Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 21st September 2021 Written Episode Update


Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 21st September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 21st September 2021  Episode starts with Tai ji telling that this is abshagun and says such girls don’t make up home, but breaks it. She says don’t know what will happen. Shreya thinks she is inauspicious for me. Pishimaa asks Anu and Naina to go and bring garland. Naina says if we will go wearing this dress, says Didi is careless. Anu and Chandrika go to bring the garland.

Arundita says something goes wrong from the start. Shreya tells Ayaan that she didn’t do anything this time. Dr. Anurag says he don’t come to social gathering so that he don’t need to see such illogical drama. Sharmila feels bad for Kajol. Dr. Anurag says I will make a call and come. Amrita says just mala was broken, why you are saying it inauspicious. Ayaan says yes, she said right and says Mala is here. Anu and Chandrika bring the garland. Kajol worries.

Arjun asks Kajol why is she worrying as if something else to be put on his neck. They exchange garlands. Vishu is still fallen on the floor and tries to get his specs. Pandit ji asks who will do kanyadaan. Shyam says I will do. Chandana says I will send Apu to bring him (Vishu). She asks Apu to bring him. Apu goes. Dr. Anurag says he has to go to hospital. Sharmila says marriage is happening here.

Dr. Anurag says you are saying as if my marriage is happening. Sharmila says when that day will come. He goes. Ayaan tells Shreya that Kajol is perfect for Arjun and praises her. Kajol thinks of her baba. Arjun asks her to smile else everyone will think that she is marrying him unwillingly. He promises that he will keep her happy always. Kajol smiles and thinks of her moments with Vishu.

A fb is shown, she recalls Vishu telling that when someone says sorry and wants to get forgiveness then they shall forgive to get peace for both of them. Vishu gets up and tries to go to the mandap. Apu gets a call and says he will take baba to mandap and will come. Someone calls Shyam. Apu goes as the chef asked him to get the oil, as all oil fell down. Apu says it is in godown, I will send.

Pandit ji asks who will tie the ghatbandhan. Arundita says Shreya, and says Bhabhi does this rasam. Ayaan asks her to go and asks her to keep this in mind that they will be now husband and wife and we are too. Shreya ties the ghatbandhan and thinks Kajol’s place is not with Arjun and will never be. Kajol asks where is Baba?

Chandana says he will come. She tells Pishimaa that Apu haven’t brought me till now, says she will go and see. Pishimaa calls someone and asks if he saw Apu. The guy says Apu went to godown to bring something. Naina, Anu and Chandrika hear Arjun’s guests tell that Vishu’s status seems low, but he gave the car. Naina says Baba gave car to Arjun. Anu asks her to be quiet else Didi will get up from mandap. Vishu is still on the way. Kajol asks where is Baba? Shyam says Apu went to bring him.

Kajol says kanyadaan happened, it is time for the rounds. Where is him? Arundita asks Kajol to take the rounds. They begin talking rounds. Vishu is coming there, holds the curtains and falls down, faints. Kajol and Arjun are still taking the rounds. Apu brings the oil can and sees Vishu unconscious on the floor. He drops the oil can and shouts Baba. He runs to him and asks him what happened to you Baba. Kajol also hears and gets worried. She runs stopping the rounds. Arjun and his family are shocked.

Kajol takes Vishu in her lap. Everyone come there and ask him to get up. Kajol says Baba needs doctor. She asks them to call Dr. Basu. Sharmila says I called him and he is about to come. Arjun and his family also come there. Shyam and Apu bring the bed and make Vishu lie down on it. Kajol asks him to open his eyes. Chandana looks on shocked. Arjun’s relatives gossip that if marriage will happen or not. Kajol cries and asks where is Dr. Anurag? Dr. Anurag comes there and checks Vishu?

Dr. Anurag checks Vishu and says he is no more. Chandana stands in shock. Kajol says this can’t be possible and asks Anurag to check him again. She says Baba can’t go alone without me and asks him to see, says we don’t have time. Dr. Anurag holds her hand and says he is no more. He says he got massive heart attack and asks if he had any stress. He says if you insist then I will take him to hospital, but he was gone before I came here. Kajol cries and asks him not to leave her, as she can’t stay without him. She says I asked you many times to get the test done, but you didn’t listen.

She tells Pishimaa that she had told them that they shall take Baba to hospital, but nobody listened to her. She cries regretting. Chandana stands in shock. Others also cry. Kajol asks Vishu to get up and asks not to go. Tai ji asks what happened to him suddenly that this happened. Naina recalls Arjun’s relatives’s words and Dr. Anurag’s words if he had any stress. She says this happened due to Badi Didi.

She says he was in stress and got unwell while arranging money for her marriage and says he went leaving all of us due to her. She tells Kajol that the luxury car which baba bought for Arjun rammed Baba with it. Anu asks her not to say. Naina asks her to be quiet and tells Kajol that Arjun came in the car gifted by Baba. She asks if Baba had 50 lakhs, no and asks her to think how much Baba had suffered to give this gift.

Shyam says please Naina. Naina says nobody will stop me and tells that even I have lost Baba due to her. Rajesh says Kajol shall not be blamed, but Arjun’s family shall be blamed for his death. Chatterjee says what are you saying? We respect him so much and you are blaming us. Rajesh says car demand killed him, he was worried to get money for the car and died. Kajol hears shockingly.


Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 22nd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Chandra breaks down and cries. Kajol goes to pacify her. Chandana pushes her and blames her for Vishu’s death. Kajol says I have become lonely today. Dr. Anurag says sadness makes you weak or strong, it is your choice what you want to become, weak or strong.

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Telecast Date:21st September 2021
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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