Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 22nd October 2021 Written Episode Update


Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 22nd October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 22nd October 2021 Episode starts with Pishimaa asking Kajol what did Dr. Anurag do? She says he didn’t do anything wrong and give clarification for the news report. She says why is he wrong, if he has anything wrong in his heart, then why he would have come here and stand with you.

She says only Anurag was there, who stood for you and your self respect, among the crowd. She says when you was getting insulted, only he was the only one who stood by you and fought for you. She says it needs courage to speak up the truth, he is not fake and liar like Arjun. She says he is not less than an angel, we shall be thankful to him. Kajol thinks Pishimaa is right, but when Maa is thinking wrong, I shall stay away from him.

Kaushik calls Dr. Abhishek and asks did I ever insult you? Dr. Abhishek asks what happened? Kaushik says they had gone to Vishawath ji’s shradh. Arundita says Anurag was blaming us as if we murdered him. Sharmila says see. Kaushik says we are a family and why Anurag is protecting Kajol and supporting her so much.

Abhishek says there must be some misunderstanding. Tai ji says we have blood relation and we don’t want you to feel the same thing as us. Arundita asks him to keep Anurag away from Kajol. Abhishek asks Kaushik to calm down and says I will talk to him, and he will not misbehave again. Anurag comes and hears them.

He takes phone and tells Kaushik that he talked to him nicely due to their relation, and says you are behind a girl and says if you don’t stop your cheap tactics then I will forget the relations, and will not think of age also. He ends the call. Dr. Abhishek asks why did you interfere when I was talking. Anurag says I interfered as it was about me. Sharmila says I will talk to Anurag in the morning and feels bad for Kajol.

Pishimaa asks Chandana, why is she behind Kajol? Chandana says first she fixed her marriage with Arjun and then called off. She is now having an affair with Dr. Anurag. She says we have three more daughters at home, and needs to marry. She says I stopped her from going further. She asks Pishimaa not to stop her from scolding Kajol again.

Chandrika and Anu tell about the Durga Puja after 2 days. Anu and Apu tell that if Baba would have been alive, then we would have celebrated and get new clothes too. Kajol says it was Baba’s favorite festival. Pishimaa says it is your favorite festival still and reminds her of last festival. Kajol imagines the function they have celebrated last year and imagines Vishu. She breaks the piggy bank mistakenly and says it was given by Baba. Pishimaa asks her not to feel bad, and says Vishu will get hurt. Kajol’s siblings picks the money.

Sharmila talks to Anuradha and tells that she will talk to Anurag and fix Durga puja celebrations at NGO. Anurag asks what happened? Sharmila says you heard me. He says we used to go to Dada muni’s house always to celebrate. Sharmila says Dada muni passed away, and it is not a year too. Anurag says who will help you in NGO, and I don’t want your back pain to increase. Sharmila gets upset.

Anurag says I don’t want puja to happen in NGO as…Sharmila says Anjali Bhabhi’s birthday falls on that day, and says we shall celebrate the function grandly in her memory. She used to wait for this festival all year. Kajol tells her siblings that Baba always wanted to celebrate Durga puja and he wanted me to buy something with this money. She says she will buy new clothes for them with this money. Sharmila tells that she saw Anjali Bhabhi doing the puja and she asked me to do this puja, as it is our custom.

Priyanka comes there and gives bouquet to Anurag, then gives it to Sharmila. Sharmila says when did you come? Priyanka says one week back. She asks if they are not celebrating in Dada Muni’s house. Anurag says they will have Durga Puja at NGO this year. Priyanka offers to help.

Sharmila says did you make arrangements before. Priyanka looks on. Sharmila tells Anurag that one name is coming in her mind, and Anuradha also praised her a lot. Anurag understands and says after whatever happened, we shall not call her. Sharmila asks him not to think much, just go to her and inform her that I called her. She says I will handle. Anurag says ok, I will leave. He asks Priyanka if she is not going to hospital. She says she will have food with Aunty and will go to afternoon shift.

Kajol sees a worker getting sweating in the printing shop and asks Rajesh to stop the machine. Sharmila tells Priyanka about Kajol, being Anjali’s favorite student. Priyanka says if she is the one whose news came in the newspaper? Sharmila says yes, and praises her. She says she has such a good voice.

Kajol asks the worker to go home. The worker says I will do work. Kajol says if anything happens to you, then what will happen to your family. She asks Rajesh to take him home. Sharmila tells Priyanka that Kajol is a very simple girl and takes care of everyone. Priyanka gets upset. Kajol starts the printing machine. Another worker comes and tells that he will do the work. Kajol says no work is small and says there is no difference between owner and employee, we shall work together. She asks him to do another work. Anurag comes there and looks at her. She sees him.

Sharmila tells Priyanka that she hopes that Kajol agrees to help me in puja arrangements and her pain will be less. Priyanka says ok, I will leave and asks her to call her if she needs help. Sharmila asks her to think as sindoor and gulaal will be in air during puja. Priyanka says she will manage. Rajesh asks Kajol to meet Anurag once. Kajol says why did he come here, I told him that I will not have any relation with him. Rajesh says he is a very nice man, just meet him once.

Kajol comes to him and says thanks for coming to shradh. She says I can’t take up NGO order, and I have clarified before. She says this is my last decision. He says I don’t came for NGO order here. She says I shall leave. Anurag thinks she is asking me to leave. He says I didn’t come to talk about us, and tells that his Pishimaa has kept Durga Puja at NGO and wanted your help. He says I am not cheap to force myself on you. He goes. Kajol thinks what his pishimaa will think about me, I shouldn’t have reacted without hearing him.

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Telecast Date:22nd October 2021
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