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Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 3rd September 2021 Episode starts with Vishu coming home. Kajol asks where did you go? Pishimaa says atleast you would have come in haldi rasam. Vishu says he had important work. Dadi says we met Kajol’s inlaws and they are really good. Shreya confronts Arjun for meeting Kajol. Arjun admits that he had gone to meet Kajol, as she called him. Shreya says that’s why you didn’t drop me. She says if Kajol comes between us, then I will tell everyone about us. And don’t think anything. He says you are not believing me due to that girl. She asks why did she call you? Arjun says she said that her father can’t afford the car. Shreya asks what?

Kajol asks Baba not to get stressed and tells that she saw him taking test drive. She asks him not to compromise on his health. He says it is his good destiny that his money will be spent on her. She says if the car goes to that house then I will not go. Shreya says Kajol’s father agreed and then sent his daughter to refuse. Arjun says I told her clearly that let elders handle this issue. Shreya gets Ayan’s call. Arjun asks her to go and talk to him. She says she will handle him. Arjun says if he comes to know then he will come and take you from here. Shreya rejects his call again and goes from there.

Guru ji tells that he is leaving and asks him to get his ticket for Delhi. Vishu asks him to stay till marriage. Guru ji says I can’t stay as I have important work. Kajol asks if we did something wrong. Guru ji says you haven’t done anything wrong. Vishu says I will come to Delhi in few days and will meet you there. Guru ji thinks he is going from here, as he can’t see his death, we will not meet again and hopes that the family shall get strength.

Shreya calls Ayan. Ayan asks why did you disconnect the call? Shreya says I had slept and the call got disconnected by mistake. He says where you was? Shreya says sleeping. He says I am scared of your lies, and don’t know if I shall fear your lies or your truth. He says when I am coming there, you shall come with me, else you will go to your mom and dad’s house. Shreya asks him to listen. He ends the call.

Kajol comes to his Baba and gives him tea. Vishu reminisces his moments with her and says don’t know when you became a bride. Kajol asks will you make me cry? Vishu says sorry. Kajol asks him to have tea and medicines. She says I forgot to tell that Guru ji said that he will do havan before going. Vishu says I will get the stuff for Puja. Kajol asks him to stay at home and tells that she will send someone. He insists to go for few hours. Kajol asks him to promise that he will talk to Arjun’s father.

Guest asks Arjun’s mother about going to sangeet. Arjun’s mother tells that they are not going to sangeet. His father says, it would be good if they keep the money for car. Relative asks when Ayan is coming. His father says Ayan is busy in work. Shreya comes there and says she will not go to sangeet, as her mood is off. Arjun’s mother asks Amrita to come and apologize to Shreya. Amrita says sorry. Shreya says its ok. She says the reason is not Pulti, tells that she don’t want to go, as Kajol hid from her and says why to go where I have no value. Arjun’s mother asks what happened?

Arjun says nothing. Shreya says she will tell and tells that Kajol had called Arjun to meet, and said that they can’t give the car. Amrita says it is good that they told clearly. Arjun says even I didn’t want to go to sangeet. Arjun’s mother scolds him and tells that the girl is very sharp, how dare he tell this thing through his daughter. Tai ji says Arjun shouldn’t have met her. Arjun says I don’t know why Bhabhi is reacting like this. Guest asks Arjun’s mother to be careful and says the small house girls are very sharp. Arjun’s father is about to call Kajol’s father. Kajol’s father calls him.

Arjun’s father accuses him for sending his daughter to talk to his son and trap him. Vishu says I didn’t send her, she might have talked to him seeing my worry. He says I really don’t know that Kajol met him. Arjun’s father Kaushik asks what is the status of car booking? Vishu tells that he can’t arrange the money to buy car at that time. Kaushik insults him and asks why did he agree then? Vishu says I am folding my hands and tells that he will give luxury car to Arjun later and can give 10-15 lakhs cars to Arjun now. He apologies. Kaushik says we gift such cars to our Servants and says we didn’t know that we are doing Arjun’s marriage in beggars and poor family. Vishu cries.

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Telecast Date:3rd September 2021
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