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Tujhse Hai Raabta 1st January 2021 Episode starts with Kalyani telling Shera that he doesn’t deserve to take Malhar’s place. Shera asks what is so great about him and says he don’t even have beard and moustache. Kalyani says I didn’t know if my Malhar ji was great or not, but I can claim that there is nobody like him in this whole world. She says where to find such man, who respects woman, takes care of his family so much and loved his wife so much and had asked her on the wedding night, to study and stand on her feet, and they can celebrate wedding night later on. Shera hears her and says the guy who couldn’t do on the wedding night, shall die. Kalyani asks him not to say anything against her Malhar ji. Shera holds her hand and says how can anyone ask his beautiful wife to study on wedding night. Moksh comes and moves him from stick. Kalyani tells Moksh that they will send him away once their work is done. Shera asks Kalyani to try him once. Kalyani takes Moksh to the storeroom and says sorry. She says she don’t want to give him fake hopes and tells that he is not Malhar ji. Moksh hugs Malhar’s jacket and pushes Kalyani. Kalyani says I know that you are very angry with me, but I didn’t have any option. She says if I had not bring this guy as Malhar ji then the family members would have separated us for forever. She says if you get angry on me then I will be alone. She says I have nobody except you and says I brought this guy, so that you get your voice, and we can know who is the real killer of Malhar ji. She hugs him and asks him not to get angry with her.

Moksh wipes her tears and hugs her. Kalyani says I miss Malhar ji so much and cries and I know that even you miss your Baba. She says we have to become each other’s support, we will never separate from each other. Avni tells Aao Saheb that she didn’t know how he knows the answers right. Aao Saheb says my son is inside, and Malhar returned. Avni says she is just doubtful, but he is not Malhar. Aao Saheb reminds her of her promise and asks her to take Vivek out. Avni says I am your only support and nobody else can help you. She says I don’t understand how Kalyani has done this.

Kalyani is in the kitchen with Moksh and feeds him food. She tells that she knows that he is angry with her, but we are together because of Shera, and have to tolerate him because of this. Avni comes there, pushes Moksh out and pushes Kalyani on the kitchen slab. She switches on the gas and says I won’t let you succeed. Shera exercises while the song Rakt Charitra plays. He thinks he made body by lifting many cylinders. Moksh comes to Shera and signs him that Kalyani is in danger. Shera doesn’t understand and says I am not your father. Avni says I will burn your face and will see how that imposter helps you seeing your burnt face. Kalyani says he is my Malhar ji. Avni hurts Kalyani’s hand with the knife. Moksh breaks his piggy bank and keeps money in his hand, signs him to come. Shera says though this change don’t matter to me, but I shall not refuse. He breaks the kitchen door and sees Avni torturing Kalyani. He laughs and says TV serials are going on here. He comes inside says saas is torturing bahu and pushes Avni. He hugs Kalyani and kisses her hand. Avni says you can’t be Malhar, as he don’t use to do all these things. Shera asks how do you know? He asks if she is jealous and asks her if her old husband don’t love her. He threatens her politely and calls Kaka…He says Kaka don’t love you, else would have come by now. He says you are jealous of our love and calls her chachi. Avni goes.

Shera asks Kalyani if her Malhar, never kiss her too? Kalyani says I will not tell you about all that, mind your work.

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Telecast Date:1st January 2021
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