Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 16th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 16th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 16th September 2021 Episode starts with Shreya coming to Kajol and says the happiness is reflecting in your face, you will sparkle after Arjun’s haldi is applied to you. She asks if she is happy to ruin her image and tells Kajol that she has ruined her image in the cocktail party, and it will take her much time to make things better. She tells that she is going with Ayan for some days, but she will be back and her control on her sasural will always be there. Kajol says I know that your control is on Arjun’s too, if you had stopped him then neither I have come nor you would have get insecurities.

Shreya says I didn’t stop Arjun as I trust myself. She says if you don’t want to marry then tell your Baba, you will not get bakra like Arjun again. Kajol says she is silent for her family and can’t break their feelings. She says she has trust on Arjun and her relation and tells that she will see who comes between Arjun and her. Chandrika comes and asks Kajol to get ready for haldi. Shreya says we will meet in the evening and goes.

Kajol gets ready for the haldi. Everyone is dancing. Vishu sees the haldi ceremony and gets emotional. Rajesh calls Vishu and says I have delivered the car. Vishu gets relieved and says I have fulfilled my promise. He looks at Kajol’s childhood pic and says I had seen dream many years back and today it will be fulfilled. He says there will be no hurdled in my Kajol’s marriage. Song plays laddo tere baba……Kajol turns and looks at Vishu and gets emotional. Vishu smiles and then crfies as she turns away. Kajol sees him crying. He gets emotional. She thinks if I am doing right or not, but Baba.

She recalls Arjun proposing her and Vishu getting happy. She recalls Shreya’s words and thinks to call Arjun and clarify. Just then Anu and Chandrika come there and take her from there. Kajol keeps her phone and call goes to Dr. Anurag. Kajol talks to her sisters. Anurag hears Kajol telling that she will go and see Baba. Dr. Anurag hears her. Sharmila comes there and says I will make food. She says you gets busy just as you get the call. Dr. Anurag calls her Pishimaa and says he will make food, asks her to go. He thinks of Kajol.

Anu tells Kajol that it is Arjun’s call. Chandrika says ask him to talk in the evening. Kajol says she will talk to him just 5 mins. Arjun talks to Kajol and says very soon we will get married I can’t wait to see you as my bride. Kajol asks if he called for anything important. Arjun says what to tell about cocktail party and says sorry. She asks why did you hide from me that bhabhi is possessive about you, the way she shows her right on you. Arjun says bhabhi is close to me and bhaiya told her to come with him to Rajasthan and she is disturbed. Kajol says she is simple, but not foolish.

She has struggled all her life and asks him not to fool her. Arjun says don’t know why Bhabhi did this, everyone is so embarrassed. She says if I had known that your and Bhabhi’s relation is so complicated, then I will not marry. She says everyone is making arrangements of our marriage and Baba is unwell. Arjun recalls Rajesh’s words and asks her to relax. Someone comes there and asks him to see his sherwani. Shreya comes there and asks Arjun who called is it? Arjun says colleague. Shreya taunts him and checks his phone. She asks Kajol to let Arjun get ready. Kajol asks her to check who has called whom and says Arjun called me.

Dr. Anurag’s father asks him to come to Arjun’s marriage. Dr. Anurag refuses. Sharmila asks him. Dr. Anurag says he doesn’t like social gathering and don’t like them. His father says we are telling as it is important. He tells Sharmila that he can’t tolerate his behavior. He says Anurag, you holds me responsible for your mother’s death even now. He says your mother was my wife and I am alone after she left. He says I didn’t kill her. Anurag says you didn’t save her either.

Mr Chatterjee says our respect is saved as car came. Arundita tells that both father and daughter were refusing. Ayan asks where is Shreya? Arundita says she is getting Arjun ready for marriage. Everyone is getting ready in Kajol’s house. Dr.Anurag says you are a big doctor, but you had no time to save her. Sharmila says we can’t bring her back, but it is foolishness to fight. She says she was so sweet and her soul might be yearning in pain seeing you both fighting.

Abhishek asks Anurag to attend the marriage for some time. Anurag says I can’t tolerate their family. Abhishek says it is their house matter. Anurag says when marriage is happening, we shall go there, but when some issue happen, we shall not interfere. Shreya looks at Arjun and smiles. Arjun also looks at her. Some relatives come and tells Arjun that Kajol is made for him. Shreya gets jealous.

Sharmila tells that even it is difficult for her to handle Shreya and Arundita, but she handles somehow. She says we shall not interfere in any matter and asks him to come for some time, for me. She says I am going there to bless Arjun and his wife. I found that girl good and lovely, there was some attraction in her simplicity. She says when she sang in the party, I remembered bhabhi. Kajol gets ready for her marriage. Dr. Anurag says I will get ready and come. I will do Kajol’s baba check up also. Rekha comes and asks Kajol if she is ready. Kajol turns to her.

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Telecast Date:16th September 2021
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