Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 14th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 14th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 14th September 2021 episode starts with Anurag saying, you sing well. Kajol smiles and turns back. He asks if she wants to say anything, other patients are waiting for him. She leaves.

Ayan tells his family that he has come for 4 days only and this time, he will take all his belongings with him including Shreya. Arjun and Shreya look on. Shreya tells Ayan that she needs to teach everything to Kajol. Tai ji says Shreya is right. Kajol will take time to settle in their house. Ayan says, fine. Shreya can stay there till Kajol gets set. After that, she can go to her parent’s home. Shreya looks at him.

Kajol scolds her father for not listening to her and not doing the test. He says they shouldn’t go to that doctor. He’s making a big deal of nothing. Kajol’s mother comes and tells her to sleep as it’s her marriage tomorrow. Kajol requests her to let her stay with his father. She will feel good when she sees him relaxing. Vishu also tells Chandana to let Kajol stay as it’s her last night in the house.

Next morning, Arjun’s mother wakes him up saying he has to sit in puja. He forcefully wakes up. Other side, Kajol is doing a ritual of bringing water from a lake. Before leaving the house, she looks at Vishu who is sleeping. Pishimaa tells Kajol that she is with Vishu. Others leave.

Arjun sits to have food. Tai ji tells him to eat as much as he wants. After this, he will get to eat directly in the evening with Kajol. Everyone feeds him. Tai ji asks where is Shreya? She said she won’t miss any ritual. Arjun says, yes, let’s wait for Bhabhi. Arjun’s sister says Ayan is here. She must have gotten late in waking up. Shreya gets ready to leave. Ayan stops her grabbing her hand and asks what’s the hurry?

I have come after so long. She says, it’s your brother marriage only. Get ready fast. Everyone is waiting for me, so I have to go. He asks, everyone or Arjun? She asks what do you mean? He says, you know exactly what I mean. She say, it’s paining me. He says, what about the pain that you have been giving me all this time? She frees her hand and says I don’t know what you are talking about. He says, what do you think I don’t know about you and Arjun? She looks away. He says, I don’t know why you are so excited for Arjun’s marriage. She says, I am an elder bahu and I have some responsibilities. There is no point explaining all this to you. Let me go.

He holds her hand again. He says, wow and what about responsibility of being my wife? Fulfill that too. She says, this is not time to talk about this. We will discuss later. He agrees saying we should have discussed this earlier. But let’s discuss now. Honesty and royalty are needed to make a marriage successful. Their marriage lacks both. She says it’s not like that. She frees herself and walks out of the room.

She sees Arjun outside. She takes him to a room and hugs him. She cries and says, I can’t bear more. I won’t be able to live without you. Please do something. He asks what happened? Did Ayan say anything? He says everything is messed up right now. Ayan is behind me. I am behind you. And you are with Kajol. All these complications, lies are too much for me. You better clean this mess fast.

Kajol hears her uncle playing a music instrument. She recalls moments she spent with her family. She and all her family members get emotional. Vishu wakes up. He hopes his health supports him till Kajol’s marriage.

Arjun’s Haldi ceremony starts. Everyone applies Haldi to him. Shreya watches. Arjun tells his mother that the ceremony is incomplete if Bhabhi doesn’t apply Haldi, right? His mother calls Shreya and tells her to apply Haldi. She tells her to carry on. She tells Shreya that it’s Bhabhi’s right. She comes and applies Haldi. Arjun tells Shreya that he will fix everything. She doesn’t need to get upset. He applies Haldi to her and she smiles. Ayan sees it. Shreya looks at him and stands up. She says, mum, I told you I don’t want to apply Haldi. Ayan gives her a tissue to clean her face. Everyone is dancing. Ayan takes Shreya to dance with him.

Vishu calls Arjun’s father and says, I fulfilled my promise. The luxury car will be arriving there shortly. After the call, Vishu prays no stoppage comes in the wedding.

Vishu sits to do puja, but keeps coughing. Kajol gives him water. She tells him to let uncle do the puja. Chandana tells Vishu to let Kajol’s uncle do her kanyadan. Vishu gets angry saying he is fine and he will do the rituals. Kajol sees him sweating and asks whether he took medicine. He doesn’t answer. She says, you won’t keep fast for kanyadan. You have to take medicine 3 times in a day. I won’t listen to you in this matter. She recalls Anurag’s warning about situation being very critical, but they are worrying about the marriage. She is afraid that her marriage may delay her father’s treatment.

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Telecast Date:14th September 2021
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