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Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 10th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 10th September 2021 Episode starts with Shreya asking Naina if Kajol is drunk. Naina says our Didi doesn’t drink. Shreya says I can smell it and will bring water. Arjun comes there and calls Kajol. Shreya comes to her inlaws and tells that Kajol is drunk and might create a scene. Dr. Anurag sees them going in a hurry. Arjun asks Kajol, did you drink wine? It is so embarrassing. He makes her sit on chair and lie down on table. Arjun’s mother says it is so embarrassing.

Vishu says it is good that Kajol went to the party. Kajol’s mother says she called thrice, I am jealous to see your and Kajol’s love. She gives him water and asks him to get the tests done. He says once Kajol gets married and settled down in her sasural, we will go for a holiday. Tai ji asks if this is her values, to have drunk in her own marriage function. Kajol gets up calling Baba, collides with Dr. Anurag. She turns and Arjun holds her. Vishu tells Chandana that they will go to Darjeeling. She says your business prospered after Kajol was born. Vishu says the same business will be of use in her marriage.

Arjun’s mother says so this is this girl’s real avatar and asks if they are doing a mistake. Shreya says she didn’t attend high society parties before and today she might have drunk to show that she is cool. Dr. Arjun recalls Shreya making Kajol drunk. Naina asks Kajol why did you drink, when you have never tasted it before. Anu and Apu say that she don’t drink. Naina asks if someone forced her to drink. Amrita tells that she saw Shreya talking Kajol. Shreya says I am defending Kajol and you are blaming me. She acts. Arjun’s mother and Tai ji scold Amrita. Dr. Anurag is about to say the truth.

Arjun says enough, we shall take Kajol from here. Tai ji says if one day was not remaining then I would have called off the marriage. Arjun’s mother says you have snatched my words. Tai ji says Chatterjee’s younger bahu is such. Arjun makes Kajol sit in the car. Amrita tells Apu that she knows Kajol and she can’t do this. Apu asks her to search the culprit. Dr. Anurag comes to his car and thinks if I did right by staying silent, as it is good not to interfere in anyone’s personal matter. He sees Kajol in other car and thinks she has not done any mistake.

Kajol comes home with her siblings and asks what happened in the party, I don’t remember. Chandrika asks them not to talk about the party at home. Naina says what do you think that Arjun’s family and Shreya will not do anything, says it is better to tell them. She says this is her Didi’s real avatar. Kajol asks what do I do? Naina says you was drunk and was shouting Baba baba, it was so embarrassing. They come inside the house. Chandana asks where is Apu? Anu says he is coming. Pishimaa asks if something happened in the party. Arjun’s father scolds him and says whatever happened shouldn’t have happened, there were many guests in the party.

Arjun says I don’t think Kajol can drink, she might have drank by mistake. He looks at Shreya. Arjun’s mother asks him to take her side blindly and says you like that girl, but family respect is something. Shreya says you might have felt awkward too, Arjun, it is so embarrassing. Kajol says I don’t know who spiked my drink. Naina says Didi might have noticed the taste is different. Kajol says I thought taste is different, but thought I might be feeling the change as I am drinking it for the first time.

She says Bhabhi offered me that drink so I drank. She says I don’t remember anything and says Bhabhi had also drank it, she would have stopped me if it was hard drink. Pishimaa says Shreya will not do it intentionally. Amrita and Apu confront the waiter and asks him to say the truth. They tell that they have CCTV footage. Apu threatens to call Police. Waiter says I spiked Kajol’s drink on Shreya’s insistence. She gave me money to do this. Apu scolds him. Amrita says he was just a puppet. Apu feels bad. Amrita asks him to go home and assure Kajol that everything will be fine. She says she will go home.

Pishimaa asks everyone to go to their room and says Vishu is already stressed and he shall not know. Vishu comes out and asks what happened? Pishimaa asks him to rest. Vishu says Kajol’s head can’t lower without any reason and asks what happened? Naina says your dear daughter was drunk in the party. Dr. Anurag thinks he can’t see anything wrong happening with anyone and shall go back and tell the truth to everyone.

Tai ji says middle class girl can’t be classy overnight and her upbringing is not such and asks did you ever see Shreya doing such scene. Amrita comes there and says Shreya bhabhi does her drama behind everyone and plays the CCTV footage in which Shreya is bribing the waiter to spike Kajol’s drink. Everyone gets shocked. Dr. Anurag comes there to tell and hears everything. He thinks it is good that the girl’s truth came infront of everyone. Vishu says my Kajol is my pride, and she can’t do this.

He says you knows well and should have defend her. Naina says you are scolding me, rather than scolding her and says Arjun’s Tai ji said that she would have called off the wedding if one day was not remaining for marriage. He raises hand to slap her, but stops. His condition deteriorates and sits on chair. Kajol apologizes to vishu. Vishu says my Kajol can’t do this, even if God comes and tells this, I will not believe. The guest tells that someone might have spiked the drink. Apu comes home and hugs Kajol. He says it is not your mistake, someone did this intentionally. He says someone made her drink intentionally. Vishu asks who did this cheap thing? Kajol looks on.

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Telecast Date:10th September 2021
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