Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 23rd September 2021 Written Episode Update


Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 23rd September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 23rd September 2021  Episode starts with Tai ji telling that we were never insulted so much before in our society. Arundita says she looked simple, but raised hand on our son infront of everyone. Shreya says it is good my Papa went before this drama started. Chatterjee says I didn’t say anything due to Ayaan and Arjun. Arundita says she dislikes Kajol, it is good that they got rid of her.

Sharmila praises Kajol and says they were giving their precious daughter, why did they ask for dowry. Abhishek says I don’t believe that they demand a car even though they have everything. Sharmila feels bad for Kajol, says she has family, mother, and siblings, how she will handle them and also the broken marriage. Dr. Anurag comes there. Sharmila asks him if he stayed till the last rites were done. The manager of the car company comes to Kajol’s house and asks about Vishu.

He says he had told him that he is buying car for his daughter and he was very happy. Apu says Baba is….The manager looks at the garland at his pic. He says sorry and says he was very happy. He goes after giving bouquet and gift. Chandana comes there and throws the bouquet and gift, she warns Kajol not to light the diya infront of his photo or don’t touch the photo.

Arjun says I never thought Kajol will reach this way and says sorry. Shreya says you are apologizing on her behalf, says Kajol should apologize and says she don’t deserve you. Ayaan asks who deserves Arjun then, what kind of girl you want for him. Amrita says your bad sight had fallen on Arjun and Kajol’s relationship and says you never wanted the marriage to happen. Ayaan pacifies Amrita and asks her to go out. He then asks Ayaan to give benefit of doubt to Kajol and says losing her father on marriage day is very tragic, anyone can lose their patience. He says we have to think what to do, you will decide if you want to have relation with Kajol or not.

Chandana says you are inauspicious and that’s why you remained unmarried and when it was fixed, it was on your baba’s aarthi. She says he was always talking about her, and gave his everything to you. He says we were nothing infront of you, and you made a lively person caged in the frame. She says you wanted to marry in a rich house and says everyone used to say that you are our destiny and asks if this is destiny and calls her with bad word. Rekha asks her not to accuse Kajol.

Naina says Kajol didi forced him to get burden by the debt, says her marriage is broken, but our marriage will never happen. Chandana says how this house will run, Kajol has ruined everything. Anu, Chandrika and Apu take Kajol’s side. Naina says you didn’t understand her until now and says when you know then you will repent. She says she might have forced Baba for Chatterjee’s sake.

Kajol says she tried to convince Baba and then she went to meet Arjun, but he didn’t agree. So I asked Baba to talk to Arjun’s baba and later baba said that he talked to him and everything is sorted. She says Baba had kept me in dark about the car, whatever Naina is saying is not true. Chandana pushes Kajol on the floor. Kajol cries. Sharmila asks Anurag to visit Kajol’s house to make them feel good. She says I couldn’t forget her crying face, there is something in her, her simplicity, her voice, rich in values etc, and says she feels that she searches Kajol like her for him.

Dr. Anurag says he don’t like dreams and asks her to watch TV for entertainment. Sharmila says I will be relieved if you get a good life partner. Pishimaa helps Kajol get up. She asks Naina to kill her with taunts and accusations. She tells Chandana that how she can be shameless to call her daughter as Kalankini. She says I know that you have lost your husband and you are in trauma, but vishu was related to all of us. She says what do you think that your pain will get less by cursing or accusing her, and asks if Vishu will return and if his soul will get peace seeing your doings. She says if this is truth then I will go and accuse her.

Ayaan tells that Shreya and I have a flight tomorrow, we are going to Rajasthan. Chatterjee asks him to stay back until this matter is settled. Ayaan says I came for the marriage, but it has not happened, so…Shreya says we shall be with the family in the crisis. Ayaan says we shall sort out the crisis and not complicate it. He says if the marriage is fixed again then I will come. Chatterjee says you want us to reconcile with them. Ayaan says it is upto Arjun, if he really loves Kajol or not.

Kajol cries holding Vishu’s pic. Kajol says Pishimaa, I didn’t do anything. Baba hadn’t listened to me. Pishimaa says I know you and your baba. Kajol says how can I live without Baba, and cries. Pishimaa says everything will be fine. Kajol thinks of Chandana and Naina accusing her, calling her Vishu’s murderer. Dr. Anurag thinks if Maa would have been alive then what she would have asked me to do.

He thinks of Sharmila’s words and thinks if he shall call Kajol once, and ask if everything is fine. Arjun calls Kajol and she rejects his call. Dr. Anurag thinks it is not good to call in night. Kajol thinks of Arjun’s words and says I understand your game, bhabhi was right, you are a big player. Arjun finds her phone switched off. He thinks Ayaan is right, I shall know if Kajol is ready to forget everything and forgive me or not. Kajol says I will never forgive you, you was acting to be good and betrayed me, played with my emotions, I will never forgive you.

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Telecast Date:23rd September 2021
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