Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 30th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 30th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 30th November 2021  Episode starts with Kajol waiting to receive the award. Anurag asks driver to take the U turn and asks him to take Neta ji hall. Pishimaa thinks how can he hurt Kajol? Anurag then asks driver to take car to airport and not to function. He thinks he couldn’t do this while leaving and feels apologetic.

Kajol thinks for a while and tells the host that she wants the little girl to give her an award. The lady says surely and announces that Kajol Mukherjee wants the girl to give her an award, whom she had saved. She says it is such a nice thought. The little girl gives her an award. Kajol hugs and thanks her. She gives her speech and tells that she wants to dedicate this award to her baba, from whom she has learnt to be selfless.

She says I want to dedicate this award to one more selfless person. She says Dr. Anurag Basu, I wouldn’t have been here if he had not saved me. She says he saved me and I have never seen such a selfless and great man. She says he is a big doctor and then also runs his mother’s NGO where the orphaned kids get upbringing and education. She says today he couldn’t come here, and I am sure that he is more busy in important work else wouldn’t have miss this. She says he can’t hurt the little girl.

She says he has done so much for me. She says he is a good doctor, good son, good boss and also a good human, most importantly. She says she wants to dedicate this award to him. Everyone claps for Dr. Anurag. Anurag gets emotional hearing her on his mobile and says I am happy that you think good about me.

He says I am going far from you, but want you to be happy always. Kajol thinks you shall pursue your dreams with your dream girl and shall settle down with her. Anurag says I will live with your memories, it is very difficult for me to give my heart to someone else, thinks love is not meant for me.

Sharmila says if you think this much for Anurag then what was the reason to reject his proposal. She says I have promised Anurag not to talk to you about it, and says today you have forced me. She asks her to keep her hand on her heart and say that she has no feelings for Anurag. She says I know your heart is broken once and says there is a huge difference between Arjun and Anurag.

Kajol gets emotional. Sharmila says the person who loves you so much, if his love don’t reach you. Kajol asks what did you say, that he loves me. Sharmila asks if someone propose this way. Kajol says he showed sympathy on me. Sharmila asks if you are mad, and says nobody propose for marriage for sympathy. She says he made place for you in his heart and this is not less than a miracle for us, that he loves you. Kajol says you are having a misunderstanding, Dr. Anurag loves Priyanka, not me.

Anurag thinks I loved someone for the first time, don’t know how will I stay without Kajol. Sharmila asks who has told you wrongly and says Anurag himself told me that he loves you. She says he is going to USA as his heart is broken, he can’t live without you, he is going away from you, your memories and his love, and you are saying that he loves Priyanka.

She asks her to go and tell him, that even you love him. She asks her to stop him else he will go far away from us. Kajol recalls Anurag’s words that he will never leave her. Sharmila says we don’t have time, stop him. Kajol runs from there. Sharmila calls Anurag. Anurag thinks he will get weakened if he talks to her and switches off his mobile. Kajol calls him and finds his phone off. She is in the cab and asks driver to drive fast. The cab driver stops the car and says there is a problem in the engine. He gets down the car.

Anurag reaches the airport. The driver asks Kajol to take other cab. Kajol thinks if Dr. Anurag leaves, then I can’t meet him. She takes her purse and runs on the road to reach the airport. She falls down on the road.

Priyanka is in the taxi and asks driver to drive fast. Kajol picks the award and her purse. She gets up hearing a car coming there. She stops the car decorated with flowers, and asks the people to give them a lift. The guy says my brother got married and we are going to drop them to airport as they are leaving for honeymoon. Kajol says even I want to go to airport. She sits in the car.

The bride says it seems to be love matter and asks driver to drive fast. Kajol thanks the bride and others for dropping her to the airport. The bride hopes she finds him. Kajol is about to go inside. The guard stops her. Kajol says she is not the passenger and wants to stop someone. She asks him to enquire if the flight to America went. He enquires and says it went. Kajol gets sad and comes to the airport cafeteria.

She sits on the chair. Priyanka reaches there and thinks to confess her love to Anurag. She gets teary eyes. Waiter comes and asks her. She nods no. Kajol turns to go and sees diary with Anjali’s pic falling down. She picks it and thinks this means Dr. Anurag….Anurag comes there and says this is my diary. Kajol looks at him emotionally. He also looks at her emotionally as they walk towards each other.

She handovers the diary to Anurag. Priyanka comes to know that the flight left, and thinks I missed him. Anurag asks Kajol about her forehead injury. She says nothing. Anurag keeps cloth on her injury. Kajol gets teary eyes.

He says I thought your flight…Anurag says I have to stay back for medical emergency and missed the flight. He says he has booked other flight and is leaving now. He is about to go. Kajol asks if it is necessary for him to go. Anurag turns and looks at her.

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Telecast Date:30th November 2021
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