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Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 5th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 5th October 2021  Episode starts with Dr. Anurag getting his hair proper and calls receptionist, asks if he has any meetings for 6:30, then tells that a girl, means a patient will come, so don’t disturb. He then call reception again and tells that she is not patient, but guest. He thinks what is happening to me, I never waited for anyone like this before.

He sees Kajol getting down from the auto with Rajesh. He looks at her through the window. Kajol asks Rajesh to meet him first. Rajesh says you are not meeting him for the first time. Receptionist asks them to go inside. Kajol and Rajesh come inside. Kajol says hello. Dr. Anurag asks her to tell what is her illness? He says I mean who is patient? Kajol says we are not unwell or patient.

Dr. Anurag says you said on call that you have some work with me and asks what work can someone have with the doctor. He thinks what I am saying? He asks her to tell if she wants to say something, as he is not having all day to waste. Kajol says we came here for business purpose, we have Anandi printing press which I am handling after Baba, and thought to meet you, as hospital might have some requirement, and asks Rajesh to give brochure. Rajesh says you are having it.

Dr. Anurag says as you know I am a doctor, Admin dept handle these things. Kajol says I will go then. Dr. Anurag asks her to sit and tells that he can make her meet Admin manager and can refer her name. He calls the Admin to his cabin and says he must be coming. He looks at her. Kajol says actually. He gets a call and says 1 second. Someone tells that he wants to invite Dr. Abhishek Basu for giving him an award. Dr. Anurag gets angry and asks him to call Dr. Abhishek directly and not to bother him, says he don’t believe in awards. Kajol and Rajesh get up from their seats.

Dr. Anurag asks them to stop. Kajol says I had met your father in my school, and says he might be your inspiration to become the doctor. Dr. Anurag gets angry and says we are not here to talk about my father. He says he asks did I ask you where you met him and says he has patients to attend, if she don’t have work then she can leave. Admin manager comes there and stands out hearing him angry. Kajol thanks Dr. Anurag and leaves sadly with Rajesh.

Shreya receives a bouquet from Arjun and thinks only you know about my likes and dislikes, I miss you so much and love you. She gets his call and asks why he was not picking her calls. Arjun says you are still angry even after getting the bouquet. Shreya says not much, and tells that she is missing him. Arjun says even he is missing her. She says I have good news for you and says I talked to Baba, so that he can involve Ayaan in his business, and thinks very soon we will shift to Kolkata.

He thinks I don’t need you now, I want to trap Naina now and take revenge from Kajol. He asks her not to hurry up to come back. Shreya asks if he is busy with someone else. Arjun says I am talking about our betterment and asks if we are different. Shreya says you have promised me that you are mine and will always be mine. She says whatever I like, I get it. She thinks if Arjun is still in Kajol’s trap or getting ready to trap someone. Admin Manager comes to Dr. Anurag’s cabin. Dr. Anurag thinks what did he do, Kajol came here with hope and I…He asks Admin Manager to give all contract to Ananda Printing Press.

Admin Manager asks what shall I tell? Dr. Anurag says my name shall not come, and asks him to tell that he knows Vishwanath ji. Kajol says Dr. Anurag insulted us. Manager tells Nurse that Dr. Anurag is strange. Anurag’s friend hears him and says he is a nice man, but gets angry. Kajol gets a call from Manager who tells that he wants to give all hospital printing stuff to them. Kajol says Dr. Anurag might get angry. Manager says he doesn’t know and tells that he has seen her brochure, and realized that they have known Vishwanath ji. He says he has decided to give hospital orders to her.

Naina tells Chandana that whatever Kajol told about Arjun is wrong and tells that she had met him twice, and he is in sorrow. She says if I was about to marry him rather than Didi, then it would be different. She says we shall invite Chatterjee family. Chandana calls Kaushik and invites him for the Shradh. She tells that she is angry with Kajol and stopped talking to her. She apologizes to them and asks them to come for Shradh. She tells Naina that if she really likes Arjun then she will talk about her alliance with him with his family. She thinks she has to get related to them again. Kajol hears them and gets worried for Naina. She thinks atleast Naina’s house will be set. Kajol thinks how to explain to Maa, how to save Naina from Arjun.

Naina thinks few people was about to come to Arjun’s house for his alliance and thinks don’t know what has happened? She calls Arjun and says sorry to disturb you, if you had slept. Arjun is drinking and says when you have broken your beauty sleep and called me, and asks what important she wants to talk to him. Kajol looks at the gifts given by Arjun and thinks he had given me all this, and expressed to me that you love me and gave my place to Naina so easily and doing the same thing with her. She says if I had known that your love is all fake, she thinks she will not let Naina suffer like her.

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Telecast Date:5th October 2021
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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