and see what’s happening. She sees Tejo asking Aman to leave. Aman says I have filed a FIR. Jasmin thinks, wow, what a new drama. Tejo asks Aman to go from here, else… Aman asks else what, I m your lover, fine I will go, I will come back to meet Candy and you,

I will play with you, I understand, you are feeling shy here, come with me, France, Italy, where do you want to go. She asks him to get out. He says you come in my dream all night, I will come soon. He goes. She sits shivering in fear. Fateh, Simran and Buzo come home and see Tejo. Fateh asks what happened.

Tejo says Amanpreet entered my room, he was talking bad things. Fateh asks how dare he, I will go to police station. She says no, he will trouble Simran. Simran cries and says she is right, he wants us to make some mistake. Buzo says I will beat him. Fateh asks what shall I do, he is troubling Simran and Tejo. Tejo says we will think as he thinks and defeat him, we want some proof against him. He hugs her.

Tejo sees Simran and Candy talking. She cries and recalls her miscarriage. Fateh holds Tejo. She wipes her tears and goes. Fateh goes after her. She asks what happened. He wipes her tears and says you share this pain with me, it will get less.

She says no, you are with me, I have no pain, something went in my eyes. She goes. He says I also feel the same pain. Lawyer says we have to prove that the kid isn’t safe with them. Aman says I will prove this easily, Tejo will make me win this case. He thinks of Tejo.

Tejo recalls Aman. Fateh comes and says you like reading, now read out whatever I write on your back, you have to give me some answers. She agrees. He writes I love you. She says I love you too, I also want to spend my life with you. She says if your teeth fall down, then mine will also fall, I will make a permanent mask.

He says you will still look beautiful. He acts like oldies. She laughs. He says we will sit together holding hands and see the sunset, you make the food. She says yes, I can’t have noodles every day, we won’t have kids, who like to have noodles. She turns and cries. Fateh says you want to spoil our love story, I don’t want anyone between us, we are enough for each other. She hugs him. They sleep.

Its morning, Simran says sorry, Aman is finding ways to trouble everyone. Tejo says don’t worry, Fateh and Khushbeer went to speak to the lawyer. Simran says Candy is staying tensed, I m scared that Candy can go against me. Tejo says Candy will never come in Aman’s words. Candy calls out Simran. Simran goes.

Gurpreet asks Tejo to make tea, she has a headache. Tejo says I will just make it. Gurpreet gets Jasmin’s call. Jasmin says sorry to call you, Tejo isn’t answering, I came for the yoga class, I had a doctor appointment, I m standing on the road since one hour. She is at the café. She lies. She says ask Tejo to come to me,

she might have forgotten. Gurpeet says how can she forget, wait there, I will come. Jasmin says she has many things to do, don’t tell anything to Tejo. Gurpreet says fine, I will come there in 10mins. Jasmin says Gurpreet will make Tejo away from me. Tejo gets the tea. Gurpreet says you didn’t go with Jasmin.

Tejo says she said she will go herself. Gurpreet says she is waiting on the roads, I will go if you can’t. Tejo says I will go. Gurpreet asks Mahi to get the car, they have to pick Jasmin. She says you be with her. Tejo says what’s happening, why did Jasmin lie.

Gurpreet and Mahi bring Jasmin home. Tejo says have the Shikanji, you will feel better, you could have called me, I know you are pregnant, you need extra care. Jasmin says you can’t understand my pain, its hard to carry heavy weight, I will show you doctor’s prescription,

why would I call you late. Gurpreet says let it go Tejo says I will come along with you next time, I can learn how to take good care, I will call doctor and ask about today also. Jasmin worries.

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Telecast Date:10th August 2022
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