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Tujhse Hai Raabta 24th July 2020 Episode starts with Malhar seeing the stuff all messed up and thinks if shooting guys can’t stay without messing up the stuff. Anupriya tells Malika that Malhar was very romantic and had filled flowers in room for Kalyani. Malika says I didn’t know that he was so romantic. Sarthak asks Malika to ask Malhar to repeat the same romantic thing with her so that she can get into Kalyani’s character. He says you are a good actress. Malika agrees. Anupriya asks her to remember the ornaments thing and do with Malhar. Malika says ok and goes out. She goes to Malhar and asks him to make her wear the ornaments. Malhar says me…Kalyani comes and asks what is happening here? She asks them to maintain Social distancing. Malika says Sarthak Sir told that how Malhar helps you to get ready and asks her to let him help her, so that she will get into her character. Malhar tells Kalyani that how can he make Malika wear it. Kalyani says you shall see how Malhar makes me wear jewellery and asks Malika to observe, and says observation is necessary. Malika says ok. Kalyani asks Malhar to make her wear jewellery. Malhar makes Kalyani wear earrings. Song plays…..dil main jo teri jagah hai…dheerre dheere se tera hua.

Anupriya and Sarthak smiles looking at them. She gives her hand in his hand. He makes her wear chain and looks at her. Malika says so romantic, you both look so cute looking, like chemistry in films. Kalyani says ya ya, I know. Anupriya and Sarthak come to room. Sarthak says cheers to Anupriya as they drink tea. Aao Saheb looks at him. Sarthak says I am just doing cheers for the feeling. Aao Saheb asks him to leave drinking wine and says she don’t want Anupriya’s husband to be a drunkard. Aao Saheb tells that she doesn’t think that Trilok is not a good guy. Sarthak says his wife’s pic resembles Kalyani, but that thing happens only in films. The old lady tells the lady constable that Divya is not dead, but alive. She says Trilok fired her from the job as she knows her truth. Malhar hears on call and asks Rao to keep eye on the woman. He thinks Moksh is sleeping peacefully and says he won’t let anything happen to him.

Kalyani thinks Malhar ji asked me to kiss and patch up, but he can’t do this being egoistic. She thinks to kiss on his forehead, thinks it will be too formal. She thinks he didn’t ask her to kiss on lips. She thinks she is seeing more English films, it will be too much. She looks at him and thinks this way is romantic and sanskari too. Malhar asks what khichdi is cooking? Kalyani comes near him and touches his face. Malhar asks if something is on cheeks. Kalyani kisses on his cheeks. Malhar is surprised. Song Pehli baar hai ji…plays. He gets happy and smiles. Kalyani feels shy. He looks out and thinks if someone is outside. He asks what is it? Kalyani says what do you mean? Malhar says now Maayi and Kaka are not watching, so why this kiss? Kalyani says you have asked me to kiss and patch up. Malhar asks if she has gone mad. Kalyani says you had written on the napkin. Malhar asks why is she making stories? Kalyani asks do you think yourself as Ranvir Singh. Malhar asks are you desperate to kiss Ranvir Singh. They argue on Trilok. Kalyani says my lipstick is wasted.

Trilok thinks he won’t forgive you for snatching my Divya from me. He recalls Malhar asking Divya to stop else he will shoot at her. Divya is shown on the chair and tied with chain.

Malhar tells Anupriya that Rs. 15000 was debited from his account. Kalyani comes there with Malika from shopping and tells that she got late due to social distancing. She shows off her dress and asks how am I looking? She shows her dress. Malhar says you are looking same. You must have taken bath today or worn shoes. He says your shoes are sparkling. Kalyani says she got shoes at 15000 Rs with 30 percent discount. Malhar laughs and says 15000. Anupriya says it was debited. Kalyani says Malhar ji is very supportive and asked me to take his debit card and do shopping. Malika says Malhar ji is perfect and good. Kalyani says my sweetu. She shows the other bags and goes to room. Malhar thinks if she goes again for shopping then all his salary will go. He comes to room and says you have brought 15000 Rs shoes and saying outside that I asked you to buy. Kalyani says she said that as Aai was listening. She says she brought it in discount. Malhar says it is still 15000 though. He takes her shoes and says I can’t throw it outside, as it is costly. Kalyani says I am 18 above now and can take my decisions. Malhar says you can’t as you trusted Trilok. She then says that Trilok is a good guy. She says she brought this shoes as the seller was not having any profit since 3 months.

Trilok calls Kalyani. Kalyani rejects his call. Trilok asks Suhana if she is upset as kalyani is not here. Kalyani calls him and tells that she is unwell. Trilok asks her to take care and ends the call. Trilok tells Suhana that Kalyani is making excuses to be with malhar and end the distance between them, but he won’t let this happen. He holds her hand tightly and makes her sit on her lap. He says today is your birthday and you will not celebrate your birthday without Kalyani, if she can’t come here then we will go to her.

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Telecast Date:24th July 2020
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