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Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th October 2021 Written Episode starts with Mama ji asking Thapki to sit there, while he gets the registration done. Purab calls Hansika and asking her to give audition. Hansika says she will not come like other girls and will not give audition. Purab says what matters is that Mom hears your voice, and her wait will over on you. He says it is your wish.

Hansika’s mom asks her to refuse, as she will become the part of crowd. Her father says if you refuse, then you will never get a chance to work. He says every singers had given audition someday. Her mother tells that my daughter will not give. Her father asks her to get ready and says he will drop her to veena records. Her mother accuses her husband for ruining her dad’s business and his own business too.

Hansika tells her Papa that she will pass the audition, being talented. Thapki thinks there is a big line and many artiste standing, it will take time for my number. She calls Anchun, and tells that she will get late and Mama ji too, so make Maa have food. Hansika tells Purab that Papa and I will enter the building, but will not wait in the queue. Purab says I will come to take you. He asks his employee to get VIP pass from the registration counter. Hansika says Purab is coming down.

Her father says you will get selected today. Hansika goes, while he tries to keep his hand on her head, but ends up keeping his hand on Thapki’s head, blessing her. Thapki says you have blessed me thinking me to be your daughter. He says neither someone can give your destiny nor can snatch it from you. He says all the best. Thapki says thank you and touches his feet. He gets touched with her gesture, as she walks inside. Purab gets VIP pass from his employee.

Thapki sees water on the floor, she sees some staff members taking big metal boxes from there. She cleans the water with her dupatta. Purab sees her cleaning the floor with her dupatta and smiles, but doesn’t see her face. Purab and Thapki hold the metal boxes to help the staff. He then sees Thapki and says you are here. He asks did you take anyone’s name and came here. Thapki stammers.

He says you have forgotten the way. Thapki says my registration is going on outside. He asks her to go out and not to waste his time. He stumbles and falls, Thapki holds him and they fall. He says I don’t have time for this, and finds his watch missing. He picks his watch from the floor and says now you will make a receipt and give me. He asks her not to look at him. thapki says you are going out. Purab asks her to go. Thapki goes. Purab gives audition VIP pass to Hansika. Hansika says she is nervous and will give drink cold water. He says he will send warm water to gargle her throat for good voice.

Thapki gargles and looks at Veena Devi’s pic. Hansika is sitting in the office and drops the VIP pass. Someone kicks the pass and it goes to Thapki. Thapki picks it and looks here and there. Veena Devi is sitting to hear the audition. She asks Singer to stop and asks someone to send other singer after 2 mins. The staff member sees VIP pass in Thapki’s hand and asks her to go inside. Thapki tries to say.

Tai ji comes to see whom Veena has called for the audition. Tai ji’s daughter in law comes there and changes her dress. She then finds someone else wearing the same dress. She thinks to change. Tai ji asks a girl to sing and asks if her name is Pooja.

Purab stops thapki from entering in the audition room, and asks her to leave. He says first you did CD drama and now you are taking someone else’s place. Thapki says she is an artiste. Purab asks her to leave else he will call the guard. He snatches VIP pass from her hand and checks the time. Hansika comes there. Purab says Mom doesn’t like to wait, asks her to come. Thapki feels bad and comes out. Mama ji makes her wear the pass and tells that this is your last day of your struggle.

Thapki takes out the bangle from her purse, recalling Purab’s words. She comes to the reception and asks her to give this to Veena Devi ji. The receptionist checks it. Thapki says it is very necessary, please give it to her. Hansika walks inside the audition room, while Thapki goes out. Purab asks Hansika to take a breath, and says this is your last chance. Hansika sings. They think Veena Devi is sitting. Purab says she must have liked the song. He comes to the chair and says I had told you that if you hear Hansika once, then you will give your place to her. They find her not there. Hansika says she didn’t hear my song again. Purab looks on.

Veena Devi asks receptionist why didn’t you stop her? The receptionist tells that she thought to give her bangle seeing it. Veena Devi asks did you ask her name or address. The receptionist says sorry. Veena devi says you are receptionist with Veena records, identify the artiste, give her respect and tea etc. She asks for lobby CCTV footage. The staff members tell that all CCTV cam are down and system is upgrading. Veena Devi says how we will search the girl now. The receptionist tells that she has wearing the pass. Veena Devi says it means she has to hear all girls’ voices and whoever has not given the audition will take my place.

Tai ji looks at her bahu and says this girl is good. The bahu says you are searching my sautan. Tai ji asks her to be silent. She says I will tell you about my plan. The staff member comes to Veena Devi and says one girl haven’t given the audition and gives the slip. Veena Devi reads her name and says my heir and my bahu Thapki.

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