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Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th December 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th December 2021 Episode starts with Thapki asking Sargam to show Rohit’s photo once and recalls Rohit’s words seeing the picture. She says this means that guy was Rohit. Sargam asks what happened? Thapki tells that her doubt was cleared and asks if she was in the same café as them.

Sargam says yes. Thapki tells her that Rohit, her boyfriend is not good at all and his thoughts are not good about you. Sargam says what happened to you and Anchun, what is your problem with Rohit. Thapki says if two people says the same thing then there must be some truth. She says I was also in the same café and heard Rohit and his friends joking about you, and says Rohit sent the small dress for you,

so that he can make fun of you. She says Rohit is not good guy and his intentions are not good. Sargam asks did you hear him taking my name? Thapki says no, he didn’t take your name, but I am sure he was talking about you. She says he is not right for you, I know this is difficult for you, but please. I am your bhabhi and will never think wrong for you.

She asks her to forget him and meet the guy who is selected by Maa ji. Sargam says ok. Hansika thinks everyone agrees to this stammering girl and thinks Sargam is foolish. Thapki hugs Sargam. Sargam is in dilemma.

Vinod asks Veena Devi when the groom’s parents are coming. Veena says 7 pm. Veena thinks atleast she can get one child’s marriage with her wish. Anchun comes there and talks to Sargam. Sargam doesn’t want to talk to him. Veena comes to Anchun and Sargam. Sargam says we just fight. Veena devi asks her to get ready and says her roka might happen today. Anchun congrats Veena Devi. Veena Devi says she don’t want his congratulations and asks him to go.

Thapki is in the office and sees marriage compatibility quiz. She reads the questions. Purab comes there and asks her to take last week ratings from CEO of FM, fix his meeting with marketing team and talk to house keeping about AC, which is not working. Thapki asks which work to do first. Purab says all three. Thapki takes the mobiles and also laptop. He holds the phone as it falls from her hand. He says he will do the work and asks her to talk to housekeeping dept. Thapki thinks he helps too.

Purab asks what is in her hand? Thapki refuses to show the paper and says she will eat it. He says rivals company people do this and asks her to show. She is about to show. He says leave it, I trust you and knows that you will not hide anything from me. Thapki smiles and thinks he trusts her as well. Purab asks her to go and says we have meeting in the evening and then Sargam’s roka too. He asks her to go. Thapki goes.

Purab tells Veena Devi that Thapki can handle today’s function. Veena Devi refuses to let her handle. Purab says Thapki can handle well and want Sargam’s betterment. Dadi asks her to agree. Veena says ok and says if anything goes wrong then I will hold you and this girl responsible. Dadi asks Thapki not to feel bad, and says Veena will thank you. Thapki thinks he protects me as well. He gets a call and tells that he will finish a small meeting and come.

A guy comes and rings the bell. Thapki asks who is he? The guy says Rohit has sent a gift for Sargam. Thapki opens it and sees. She is shocked to see bikini and thinks this is not right. She calls Anchun and asks if he knows Rohit. Anchun says he is a bad guy and don’t respect Sargam. Thapki asks for his address. Anchun says he stays in the hotel all day. Thapki says she will come there.

Thapki comes there and hears Rohit talking to his friends about Sargam and laughing. Thapki throws the dress at him and asks how dare he to send this to Sargam. Rohit says it is good. His friend thinks if she will fit in or out. Rohit says she will look best in it. Thapki stammers and asks how dare you to send this to her. He says you stammer and speak, so I will ask you to be quiet, will you.

He says I am motivating Sargam to become lean and that buffalo will become best. Thapki slaps him. He asks how dare you to slap me and is about to slap her. Anchun holds his hand and says I will resign happily after smashing your face. Thapki says I was doubtful on you, you don’t respect woman and want to have relation with her. She says Sargam will not meet you after today, forget her. Hansika starts recording.

Rohit sees her and starts acting, that he loves Sargam a lot and will do anything for her. He bends down on his knees and asks what to do to convince you. Thapki says I know such guys and says don’t take her name, message or call her. She says I will send you to jail if you don’t mend your ways. She goes with Anchun. Rohit gets up. Hansika comes there and sits on the chair. She smirks. Rohit says I sent that gift on your insistence and then this has happened. He says if anything wrong will happen.

Hansika says no chance. He says Sargam is the gold laying hen for me and says nothing wrong shall happen. Hansika asks him to trust her. He asks for his payment and then dress. Hansika asks him to check and says 1 lakh is deposited in your account. She says you will become rich soon and asks him to send the video to his hen in half an hour. Sargam sees the video sent by Rohit and gets shocked.

Hansika comes there and says he is pleading for his love and Thapki scolded him ruthlessly. Sargam feels bad. Hansika says I had told you, but you didn’t listen to me. Sargam says she is ruining my life and acts innocent. Hansika says I heard that Minister’s son will do roka today with you and says you will not get help from Thapki and I can’t help you even if I want, as I am outsider. Sargam says Purab Bhai will convince Mom to meet Rohit.

Thapki thinks Sargam will not think about Rohit. Hansika says thapki might have told everything to Purab and he is already in her team. Sargam says I love Rohit and will marry him, and not Minister’s son. Hansika smiles. Thapki comes there and says she wants to talk to her. Sargam says everything will happen as you said. Thapki says I am proud of you, your roka will happen today. Sargam says whatever happens, is for my betterment. Thapki asks her to get ready. Hansika comes out from hideout and signs Sargam.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Thapki thinks to talk to Purab. Vinod says groom’s parents can come at anytime. Hansika tells sargam that she has two options, one is to marry Minister’s son and other is to marry Rohit and live her wishful life. She helps her elope. Sargam runs from home. Thapki comes to the room calling her.

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Telecast Date:9th December 2021
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