Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 13th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 13th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 13th January 2022 Episode starts with chandana scolding Apu. Kajol stops her and says when two people are in love, they don’t think by mind. Naina asks her not to lecture about romance and tells that Bulti agreed to marry someone, and tells that Apu is distracting her. Apu asks her not to blame him.

Naina says you are my brother, if I haven’t saved you then you would have got arrested. She asks why she didn’t tell anyone about you, and now not taking your calls. Lekha says may be she is ignoring you and you mistaken friendship as love.

Kajol asks him to move away from her way, if this is truth. Kajol asks if everyone is lying and says this is truth. Apu says this can’t be truth. He says Bulti and I are serious about each other, we want to get married. Naina asks him to back off and tells that due to him, her impression is getting down infront of them. She says I won’t let my impression down infront of Shreya.

Later Kajol asks Apu to share his feelings with her. Apu tells that he was not understanding anything when she was not picking the call. Kajol says I will support you, if Bulti tells that she wants to marry you. Apu says I am sure that she will tell the truth. Kajol says Bulti respects me a lot and will never hide from me. She promises to do anything for them. Naina hears them and thinks I will snatch everyone from you, this fight is between you and me. Anurag thinks of Kajol, sitting in his car outside Printing press.

He sees Kajol open the printing press, and calls him. Kajol asks him not to waste time and go to hospital. He says you came to know and says just like breathing is necessary, you are necessary to me.

Bulti tells her family that they can’t force her to meet that NRI guy. Kaushik says if you don’t agree to me, then I will get Apu trapped in Police case and then he can’t come out. Bulti asks Arundita if she is with him. She asks Arjun if he will not say anything.. Shreya hugs Bulti and whispers to her, to let it happen, whatever is happening. Bulti takes phone from Servant’s pocket. Arundita asks Shreya to handle her. Naina sees her and thinks she can’t betray my eyes.

Anurag is in the meeting. Priyanka calls him. Her mother asks why Anurag is not coming for shopping. She asks didn’t you tell him. Dida says we shall select the clothes until he comes. Anurag asks the doctors to tell the reason for the treatment. Priyanka calls him again and says we shall leave. Her mother says he should have informed us if not coming. Priyanka yells at the guy colliding with her and thinks just wait and watch Anurag, what I do with you.

Anurag comes home and says I feel intellectual alive due to the day in office. He calls Baluda. Priyanka comes there and cries, asking why does he behave this way with her? anurag asks her to come to the point. She says we were about to go for shopping for our marriage. He says why do you need me, as you have done all the arrangements.

He says you can force me to marry, but can’t force me to be happy, asks if she will blame Kajol for something. Priyanka shouts calling everyone. Abhishek asks why you didn’t go for shopping. Anurag says I was busy in hospital. Priyanka says you was just reviewing the case. Priyanka’s mother blames him. Sharmila asks Anurag and Priyanka to go and talk to each other.

Bulti calls Apu. Apu picks the call and says Bulti. Kaushik comes and takes the mobile in his hand. He says you have stolen the mobile. He then warns Apu. Apu asks why are you threatening me? He says Bulti has called me. Kajol takes the call and says uncle. Kaushik says my daughter can’t go to your house. Kajol says if they love each other. Kaushik says their relation is not possible and asks her and her family to understand.

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Telecast Date:13th January 2022
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