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Tujhse Hai Raabta 17th September 2020 Episode starts with Vikram apologizing to Aao Saheb and tells that Kalyani’s face is completely burnt, and that’s why I can’t marry her. Aao Saheb tells that she is sending Kalyani for good treatment and says she will become like before. Vikram says forgive me, but I can’t marry her. Anupriya asks Damini not to do this and tells that Aao Saheb will get her best treatment done, and she will get back her face. Vikram says I can’t marry, don’t force me. Anupriya pleads infront of them. Aao Saheb asks him to talk to Dr. Gokhale and tells that he has assured that Kalyani will be fine. Damini tells that this matter is about her son’s life and tells that she don’t want to force her son. Anupriya says we shall stay for few days. You can see when Kalyani gets the bandage removed in the hospital then you will see that her wounds are healed. Vikram asks why you are forcing me to marry your daughter, as some inauspicious thing with her and you are pushing her on me. Damini asks him not to say that. Vikram says I don’t want to do social service and tells that if he don’t want to marry a girl, whom he can’t take to party, and whom I introduce to my friends. He tells that our kids will get scared seeing marriage pic, if born and says I can’t think how dangerous her face is. Damini tells Aao Saheb that she agrees with her son and says we will leave. Aao Saheb asks her not to go upset and says don’t feel bad, but you had come that day to ask Godaveri’s hand, but asked Kalyani’s hand. She says if you had asked Godaveri’s hand then we wouldn’t have seen this day and asks her to fix Vikram’s alliance with her. Damini and Vikram looks at each other. Pallavi gets happy. Aao Saheb asks her to agree for Godaveri and Vikram’s alliance. Vikram says ok, but make sure that her face is not burnt. Aao Saheb says she doesn’t go to kitchen and tells that she will make your house as Swarg. Kalyani comes to the room and cries. Malhar asks since when you have become weak and tells that how can they refuse your alliance, you will refuse this alliance yourself. He holds her hand and brings her outside.

Aao Saheb and others see Malhar bringing her there. Malhar says it is enough of drama, now listen to you. You don’t have status to marry her, removes ring from Kalyani’s hand and throws on Vikram. He says Kalyani doesn’t agree for this alliance and refusing it. Damini asks what is this? Malhar grabs Vikram’s collar and asks if you wanted to marry her to take her to parties and to show the world how beautiful your wife is. Damini asks Aao Saheb to do something and says this man has gone mad? Aao Saheb says Malhar Rane….Malhar warns them not to say anything. Vikram asks him to leave his collar. Malhar asks him to free by himself. Vivek asks him to leave his would be son in law. Malhar pushes him. He asks Vikram what does he know about Kalyani and tells that he will tell him. He says Kalyani’s character is so pure that she can give her life for a stranger also. He says Kalyani’s heart is so flawless that she can hug a stranger’s child and loves his child like her own, more than his own mother. He says Kalyani is the girl who can give her own life to save others, she is the girl who can risk her life for truth and says Kalyani is the girl….and says what is the advantage of telling you, as you just saw the wound on her face. Damini says why nobody is stopping him? Malhar says nobody will stop me and tells that whatever she is today is due to her capabilities and she doesn’t need Minister’s support to reach heights. Malhar takes out ring from Vikram’s hand. Damini says this is enough and tells that you should have got him arrested by now, but you are quiet. She tells that this insult will prove costly to them and asks Malhar that he doesn’t know her, and tells that she will bring him on road. Malhar tells that he is not scared of any threats. Aao Saheb tells damini that this man is not from their family and is not related to them. She asks her not to be upset and asks Malhar to leave from there.

Kalyani asks Malhar to stop for sometime and says I want to show you something, before you leave. Anupriya asks what you are doing? Kalyani says until when I will hide my face, let everyone see. Kalyani removes bandage from her face and head. Vikram and Damini are shocked to see her face fine with just minor burns. Anupriya says Kalyani….your face is fine, nothing has happened to you. She is about to hug her, but Aao Saheb pushes her and hugs Kalyani. She asks Damini to see that her Kalyani’s face is fine.

Kalyani turns to Damini and says you wanted to call Police. Police will come. I will call Police here, then I have to tell Police that you wanted to break alliance with me after fixing it. She says this is crime against woman and says if this thing is leaked in the media, then think that election is near. Aao Saheb asks what are you saying and tells that you know her position, now she is becoming our relative. Kalyani says we shall not have any relation with such people, we will search a good guy for Godaveri, who values her heart. Damini says first you had pleaded infront of me and that’s why I accepted Godaveri’s alliance and now she is insulting us. Aao Saheb tells that you know well, how much I respect you. Kalyani asks her not to respect them who doesn’t respect them. She asks her to ask Damini if Vikram’s face gets burnt and Godaveri decides to leave him then what she will do? Aao Saheb tells that you are DM or PM, but I decide in this house and I have fixed Godaveri’s alliance with Vikram. Kalyani asks her to ask Godaveri once if she agrees. She asks Anupriya to say something and says if the alliance will be good, where husband thinks her as a thing to exhibit. She asks Godaveri to say. Godaveri is silent. Vivek asks why you are having problem as you couldn’t become bahu of Damini’s house. Kalyani goes to her room and cries. Malhar comes behind her and tells that our relation is broken, but I can’t see you crying. He comes near her and wipes her tears with her dupatta. Music plays……Kalyani wipes his tears. He turns away and says you don’t need to worry about me.

Kalyani says your life partner is the lucky person of this world, I am sure that Avni realizes this. She says I am saying this with experience. She says, there was a time when I used to think myself as lucky girl of this world. Malhar says you talks big, but crying here for a small thing. Kalyani says I am not crying as my alliance broke, but because Aai must have felt so much pain due to my act of burn face and says even you must have felt pain. She says what to do, I was forced to do this and tells that she was not happy with the alliance, as Vikram never wanted to know how did she agree suddenly, if someone is threatening her or blackmailing her. She says he didn’t try to know what kind of person I am etc. She says I really don’t understand how Aao Saheb agreed for Godaveri’s alliance. Malhar says when Godaveri and her parents are not having any objection then why you are having objection. She says there must be some goodness in this. Kalyani says I came to know the good thing that the one man whom I loved a lot and whom I was searching since many days, as he was lost….but today I saw a glimpse of him and tells that though the person is not mine, but he is even now so good…Malhar gets emotional with her.

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Telecast Date:17th September 2020
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