Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 24th December 2021 Written Episode Update


Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 24th December 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 24th December 2021 Episode starts with Anurag and Sharmila coming to Arjun and Naina’s reception. Chandana offers gift to Sharmila. Sharmila says I don’t want this gift, but wants something precious and priceless. She asks her to give Kajol to her. Dida gets upset. Chandana asks Anurag if you want the same gift as your Pishimaa. Anurag says Kajol is not any gift, but my life. He asks for Kajol’s hands and promises to take care of her more than his own life.

He says all my dreams completion is Kajol. Chandana blesses him. Naina says it seems didi’s alliance is getting fixed. Arjun says your sister got my cousin in the whole world. Sharmila says she wants to dance today. Anurag says happiness seems to be incomplete and asks Dida for her blessings. Dida says it is with you always. Kajol sits to take her blessings. Sharmila makes Dida give her hand on Kajol’s head. She says Dida will bless you with her heart. Anurag asks Kajol to sing to win Dida’s heart.

Kajol refuses. Anurag insists. Ayaan tells Shreya that Kajol and Anurag deserve each other, they are perfect Jodi. Anurag takes the mic and tells that Kajol Mukherjee will make the evening more entertaining today. Anu tells Amrita and Apu that they are wearing matching clothes. Amrita says it is a coincidence.

Kajol begins singing. Dida is surprised hearing her singing. Kajol takes Ayaan- Shreya and others to dance. Sharmila asks Dida, if you are remembering someone. Dida imagines Anjali singing as Kajol is singing. Shreya-Ayaan, and Apu-Amrita dance. Everyone claps for Kajol. Anurag comes to Dida and says she is Misti, Maa’s reflection. Dida says you both are mad and goes. Chandana and Pishimaa hears her.

Anurag comes to Kajol and says he wants to kidnap her and take her from here. Kajol says Pishimaa and Maa. Anurag says I have managed. He brings her to the decorated place. Kajol asks when did you do this arrangements? Anurag says he searched for this place for 3 hours. She says she can’t believe that top cardiologist of the city loves her. Anurag says he is mad about her. He asks where did it go?

Kajol turns and sees Marry Me lights on the boards. She turns to Anurag and finds him on his knees. He makes her wear the ring. Mahi Re song plays…..Kajol rests her head on his shoulder and they dance. Song plays…..Anurag’s phone rings. Priyanka is on the call. Kajol asks him to pick the call. He says Priyanka was my friend, but not anymore. He picks her call. Priyanka says I am going far from you Anurag, and asks what will I do with my life and says I will get you in next life. Naina asks Arjun to dance with her. He refuses and goes.

Anurag and Kajol reach there and ask Priyanka to open the door. He calls her Mom, but the call is not connecting. Priyanka tells Anurag that even today you brought her, give me some peace during my death. She looks at Kajol asking her to open the door and says your love was one sided. Priyanka says don’t try to be great and says I am guilty in Anurag’s sight and I can’t live now. She acts. Kajol opens the door using her hair pin and gets inside. She tries to snatch the knife from her hand.

Priyanka hurts herself and faints. Anurag and her mother get inside. Anurag asks Priyanka’s mother to bring her medical kit. She gives it to Anurag and asks Kajol to stay away from her daughter, and says I will not leave you. She blames Kajol. Kajol says I took knife from her hand, and saved her life. Anurag says Kajol tried to save Priyanka and nothing else. He says I have given her sedatives, she will be fine. Priyanka’s mother asks him to make her lie down on the sofa. Anurag makes her lie down on the sofa. Door bell rings. Neighbors come there and asks Priyanka’s mother if everything is fine. They heard so much voice. Priyanka’s mother thinks now see, what tamasha I will do.

Chandana gives gift to Naina. Naina says it is so light and tells that everyone compares me with Shreya here. Pishimaa says we have no comparison with Shreya. Naina says Maa has 50 lakhs Rs, and asks if she has given it to Kajol. She says Kajol got this day only to go on a date. Chandana asks her to behave.

Naina says now you will find all flaws in me. Priyanka’s mother asks neighbors to come inside, and tells that Priyanka was about to marry Anurag, but this woman have attacked and attempted to kill her. Anurag says Priyanka called me here, she will tell the truth once gaining consciousness. Priyanka’s mother scolds her. Neighbor asks Anurag why did you bring her here, she came here ready to make Priyanka jealous. Priyanka’s mother asks Anurag to take her to room. Neighbor signs her husband to call Police. He calls the police. Kajol looks on.

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Telecast Date:24th December 2021
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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