Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 27th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 27th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 27th September 2021 Episode starts with Kajol asking Rajesh if any good buyer is found. Rajesh says I am talking to someone and says we shall get good price. Kajol says car is just 5 days old. Rajesh says now it is second hand, once it is out of showroom, its value decreases.

He says if we sell in a hurry, then will bear the loss. Pandit ji tells Kajol that whoever was present during the last rites, shall attend 13th day of Vishu’s death. Shyam says I will call them and tells Kajol that Dr. Anurag Basu had given shoulder to Dada’s body, if he comes then it will be good, Dada will get peace. Kajol says I will visit his house. Kajol goes to Dr. Anurag’s house with Rajesh .

Sharmila asks her to sit. Kajol says Dr. Anurag has helped us a lot and says if he comes to the 13th day of Baba’s death then it will be good. Sharmila says Anurag might be coming in sometime. Kajol says we will leave. Rajesh says I will get the rickshaw. Dr. Anurag comes home. Kajol looks at Anjali’s pic and says Anjali Maam’s pic is here. Sharmila asks do you know her? Kajol says she was my first and favorite music teacher in school and I was her favorite student.

She says Maam used to say that I am her reflection, and says just like Chacha ji taught me music at home, Maam used to taught me music at school, and taught morals, values etc. She says she used to call me Mishti with love and asks can I meet her, if she is at home. Dr. Anurag thinks if I feel connection with Kajol due to this. Sharmila says she was my bhabhi. Dr. Abhishek says she was my wife, but she is not alive now. Kajol asks what? Sharmila says Anurag was 10 years old when she died.

She sees Anurag and says he has come. Kajol says I am sorry, I didn’t know. She asks Anurag to come for her baba’s 13th day. He says I have signed on the medical certificate and can’t attend the rituals, else I can’t practice medicine. Kajol says it was my work to invite you and goes. Sharmila asks what did you say? Dr. Anurag thinks he wants to say something else, but said opposite. He comes to his room and looks at Kajol as she goes with Rajesh in the rickshaw.

Arjun recalls Kajol’s accusations and thinks he will rekindle their relation, just wait and watch. Kajol returns home. Pishimaa asks did you invite Dr. Anurag? Kajol says he didn’t say anything and says something strange happened in his house. She says his mother is not alive, that’s why Dr. Basu stays aloof and arrogant, as if he couldn’t forget the pain of losing his mother. She says only the one can understand who went through the same pain. She says she feels like Baba is here. Pishimaa says until all the rituals are done, Vishu’s soul will be here, must be looking at us and missing us. She asks her to have food. Kajol says no Pishimaa, I can’t have food. Pishimaa prays to God and says someone shall support her.

Dr. Anurag looks at his mother’s photo frame and recalls Kajol’s words. He takes out his mother’s diary and reads that today is her birthday, but Abhishek forgot and went, but she got the gift in school, today Mishti sang so well and she got so much peace to her soul. She hopes that she continues singing. Fb ends. Anurag thinks Kajol knows about Maa, and thinks he shall ask her, but might say something wrong. He thinks when will I learn to express my feelings?

Kajol comes to Chandana and recalls her accusations. She goes from there. Chandana turns her face. Kajol comes back to her room. Pishimaa comes there. Kajol says how to make Maa understand that I didn’t do anything to Baba. Pishimaa says your baba knew and understood you well. She says he knew that only you will handle everything and everyone. She says I got this while cleaning his drawer, he might want to give this to you before bidaai. Kajol reads his letter, that he knows that she will take care of them even after marriage, and asks her not to lose courage and strength etc. She gets emotional and says I will keep everyone happy.

Rekha comes there and asks Kajol what do you think about Arjun? She says if this will end, though you love him. Kajol says so much happened and you people are still thinking about Arjun and me. She says I will never marry Arjun and this is my last decision. Pishimaa says you shall not take decision in a hurry and asks her to take it later. Rekha says yes. Pishimaa says you love him and wanted to marry him. Kajol says if my decision was right then Baba wouldn’t have left us. She says the relation which was based on a lie and cheat, I don’t want to bind in that relation, neither my heart nor my mind will agree.

I can’t marry Arjun. Chandana comes there and says we were worried for your marriage and when Arjun came in your life, we thought we will get rid of our burden. Kajol says Arjun is not a nice guy. Chandana says you knew him, suddenly he became bad. She says you are just thinking about yourself. She says they are rich and would have helped us, but find fault in them. She says your baba didn’t die due to them. But due to you and says you are a curse and will stay with us. Pishimaa asks what are you saying? Chandana says I am saying right and says she is cursed. Rekha goes behind Chandana. Kajol cries and asks what did I do?

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Telecast Date:27th September 2021
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