Tujhse Hai Raabta 6th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Tujhse Hai Raabta 6th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Tujhse Hai Raabta Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Tujhse Hai Raabta 6th November 2019 Episode Start With Malhar comes to bathroom and finds Swara on the floor and Athav besides her in a wrong position. He asks Atharv what he did. He says he didn’t do anything. He calls Kalyani out. Kalyani leaves from Sarthak’s room. Sarthak says in his mind that he will have to hide the truth to prevent Kalyani becoming a widow.

Kalyani comes to her room and is shocked to see wounds on Swara. Athav comes and says he didn’t do anything. He was just hiding in bathroom. Malhar walks angrily to him. Kalyani stops him asking what he did. Malhar says he doesn’t know how to tell what he did. He went to bathroom to wash his hands and Atharv was doing something with Swara’s dress. She says he is a kid. Malhar says he will show how much kid he is. He takes out his belt to beat up Atharv.

Sarthak was going to stop Malhar, but SB pulls him back. Kalyani tries to stop saying he is a kid, he can’t even think like that. Malhar says it’s same Atharv who ran away with a married woman. He’s just doing drama of memory loss. He beats him up asking to say what he did. Sarthak figures it out that it’s SB who did everything and now poor Atharv is getting blamed. He further says he can’t do anything for now as it will all lead to 26th July secret. Atharv runs out. Malhar and Kalyani go behind him. Sarthak now speaks up and tells SB that he told her not to do anything like this. SB said she was scared and she had no other option.

Malhar continues beating him up. All family members come out. Madhav asks what happened. SB says Atharv tried to force on Swara who is unconscious now. Madhav tells Malhar to beat him more. Even Pallavi, Aao Saheb try to stop Malhar, but he is unstoppable. He finally stops when by mistake Kalyani comes in the way and gets slapped on neck by the belt. Malhar is shocked, he drops the belt and walks away. Now Madhav comes forward and says he will make sure Atharv is put into jail. Aao Saheb comes in the way. He tells her to stay away else he can even raise his hand at her. He drags Atharv with him. Kalyani goes to get Malhar’s help who is with Swara. He’s shocked recalling he raised hand at Kalyani. He is punishing himself.

Kalyani comes. He puts on the sunglasses to hide his tears. Kalyani quietly tells him that Athav can’t do this. He was with her 2 minutes before he called her. He told her that he’s going to hide in bathroom. He can’t injure Swara like that in 2 minutes. It might be that she was injured and in bathroom already when Atharv went there. SB hears that and asks Kalyani what she means that one of them will beat her up? It’s generally her who goes in Swara’s room, so does that mean she did all this? Malhar asks SB to leave Kalyani. SB says so he also thinks it’s her behind all this? She asks him to arrest her then. Kalyani says no one is blaming her. Malhar says he doesn’t want to talk about this. When Swara wakes up, they will find out. He gives her cream to apply on her wound. SB makes Malhar more emotional by telling Kalyani not to spread this outside, else who will marry Swara. Kalyani leaves.

She’s sitting alone. Aao Saheb comes and says she doesn’t know where Anupriya is. It took so long her to find cream. She asks her to take off mangalsutra, so she can apply cream. She asks about Atharv. Aao Saheb says Madhav locked him in out house. Madhav comes and asks what kind of sanskaar Aao Saheb has given to her children. Aao Saheb puts him in the place saying to keep his voice down. Their sanskaar can be seen in Kalyani who is managing his mad house. Everyone comes outside. SB sees Kalyani not wearing mangalsutra and starts drama that she knows things have not been ok between her and Malhar, but that doesn’t mean she will remove and throw her mangalsutra like that. Kalyani was giving justification, but then she sees Malhar staring at her and stops. She tells him he must be thinking same. She is tired keeping balance between both families and losing her own balance. Malhar asks did he say anything to her that she’s saying all this for him? He knows no matter what happens, she will always respect her suhaag (husband) and mangalsutra. He applies cream on her wound and says he also has responsibility towards both families. If she supports him and work together, then she won’t be feeling helpless. He takes mangalsutra and wraps it on his wrist saying he also put suhaag’s symbol on him. Everyone is shocked.

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