Godh Bharaai

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    TV Series : Godh Bharaai

    Country of origin : India
    Original language(s) : Hindi
    No. of seasons : 1
    No. of episodes : 100
    Camera setup : Multi-camera
    Running time : 24 minutes
    Picture format : 576i (SDTV)
    Original release : 8 March – 26 August 2010

    About Godh Bharaai

    (TV Series)

    Godh Bharaai was an Indian television drama series airs on Sony Entertainment Television, which premiered on 8 March 2010. The story portrays the life of a couple, Aastha and Shivum, who cannot conceive a child. Though it is her husband who is infertile and not her, Aastha doesn’t reveal the truth to their family for his sake. Shivum is very supporting, though he urges not to do so and reveal the truth.

    It is Aastha who is associated with a stigma of being infertile, or baanjh, as considered in India society. A homeless child finds his way into their lives and they decide to take care of him as their own child seeing him as a blessing and naming him Krishna, but it is later on revealed that the child was kidnapped and he was given to Shivum by a woman with a false story. As the show continues, they manage to adopt Krishna, yet Meena (the eldest daughter-in-law of the family) remains jealous of Aastha and her new adopted son. She is constantly thinking up ways to put Aastha, Shivum, and their child in difficult situations. Eventually, Aastha by a miracle becomes pregnant and Meena as well at the same time. However, Meena has a girl and Aastha has a boy…..how far will Meena go to have Aastha and her innocent children thrown out of the house, and to become the center of attention again to her father-in-law and mother-in-law?

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