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Tujhse Hai Raabta 15th June 2021 Episode starts with Anupriya searching friend for her Aai, when a guy comes infront of her and asks what is she doing here? Anupriya says she is searching friend for her Aai. Kalyani calls Malhar and tells that Aai is missing. The guy/goon thinks that she is mad. Anupriya asks if you will become my Aai’s friend. The goon agrees and asks her to give her house address. Anupriya gives the address. The goon asks her to give the rose to her Aai and says he will come. Anupriya gets happy and says friend is found. Kalyani tells Malhar that if something happens to Aai, I am very worried. Malhar asks her not to worry. Anupriya comes back calling Kalyani. Kalyani ends the call. Anupriya hugs Kalyani, Moksh and Gungun. Kalyani asks where did you go, I was searching you. Gungun says kids don’t go out. Anupriya says sorry and tells that she has to go, as Aai was sad. She tells that she met God, who told me to go to some place where I met friend. Kalyani asks why did you go out and says if any bad uncle kidnaps you, then? Anupriya cries and says I will not talk to you and goes.

Kalyani tells Gungun that she will cheer her up. She goes to Anupriya and asks if she is upset with her. Anupriya nods her head. Kalyani does sit ups and tells that she is punishing herself for hurting her. Anupriya says I am not upset with you. Kalyani says I am not angry with you, you have went alone, it is dangerous for kids to go out. She says if someone had kidnapped you or if you miss the way. Anupriya says I know the address and tells that she met a friend who gave gift for her. Kalyani smells it and says it is having strange smell. She faints. Anupriya worries for Kalyani. The goon comes there and asks what happened to my friend. Anupriya asks him to see. He says my friend has fainted and asks her to go inside and bring her purse. He makes her wear wig and joker’s face mask and clothes. He lifts him. Malhar comes there and calls Kalyani. He asks who is he? The goon tells that someone called him to show the play, but nobody is here. Malhar asks what happened to your joker. The goon says he fainted. Malhar gives him money and he leaves.

Anupriya comes back and sees him talking Kalyani. Malhar asks if you saw Kalyani. Moksh and Gungun come there. Anupriya tells them about the goon taking Kalyani out in joker’s clothes. Moksh says we won’t let him take Aai. They run out. Malhar thinks where are they going? Moksh asks the goon to leave his Aai. The goon says he is my friend and asks them to go. He starts leaving. Moksh hits him with the catapult and he falls down, leaving Kalyani. Kalyani also falls down. Anupriya asks Moksh and Gungun to beat them. They beat him. The goon tries to run. Anupriya holds him. He twists her hand. Anupriya shouts calling Aai. The goon raises his hand on Anupriya. Malhar comes and holds his hand. He beats him. Kalyani gains consciousness and sees Malhar fighting with the goon. She wonders how did she wear the clown dress?

The goon apologizes to Malhar. Malhar says you wanted to kidnap my wife and asks him to say who has sent him? The goon says she told me. Malhar doesn’t believe him and beats him. Anupriya says I just asked you to befriend my Aai and not to take my Aai. Sarthak gets angry and is about to slap Anupriya. Malhar and Kalyani ask him to stop. Sarthak asks what to do, to make her come in her senses. Malhar says you knows her condition. Sarthak says you have ruined Gungun and my life and asks her to leave Malhar and Kalyani. Kalyani says she is not your wife or my mother, tells that she is a small kid now. Sarthak says he will make her get back her memory. He shows her sarees, bangles etc and asks her to remember. He cries and asks Anupriya to return his wife, tells that he don’t have any strength now. Kalyani asks Sarthak to calm down and says her mental condition is not good. Anupriya says he is crying even being so big and laughs.

Later Kalyani wakes up and finds Sorry Aai card kept on her. She stops Anupriya. Anupriya asks did you see me? Kalyani asks what is written? Anupriya says Sorry Aai and tells that she had called that guy as you was crying and tells that she will not do this again. Kalyani turns her face. Anupriya says if you want then can punish me. Kalyani says I will punish you and asks her to forward her hand. Anupriya forwards her hand. Kalyani kisses on her hand. Anupriya hugs her.

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Telecast Date:15th June 2021
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