Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 15th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 15th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 15th September 2021 Episode starts with Kajol asking Vishu to go to his room and rest. Vishu says I will not do anything which will make the bride angry. Pandit ji says your side is puja is done, others will continue now. Kajol thinks of Vishu’s words and gets stressed. Kajol’s mother makes her wear the bangles and asks her to protect it. She says the relation with husband is sacred and no third person can withstand with their relation. Shreya thinks it is her first right on Arjun. Tai ji asks Shreya to make Kajol have this haldi surely. Shreya says ok.

Arjun’s mother asks her to get the sweets and gifts in the car. Arjun comes and sits on the chair near to Shreya, and wear his shoes. Ayan comes there. Mr. Chatterjee says it is good that you are also going with Shreya. He says you will meet everyone and Kajol too. Amrita says choti bhabhi is very good and you will like her. Ayan says I am sure. Tai ji asks Amrita not to talk in Kajol’s favor, after whatever happened in cocktail party. Arundita says if you can’t stop yourself from opening the mouth, then don’t go. Amrita says Maa.

Shreya takes Arjun upstairs. Arjun says bhaiyya will see. Shreya says you are happy that Kajol will come here and then Ayan will take me from here. He says he will handle bhaiyya. Ayan asks Amrita what happened in the cocktail party? Amrita tells him everything that Shreya spiked Kajol’s drink and the latter was humiliated. Shreya tells Arjun what you will tell her, that you love his wife and he will leave me here. She says you don’t have any idea, what he talks with me. Ayan calls Shreya.

Shreya comes downstairs. Arundita calls Arjun. Arjun also comes from upstairs. Tai ji and Arundita tells that Arjun and Shreya are best friends forever and Shreya is handling his clothes etc. Ayan asks Arjun to get dependent on Kajol now as he is taking Shreya with him. Shreya says Arjun wants to give a message to Kajol through me. Ayan asks him to give message to Kajol by himself and asks Shreya if she is his spokeperson. He asks do you love Kajol, why is he hesitant to talk to her.

Arundita says he loves her, else we wouldn’t have brought middle class girl in our house. Shreya says I was making Arjun understand and says when the love is true, then he shall not hesitate and asks him to say before it is too late. Ayan asks do you love Kajol? Arjun says ofcourse yes, and I will talk to Kajol myself. Ayan asks Shreya to come with him.

Anu asks Naina to call and ask if the left for the handi rasam. Kajol tells Anu that she is worried for Baba and feeling worried. She says she will go and check baba. Anu goes to check. Naina asks Kajol, if she is so worried , then stay back at home. They hear the sound. Naina says it seems Arjun’s family came, loaded with gifts.

Shreya and Amrita come for the haldi rasam. Naina and others get happy seeing the gifts. Shreya says she has selected this personally and says Kajol might not know about them. Ayan comes there and introduces himself as Arjun’s brother and Shreya’s husband. They ask where is Kajol? I heard so much about her. Chandana asks him to meet her.

Rajesh brings luxury car to Arjun’s house. Arjun, his parents and Tai ji gets happy. Mr. Chatterjee asks him to have sweets. Rajesh says I can’t. He asks do you have any idea, what Vishwanath ji went through, to fulfill your demands, by hiding from her daughter. I have seen him getting aged overnight, I can’t have the sweets here. Mr. Chatterjee says when Vishwanath ji wants to get his daughter married in a big league, then shall do this. Rajesh says I don’t understand this and asks Arjun to arrive at the right time in the evening.

Shreya takes juice and asks if it is really juice or something mixed in it. She says do you know what your daughter did in the party. Pishimaa says we know what our daughter can do, and who made her drink, so it is better not to talk. Kajol touches Ayan’s feet. Ayan gifts her something and says I am happy that Arjun is lucky and our house will blossom with your good values. Shreya tells that Kajol drank wine, wanting to be cool. Arundita says Kajol drank it thinking it as soft drink. Chachi says you would have told her. Shreya says what do you think that Kajol is a small girl and she doesn’t know the difference of hard drink and soft drink.

Pishimaa shouts enough and says we know that you gave her that drink and then humiliated her. She says if this matter is discussed, then you will get insulted too. Chacha ji meets Ayan and tells that Kajol sings well. He says she shall not stop singing. Ayan says I will talk to Mom and Dad, Kajol can definitely continue singing. Amrita says I am waiting for you to come in my house. Ayan apologizes to Kajol from his family’s sight. Shreya says you are blaming me and says your upbringing is bad. Chandana says today is my daughter’s wedding and you are her jethani, don’t provoke us. She says we have given her good upbringing, but didn’t make her clever else she would have given you a good reply. She says you are a guest and shall understand. Shreya thinks to make Kajol’s joke during the marriage.

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Telecast Date:15th September 2021
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