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Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 20th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 20th September 2021 Episode starts with Tai ji asking Pishimaa where is Kajol’s father, who will do kanydaan. Pishimaa says Vishu is not well so doctor suggested him to rest. She says Shyam will do her kanyadaan, he is not just her Chacha, but also Guru. Shyam asks Arjun to come with him and change his clothes. Kajol calls Vishu and he doesn’t pick her call.

Vishu gets up and thinks to go out as it is his Kajol’s marriage. Waiter brings snacks. Shreya says no thanks, it is very oily. Tai ji tells Arundita that if the marriage had happened with their status people, it would be different. Arundita asks her if she remembers Shreya and Ayan’s marriage and says it was of our standard. She says these georgette curtains and flowers are so tacky and loud.

Shreya says it is not desi too. Rekha comes there and asks them if they would like to meet Kajol. Arundita says sure. They go and meet Kajol. Arundita says even today she has simple looks and asks if sisters made her get ready. Rekha says girls have come from parlour to get her ready. Dr. Anurag comes with his father and aunt and tells that he will leave in sometime. Sharmila asks him to come.

Dr. Anurag hopes Kajol’s father is fine. Vishu struggles with his ill health. Shyam takes Mr. Chatterjee’s blessings and asks can I take the groom? Chatterjee says yes. Shyam takes Arjun to the mandap and wears Vishu’s shawl to do the kanyadaan. Naina asks Arjun to run if he wants and says still there is chance. Arjun says if she wants then he can run with her. Naina smiles and goes with Anu. Kajol worries for Vishu and tells Pishimaa that he didn’t come until now. Ayaan keeps eyes on Shreya as she looks at Arjun.

He asks where is she going? Shreya says to get water. He gives her water and says he is getting tickets after 3 days. Shreya says so soon. He asks if she don’t understand what he said. He asks her to pack the important stuff. Arjun hears them sitting in the mandap.

Apu introduces Dr. Anurag to his family. Dr. Anurag introduces Sharmila to them. Apu says Dr. Anurag helped Baba. Dr. Anurag says I was going from there when his accident happened. Arundita says nobody told us. Pishimaa says we didn’t tell so that no problem shall arise in Kajol’s wedding.

She says my brother thinks about everyone and got ill in his daughter’s marriage. Vishu tries to drink water and it falls on his clothes. Chandana says he is here, but can’t do the kanyadaan. Pishimaa asks if Vishu will be fine. Dr. Anurag replies I had talked to Kajol and asks her to talk to her. Shreya goes to Arjun and says Ayaan is booking tickets and asks him to do something. Arjun says let him plan, I will not let you go.

Shreya says I went to Kajol and saw her wearing banarasi saree. Arjun says my eyes were on you who is looking so beautiful. Shreya smiles. Ayaan comes there and looks at them. He calls Shreya and says everyone is looking at her. Shreya says I was telling Arjun about his clothes as I kept them. Ayaan says I know everything which you can do and says I know what you did in cocktail party. Shreya asks if Pulti told you and says she is a child. Ayaan says she is not small like you think.

He says I met Kajol, she is simple and good girl and asks her not to trouble her else. Shreya says you worries for her and not your wife. Ayaan goes. Arjun looks at Shreya. Shrea comes to Kajol and asks if she is wearing fake silk. She says it is original but very light. She says if you had told me that you have nothing good to wear then you should have told me, I would have given from my collection.

Kajol says sorry Bhabhi, I don’t like to show right on someone’s stuff and tells that bridal dress is parents’ blessings, it can’t be cheap or fake. Dr. Anurag sees them and thinks what Shreya Bhabhi is trying to do with Kajol. Shreya says you think from heart and I think from mind. She says if you wear this cheap saree and sit in Arjun’s brand new car, then it will mismatch, then you will realize it was wrong choice. Dr. Anurag hears and says he hopes Kajol’s decision is right to marry in this family. She asks her if she knows about the car which her baba. Pulti calls her and she goes.

Kajol thinks what she was saying. She sees Dr. Anurag and calls him. He asks how is your Baba? Kajol says he took medicines and promised me that he will be admitted in the hospital tomorrow. Vishu falls down on the floor and asks Goddess to give him strength to see Kajol’s kanyadaan. Shreya meets her dad and gets happy. She asks if he was busy. Arundita and others greet him.

Pishimaa and Chandana ask him to have sweets. Shreya’s dad says he don’t have it, but take it on Ayaan’s insistence. He asks Ayaan to take Shreya to Rajasthan as she feels lonely here. Ayaan says I will not leave her here. Apu and others bring Kajol to the mandap while her face is covered with beetal leaves. They make her take round around Arjun. Naina asks Kajol to look at Arjun once. Shreya is about to go.

Ayaan asks her to be here, and says how can badi bahu go missing. Dr. Abhishek asks Anurag to join them. Dr. Anurag says I think this is waste of time. Arjun signs Kajol, thumps up. Kajol smiles and waits for her Baba. She is about to make him wear garland. Apu, Anu and others lift Kajol to make him wear garland, but the garland breaks. Vishu comes out of his room with much difficulty and falls down on the floor.

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Telecast Date:20th September 2021
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