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Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 10th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 10th November 2021 Episode starts with a lady coming to the puja in the palanquin. Everyone wonder who is she? Abhishek calls Sharmila and says Anurag’s Dida Maa. Sharmila says now God shall saved us. Dida Maa gets down the palanquin with Anurag’s help and folds her hands before the Goddess. She asks Anurag, how is he? Anurag says I am happy that you came.

Sharmila asks Abhishek to greet her, else she will make the announcement in the pandal that we didn’t greet her. Dida Maa asks if they need invite to touch her feet. They touch her feet. She says this is my daughter’s puja and that’s why I came without invitation. Abhishek says I came to know from Baba, that you are not well. Dida Maa says she has problem in her legs. She asks her attender Pushpa to greet them.

Pushpa greets them. Abhishek greets Dida again. Dida taunts him. She then gets upset with Abhishek and Sharmila for not giving her Anurag, and says he has become lean. Anurag says Pishimaa takes care of me very well, I eat less to do dieting. Dida asks him to ask his Nana about their times, and says today’s guys are uff. Sharmila asks her to come inside. Anurag says do maa’s darshan. Dida says first I will freshen up and asks Pushpa to come. Sharmila prays to Maa Durga to help them, bear her taunts. Abhishek says even me.

Doctor asks Nurse about Kajol. She says she went for payment. Priyanka thinks don’t know why Anurag left me and doing social service of the old lady. She comes to Anurag and says you left me and went behind old lady. Anurag says she is my Dida Maa, not any old lady. Dida Maa comes to her. Priyanka touches her feet and greets her. Dida likes her, and says I had told Durga Maa clearly that if Anurag doesn’t marry this year, then my 20 lakhs donation is cancelled for the puja.

She says I know Maa will hear my prayers and says I wanted girl like this, just like Anjali’s reflection. Anurag thinks to tell her, that Kajol is Maa’s reflection. Dida asks him to promise to fulfill her wish. Anurag thinks he will fulfill her wish and then promises her. Kajol asks receptionist, can I use your phone? She takes the phone and calls Anurag. Anurag is about to pick the call. Dida asks him to make her do darshan and pick the call later. Kajol gets worried.

Naina shows the photos to Arjun and asks what is this. Arjun asks her to calm down as people is listening. Naina says you didn’t feel shame to do this. I asked you to end your affair and says I am not Kajol di to bear it. Arjun says people are listening. Naina says you will do and I shall bear silently. She throws something on him. Arjun gets up and asks if she has gone mad? Naina says I told you that you shall end whatever you have with Bhabhi. He holds her hand and takes her outside.

Dida prays for Anurag’s marriage and thinks to know about Priyanka’s family. Anurag hopes Dida likes Kajol. Sharmila says Anurag handles her well, else we couldn’t handled her.

Naina asks Arjun to stay away from her. Arjun says Bhabhi is manipulating you. Naina says Didi has insulted you infront of the society, but I will get the poster published that will read Bhabhi and Dewar have an affair. Arjun says you are reacting as Bhabhi wants, as you are everything which she wanted to become, and says she don’t want you to come in the house. He says whenever Ayaan is not at home,

she tries to flirt with me and says she wants me to be hers and don’t want me to marry. He says Shreya tried to contact Kajol so that if she agrees, then she can control her. He says why don’t you understand Naina. He tries to emotional blackmail Naina and says my destiny is bad.

Dida asks Priyanka if she knows these rasams. Priyanka says I am not an expert, but helped Anurag and Pishimaa. She says she is happy if Anurag is happy. Anurag asks Sharmila not to worry as Dida is happy. Priyanka serves food to Dida. Dida stops her. Sharmila asks Anurag to go as Priyanka is serving from left hand. She says don’t know where is Kajol? Anurag says let her handle Dida.

Dida asks her to serve with right hand and tells that she is open minded and not having a small minded. She praises Priyanka and says you seems to have good values. Priyanka says education is to reach heights, and our values and customs are our roots. Sharmila and Anurag where is Kajol? Anurag says kids told that Kajol went with Putul. Sharmila goes to pujari. Anurag finds many missed calls and thinks if Kajol was dying. He calls the number. The receptionist tell that a patient’s family member used this phone. Anurag thanks her and thinks where is Kajol.

The kids ask Priyanka to serve them. Priyanka asks them to sit and asks a boy to serve plates to everyone. She gets upset. Dida tells that the food is very tasty. Priyanka says her hardwork is appreciated, and tells that she made all the food. She lies. Dida asks about her family. Priyanka tells about her family. Dida likes her and thinks to talk to Abhishek and Sharmila about this girl. Priyanka serves bhog to the kids.

Naina thinks I can’t believe that Shreya bhabhi is interested to break our alliance, that she will manipulate me. She says it is good that Arjun showed me the different perspective, else I would have get rotten here. She gets Arjun’s message and thinks she knows him well, he told me I love you so soon after breaking up with Kajol. She says he might take U turn any moment, I need to be careful.

Sharmila tells Anurag that Kajol has kept the ingredients and says don’t know when she will come. Dida asks who is she? Sharmila praises Kajol and tells that she went somewhere for some work. Dida says today’s girls are very careless. Pandit ji says he got the stuff. Priyanka thinks to lower Kajol infront of dida Maa.

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Telecast Date:10th November 2021
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