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Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 29th December 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 29th December 2021 Episode starts with Apu telling that radio is working again. Kajol asks him to concentrate on office work and says she will teach him everything. She then goes to kitchen and asks Chandana, Pishimaa and lekha to go out. She says she will make food, but will make first pakodas. Chandana asks did you talk to Anurag, I will talk to Sharmila.

Kajol says I don’t have any relation with him now and says she can’t set her life, playing with someone’s lives. Pishimaa says what is happening with both of them. Anurag is still at Priyanka’s house and says I want to spend sometime alone with me, and needs 7 days. Priyanka says I am giving you 7 days, and if you do anything wrong then it won’t be good with Kajol, think it as a warning and not a threat.

Chandana prays to God and asks until when Kajol has to give the test. She asks Pishimaa to handle home and kids, and says she will go out with Kajol. Lekha says I will also come with you. Pishimaa asks them to take Kajol out. Chandana comes to Kajol and asks her to get ready, as they are going to Haridwar.

Kajol says Haridwar. Sharmila asks Anurag where is he going now? Anurag says don’t ask me anything, I want to go away from here for few days. Chandana says we will be going for few days, Rajesh will handle the office. Anurag says he wants peace and hugs Sharmila.

Kajol reaches Haridwar with Chandana and Lekha. Anurag also reaches there in another bus. And gets down. Kajol takes the auto and sits. Anurag senses her presence and looks back, but couldn’t see her.

Kajol also senses his presence there and looks out of the auto. She sees Anurag as the tea seller and asks the auto driver to stop the car. Lekha asks what happened? Kajol says yes, and thinks she shall be strong and can’t let Anurag overpower her mind. She sees Anurag as the police officer etc and even as the driver of the auto. She then sees Anurag in another auto, but thinks he is his imagination.

Arjun asks Naina to arrange everything as the investors are coming home for dinner. Naina says it will be done and asks when we will be going for honeymoon. He says you have so much waste time, but I don’t have. He says if this meeting is good, then our lives will be set. Naina tells that the meeting will be top class. Naina comes to the kitchen Bappa da and asks him to make something special for Arjun’s guests. He asks what to do? Naina tells the dishes and goes.

Bappa asks Lakshman if there is fish in the kitchen. Lakshman says yes. Shreya comes there and asks him to go to her father’s house, for the kitty party. Bappa says choti bhabhi. Shreya says my Papa has sent you here, with me and you shall have understanding with whom you shall take the order or not. She asks him to go. She thinks Naina shall do the arrangements now.

Anurag comes to the temple and thinks Kajol is very angry with him, whatever he is doing is to save her, as he loves her a lot and can’t live without her. He thinks of Priyanka’s threat, and says I won’t let you suffer due to Priyanka. Kajol and Chandana come there. Kajol takes bangle and keeps it back.

She covers her shawl to the old man sitting on the stairs. The old man tells that the pain in her eyes will not be long, and all her problems will be sorted. Chandana says she has bear so much, bless her. The old man blesses her. Kajol thinks my incomplete love story will never be completed.

A guy comes to Anurag and asks if he will go somewhere for outing. Anurag says no. The guy tells about the sayings that if a wish is written on the paper and left in the Ganga river, then their wish is fulfilled. Everyone stand on the side of Ganga to make a wish.

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Telecast Date:29th December 2021
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