Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 22nd September 2021 Written Episode Update


Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 22nd September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 22nd September 2021 Episode starts with Rajesh telling that the car demand killed him and not marriage worry. Arjun says he is in trauma. Rajesh says no, I am in my consciousness. He asks Arjun to ask his Papa, how he had talked to Sir (Vishu) when he requested to give car later. He says he had humiliated Vishu sir, taunted him and also called him beggar. Kajol says but Baba told me..

and recalls Vishu telling that Mr. Chatterjee agrees. Rajesh says Vishu sir had given me promise, but I am breaking it now. He says he had taken loan to give car to Arjun. Mr. Chatterjee says we told many times to him that we don’t want the car. Arundita says we have everything and we didn’t pressurize him. She says we asked them to send Kajol in two clothes, but he insisted what we wants.

Tai ji says he had said that Kajol’s marriage is his dream and he wanted to compete with Shreya so that Kajol’s respect and prestige remain in the house. Rajesh says you are lying, tells that Sir had told me everything, how you had humiliated him. He sits down and tells Kajol that Vishu had got the loan, but that day some goons attacked him and snatched the money from him. He asks her to think what he went through.

Mr. Chatterjee says he is making stories and asks them to make Rajesh understand that Kajol is going to marry Arjun so don’t make false stories. Dr. Anurag recalls and tells that this is the truth and not any fake story. He says I am the eye witness of the incident, I was silent as Mr. Mukherjee was a proud man and asked me not to tell anything to anyone. Kajol says why Baba? Naina says your marriage has taken Baba’s life. Pishimaa says Vishu was bearing it all alone and we couldn’t read his face.

Shyam asks when the money was stolen then how car was bought? Rajesh says sir had mortgaged the printing press. Kajol and others are shocked and recalls Vishu telling that he got big order and now their children’s dreams will be fulfilled. Shyam says how can he mortgaged it, as he build it with his hardwork. Pishimaa says Vishu must have done this, for his promise and respect, if he had shared the burden then may be he would have been saved today. Kajol gets up and looks at Arjun.

Arjun says Kajol. He says whatever happened was wrong, I am really……Kajol slaps him hard on his face. Arjun’s family is shocked. Arjun gets angry and looks at her. Kajol says I will not marry my Baba’s murderers, you and your greed have killed my baba and a murderer can’t become my life partner, never. She breaks the garland kept in his neck. She shouts asking his family to leave and says get out.

She removes the garland from her neck. Kajol asks for the car keys as they are about to leave. She asks Rajesh to take car keys from them. Rajesh asks Mr. Chatterjee to give car keys. Arjun signs him to go. Mr. Chatterjee gives the car keys to him. They leave. Mr. Chatterjee asks band guys to go, as marriage is not happening. They all leave.

Kajol is still in shock. Anu, Chandrika and Apu cries. Kajol hears Vishu calling him and asks Dr. Anurag to check him, says he is fine. Dr. Anurag checks him and says no pulse. Chandana is in shock and sits quietly. Dr. Anurag feels bad for Kajol and her family. Kajol asks Vishu not to leave her and says she can’t stay without him. They all sit wearing white clothes near Vishu’s body. Everyone cries.

Kajol recalls searching for Vishu in her childhood. Vishu takes her in his lap and asks her to be there. fb ends. Rekha asks Chandana to look at Vishu for one last time. Pishimaa says I should have gone first. Pandit ji asks them to come forward to give shoulder to the dead body. Pishimaa asks Chandana to look at Vishu for the last time. Rajesh, Apu and Shyam look for the fourth man to hold the dead body. Shyam thinks why will hold it.

Dr. Anurag comes there. They lift the dead body and take him to crematorium ground. Chandana cries. They all come there. Apu gives the fire to his father, while others cry. Chandana cries and sits down shocked. Kajol gets concerned for her. The money lender who gave him money and then sent the goons to get it stolen, ask the another money lender if Vishu had taken money from him. The other money lender says yes and says they will talk to his family later. Kajol calls Chandana.

Chandana pushes her and blames her for her father’s death. She says you are not a daughter, but a curse and looks at her with hatred. Kajol cries. Dr. Anurag looks at her. Kajol’s family leaves leaving her there. Shyam asks Kajol to come home. Kajol says I want to stay here for sometime. Shyam says how will you stay here? Kajol says please. He leaves. Dr. Anurag is still there.

Kajol asks Baba, why did you leave me, today I am all alone. Dr. Anurag comes to her and says you have taken a big decision by breaking this marriage, and you will manage in future too. He says a pain makes a person weak or strong, it is your choice you want to weak or strong. He says I will drop you home. Kajol says I have to cover the distance myself, alone. She stands near the burning pyre. Dr. Anurag goes from there.

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Telecast Date:22nd September 2021
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