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Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th November 2021  Episode starts with Purab telling Veena Devi that he has decided to give a chance to his marriage. Veena Devi asks him to tell this, looking in her eyes. She says I ignored you once in childhood and you wanted to rebel from me, and wanted to fulfill the unwanted related to lower me.

He says everything is not about me, even I have my thoughts and says I am not talking about your heir, but my wife. Veena Devi says I will not accept her as my bahu.

Purab says it is your problem, you have chosen her for me, now deal with it, Thapki will not leave from here. Veena Devi says this can’t happen. Purab says this is happening, and says if anyone has problem then tell clearly.

Vinod comes there and says I don’t have any problem. Dadi says even I don’t have any problem. Sapna and Priyanka says even we don’t have any problem. Veena Devi says everyone got against me and that outsider girl became dear to everyone. She says she will never accept her, though she can sacrifice singing. She says if she comes near me or her reflection falls on me, I will do destruction. Everyone looks on.

Purab comes to his room and recalls Thapki’s mother’s words, asking him to help Thapki stand on her feet. He then hears Thapki crying as the voice comes from the bathroom. He comes there and asks Thapki who is crying inside. Thapki says I don’t know, it is your washroom and you know. He says you are inside, whoever is there, tell that person to use tap water rather than filing the buckets with tears.

Thapki comes out of the bathroom and asks first you brought me here, and then this bad joke, why are you playing with my feelings. He says my life and my wish. She asks why are you doing this and holds his hand. He asks her not to waste his time. She says you want to trouble me, and asks why he wants to punish her daily.

She says if you feel peace seeing me hurt, and says she hates me about whom I wanted to become and asks do you want me to face her hatred daily. Purab says it is your mistake, that you makes one person as your everything, he says we all have weakness and flaws, but we hide from everyone and wants to show our best to the world. He says you are very innocent, not to understand this small thing.

He says the trust which have on my mom, if even 1 percent you have trusted yourself, then you wouldn’t have been here. Servant comes and says Dadi sent clothes for Thapki Madam. Purab says this is the truth, your right place is here, and asks her to make sure that respect and prestige of this house shall not be ruined. He asks her to change and goes. Thapki asks Mata Rani if she chooses this life for her, then its ok, she will not back off. She wipes her tears.

Sapna eats the laddoos and says aatma gets happy having it. Priyanka comes there and keeps bittergourd in her plate. She says Thapki is bittergourd and there is something going on between Purab and Thapki, now he has no problem with her. Sapna says we have to find out what is going on in his mind.

Purab thinks of Thapki’s words and thinks he brought her here, to fulfill the promise made to her mom. He says when you stand on your feet, our namesake relation will end. Dadi comes to Purab and asks him to come. She makes him sit in her room and says I will apply oil in your hair. He says I don’t have time. Dadi asks him to sit and says why I have the feeling that whatever you have done, don’t wanted to do. He says thapki has to return here, one day mom will like her.

Dadi says I wish that you love her and says you wanted to do science, but did commerce. He says that is his best decision, that’s how he is running a big business. Dadi says you didn’t get love before, now you will get it. She says I am sure Thapki is the girl who will fill the incompleteness in you. He thinks Thapki and I can’t be together. Later he comes to the room, and sees Thapki sitting on the floor. He says Mama called and told that Maa is brought home, so you can meet soon.

He asks her to stop sitting on the floor and behave like the bahu of this house. Thapki is still sitting on the floor and comes near her, he hits his leg on the trolley and asks if this is the place to keep the stuff. She asks him to show his leg. He opens the cupboard and asks what is this? She says this is your cupboard. He says there is no space for other cupboard in this room, so we have to share 50-50. He asks her to keep the stuff inside. Thapki opens the cupboard and finds the cupboard filled with his shoes and clothes.

She is about to take out his clothes, he asks her to adjust her clothes in the left space. She says I will sleep on the sofa. He holds his blanket and asks her to take other from the cupboard. He plays old song. She gets surprised and says you like old songs, I thought you like. He asks what new songs. She says yes, and tells that old songs are her favorite. Purab says I just like songs, it is not their mistake if they got old. He gets sleepy while listening to the songs and sleeps. Thapki also sleeps.

Later in the morning, Thapki comes to the inhouse temple and prays. She hears Veena Devi practicing singing. Dadi asks Thapki if she is doubting to become bahu of the house. She asks her to sit with her, and says what happened with you, I can just imagine, how much you have faced and bear. Thapki says yes, Dadi so much. Dadi says then also you are educated and sings well, how.

Thapki says Dadi, do you know, whenever I used to get sad, I used to think about my Guru, and I used to get strange power in me. She says when I am sad today, I am not getting that power. Dadi says if you thinks Veena as your Guru, then prove that you deserve to be the heir and her bahu. She says Veena is strict, but if you win her heart, then she will make you sit on her eyebrows. Thapki says she will do everything nicely. Dadi asks Thapki to brighten Veena’s heart also. Sapna and Priyanka hear her. Dadi asks Thapki to make tea, and give tea to Veena after she ends her riyaaz. Priyanka and Sapna smiles.

Thapki is standing out holding the tea cup. Priyanka and Sapna come there. Priyanka asks her to go slowly and keep the tea inside. Thapki is about to go inside. Priyanka and Sapna hide. Sapna says Thapki doesn’t know that Veena has her ears open and catches even a small sound. She says tamasha will happen now. Thapki is about to open the door, while Veena is singing.

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