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Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 12th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 12th October 2021 Episode starts with Pishimaa telling Apu that her heart is not agreeing that she was Kajol. Naina says face was not saved to identify, but the clothes, watch and bangles was of Kajol didi. Dr. Anurag keeps hand on Kajol’s head and says you made everyone worried since morning and their condition is bad. Kajol opens her eyes. He moves his hand from her head.

Kajol says Dr. Anurag you are here, and tells that we have meeting at 4 pm. He says I was searching you since afternoon and tells that someone told him that she is in hospital and taking his name, so he came. Kajol says may be I was about to meet you, so took your name, sorry. He asks her to be quiet and says your family members are very worried, we went to morgue and saw a girl who met with an accident,

and everyone thought it is you. Kajol asks where is my phone? My family is worried, I shall inform them that I am alive. He says you have injury on your head, I will take you home. I will inform Rajesh that you are fine. He calls Rajesh and finds his number switched off. He asks doctor if she can discharge Kajol as her family is very worried. Doctor says I will check. Dr. Anurag sits and asks Kajol if she is fine. Kajol looks at him.

She coughs. He makes her drink water and sits at her bedside. Doctor comes back and tells Anurag that he can take patient home. Dr. Anurag helps her get up and take her in his car. Kajol sleeps on the way. He stops the car. Kajol asks if we reached home. Dr. Anurag says will reach in 5 mins, family members will get happy seeing you fine and thinks if something would have happened to you, then I….

Pishimaa thinks of Kajol and the moments they have spent. Kajol gets down from the car and stumbles. Dr. Anurag holds her. Pishimaa thinks she will come in her thoughts and illusions now. Dr. Anurag brings her near Pishimaa. Kajol calls her. Pishimaa gets happy seeing her and asks how was she? She calls everyone and tells that Kajol has come home. Everyone hugs Kajol. Arjun looks shocked seeing her.

Chandana comes out. Kajol walks towards her. Chandana hugs her, seeing her fine. Dr. Anurag stands outside and looks at them. Chandana says we were all worried and asks if she is fine. She asks if you get any injury anywhere else too. Kajol says I am fine. Dr. Anurag says bad times bring everyone together and says what could be more good than this. He keeps her hospital file and medicines.

Naina asks how did you come? Pishimaa says Dr. Anurag brought her home. She calls him and finds file and medicines. Arjun calls Naina near him. Naina says where was didi until now. Arjun says that is not important, how did Anurag find her? Everyone was searching her. He says it is very complicated and asks her to ask Kajol. Naina says ok. Kajol hugs Chandana. Naina asks Kajol what happened with her, and where was she all day. Kajol says I withdraw money from ATM and gave to Apu.

She says then she was walking on the road and fell down. She doesn’t know what happened after that. Anu tells that she was taken to hospital from the signal of the road. Chandana asks Kajol to have haldi milk and sleep. Naina and Arjun go out. Naina says did you hear what did she say? there was mourning at home due to her, she did so much drama. Arjun says how Anurag was saying that nothing can happen to Kajol, how can he be so sure? He says how can Anurag be so close to Kajol being my cousin, and then she came with Dr. Anurag Basu.

Sharmila tells that she is saved. Dr. Anurag says Kajol was saved from death trap. Sharmila says if end is good, then everything is good. She asks him to go and sleep. Naina says Mom was right, nobody can understand Kajol didi. She is opposite of her looks. Arjun says your sister fooled me too and says there is something fishy between them. He says Dr. Anurag is a cardio vascular surgeon and Kajol.

He asks Naina to ask Kajol how did Anurag find her. Naina says I was shocked when the news came and asks him to ask Anurag. Arjun says Anurag is weird and I can’t talk to him. He says Kajol is an independent woman and can take her decision. He asks if anything is going on between Kajol and Naina. He thinks to ruin Kajol’s life through Naina.

Arundita tells Kaushik about Chandana pleading infront of her for Naina and Arjun’s relation. She says if we shall fall in the pit. Kaushik says if we have to fight with pig then have to step in the muddy pit. He says this is the right chance to take revenge from her. He says People shall know that Kajol is a liar, and says if Naina’s relation happens then people will believe that there is nothing wrong in our son or family. He says why anyone will get their daughter in the same house, if anything is wrong. He says our slap will reach Kajol’s soul. Arundita says ok, I will tell her that we are coming for Shradh and will talk about the alliance.

Dr. Anurag thinks to call Kajol, thinks she doesn’t have her phone. He reads the diary and thinks there is one plus point of this incident, Kajol is with her family members in her house. Pishimaa asks Kajol how did Dr. Anurag reach there? Kajol says I was shocked seeing him there, and then he told me that I had taken his name and that’s how he reached there. Chandana asks her to drink milk and sleep. Dr. Anurag thinks someone might be taking care of her.

Next morning, Kajol is going to office. Anu and Apu ask her to rest. Pishimaa comes there, asks her to have breakfast and medicines first. Kajol says pack my tiffin, I will have it in office. Chandana says she doesn’t have any courage left to hear such things, whatever she heard yesterday. She says I didn’t have the courage to bear anything now. Pishimaa says what is Kajol’s mistake in this. Kajol promises that she will take care of herself. Naina thinks I have understood your game plan and will expose you.

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Telecast Date:12th October 2021
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