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Tujhse Hai Raabta 2nd February 2021 Episode starts with Anupriya thanking Shera for whatever he has done for Godaveri and says sorry for her behavior. Shera says no problem. Anupriya says Kalyani and Moksh need you a lot, so don’t think of going from here, you are part of our lives now. Shera says no, I am just Malhar’s lookalike, Malhar is the part of your lives, not me. Anupriya says even you have your own identity. Moksh comes and asks Shera to come with him to Arjun’s happy birthday, as he invited him. Shera says you shall go, and asks him to take his Aai fi and Anupriya. Kalyani says yes Aai, pillu was saying that Meena kumari Aai don’t go out. Anupriya says she can’t leave Sarthak at home. Kalyani says we will go in the evening. She says we will ask Godaveri and Aao Saheb to come along with us. Shera says if bad uncle hurts you then? Kalyani tells that she has talked to Pawar kaka and he will make two constables stand outside. Aao Saheb scolds Avni for trying to ruin Godaveri’s image and respect. Avni says you helped me with a motive. Godaveri comes there. Avni goes. Aao Saheb says she will protect her and will not let anything happen to her. Godaveri asks her to protect Kalyani too and says she saved me and you didn’t say anything.

Later in the night, Shera is coming to the kitchen, when he feels someone is behind him. He gets Tommy’s call and tells him. Just then electricity goes away. Shera comes to Sarthak’s room and assumes he is sleeping seeing the blanket. He tells Tommy on call and comes out. The attacker comes there and hits the swing on Shera, to make him fall down. He then pours kerosene oil and tries to burn Shera. Shera gets up and sets off the match stick. He says show me your face and pulls his mask. Sarthak is the attacker who wanted to kill him. Kalyani, Anupriya, Aao Saheb, Moksh, Godaveri and Avni come there. They all get shocked seeing Sarthak as the attacker, who is fine and healthy. Kalyani tells that it was their plan to bring out his truth, says you are fine then why did you act to be handicapped. She says when Shera told me, I didn’t agree, but then I took everyone out with a plan. She says you had attacked Shera. Shera says I was doubtful on him. Anupriya says you are fine and asks if he acted then? She asks what is your enmity with Shera. Kalyani asks why did you try to kill Shera? Sarthak says I lied so that I can take advantage. Kalyani asks if he came in Avni’s talks. Sarthak says that was not proofs, but a way to keep me away from her. He says the truth is that what I saw on Makar Sankranti day and tells that he didn’t throw Avni out, as Shera attacked him on that day, and made him write on the paper that he tried to kill malhar and Anupriya is innocent. Sarthak asks what do you want? Shera asks him to write and not to act smart. Sarthak sees his eyes and writes on the paper. Shera refuses. Sarthak says he made me write so that Anupriya can come out of the jail, on Kalyani’s sayings. Shera says I didn’t do this, and kalyani also didn’t tell me anything. Kalyani says Aai is nothing of Shera, why he will take her out. Sarthak makes Kalyani stand with Anupriya and tells that you both can do anything for each other. He tells that he took so much time to see their true colors. Shera tells that he didn’t have the gun to aim at him at that time, he has left bad works. Sarthak says I couldn’t forget your eyes and says I can’t leave you for trying to kill me. He tries to slap him, but Shera holds his hand and says if you do this again then I will not bear.

Anupriya says why Kalyani and Shera will attack you and says she can’t hurt you to take me out. Sarthak says I have seen Shera’s evil side that day. Kalyani says that day Shera was with me. Avni says she was romancing with Shera. Kalyani says Avni had added glass pieces in Shera’s kite thread. Sarthak asks her to stop blaming Avni and says I will end this game. He takes the knife in his hand and says you have brought Shera here, first you used him to get Moksh and Anupriya and wanted to ruin my life. He says I know the evil side behind your innocent face. Shera says it is enough and says if you blame Kalyani again then I will not bear. He asks will you beat me and asks him to attack him. Sarthak attacks Shera, but Anupriya stops him. He pushes her and tries to stab him, but stops himself. He says I will not break the law again for you, you will get rotten in jail. Kalyani asks why will Shera go to jail, my son needs him. Sarthak asks her to think about her punishment. He says talking about you Aai, she is taking care me as a Servant and says her value is just of a Servant and nothing more. He asks what do you think that you can fight a case and says you are nothing more than a Servant. He says your mother has no status, atleast Avni has some status. He tells Anupriya deserves to wash the utensils and nothing more. Anupriya is shocked and crying. Kalyani asks Anupriya not to feel bad and says we will clear his misunderstanding.

Aao Saheb scolds him and says Anupriya has taken good care of you and you are saying this. Sarthak says she got money for that and tells that be feels good seeing Anupriya taunted by her. Kalyani says today she will prove the truth.

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Telecast Date:2nd February 2021
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