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Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th October 2021 Episode starts with Mama ji telling Thapki that he had said that she sings well, but couldn’t sing infront of people, have less confidence, but full talent. Arjun says when did you say this? Doctor said this. Mama ji says he called the doctor, and tells that he will make her hear her song now. He gives her song recording. Arjun says make its CD and make them hear at Veena records.

She says I didn’t think of this and says once Veena di trains me, I will become big and good singer. Someone looks at them. Arjun asks him to get ready, as they will go to his friend who will make the CD of the song and will return to her. Arjun’s sister looks at them from far. They come to the hotel. Purab is also there with Hansika. Arjun asks his friend to make CD. Hansika tells Purab that if she gets admission letter from London school of music then she will go there.

Purab asks what about me? Hansika says we are just friends. Purab says what about the country loss, if a good singer leave India. Arjun’s friend tells that he will be back and asks them to have coffee. Purab tells Hansika that Mom asked her not to sing her bhajan, but didn’t refrain her from singing. Arjun asks Thapki to get coffee while he reserves the table. Purab also stands in the queue as her hair falls on his face. Thapki’s turn comes. She is about to orders and stammers.

Purab asks the guy to take his order, before the hot coffee gets cold. He orders whatever he needed. Thapki turns to look at him. She then gives her order. The guy asks what did he ask? Thapki asks him to give black coffee to him and says some people makes the easy work as difficult and think it as their achievement. Purab comes back to Hansika and finds her missing. He calls her. Thapki comes near him looking for Arjun. Veena hears the songs and says next. Ustad tells that the girls are good singers and suitable for being her bahu. She says if the voice can’t touch my heart, then why to see his face.

Thapki gets ready with the CD in her hand and pray. Mama ji asks her to come as they are getting late. He sees his daughter standing infront of them, asking her to wash the utensils. Thapki says we have washed it. The girl says who will wash the kadai. Thapki says my Maa is washing and tries to go. The girl calls Sudha. Sudha asks if she is going to Veena records to give the CD.

Veena tells Ustad ji that she will hear the other recordings later and asks him to go. Didi comes there and tells that her relative came, and want to take pics with her. Veena says she will come later. Didi thinks if she is elder or she? Her daughter in law takes her video and says you will be famous and people will run after you.

She says then you can curse your Dewrani. Didi says we shall make snacks for the relatives. She asks her to become number 1 bahu or want to run behind your dewrani like me. The daughter in law says no. Mama ji tells that they wanted to surprise her. Sudha taunts for letting them stay. Mama ji says let her go. Sudha asks her to show the CD. Mama ji and her mother nods her no. Thapki says no use, we don’t have CD player, and then I will make you hear. Sudha takes the CD and says I know to play it well.

She forcibly takes CD from her bag and breaks it into pieces with the stone. Mama ji asks if she has gone mad? Sudha says this mother-daughter duo are making us mad since years. Thapki gets teary eyes. Mama ji picks the broken pieces of the CD. Thapki says CD is broken. Sudha says your CD is broken and your destiny went far from you. She says what do you think that Veena Devi is waiting to hear your song and says atleast the rickshaw money is saved.

She asks if you will complain about me, but whom? With your father, who is enjoying with someone else. Her father is shown with Hansika. Hansika says London school of music rejected my application. Purab comes there and says you are needed here, and asks her to move on in life, and don’t be sad. Hansika says you think that I will agree, if you come and try to convince me. Driver comes there and gives her electric guitar.

Hansika asks is it for me? Purab asks her to be sure and practice singing. He sees Hansika’s mother coming there and says I will leave. Hansika’s mother tells that Veena Devi’s arrogance is increasing and that she insulted my daughter. Purab says I am sorry on her behalf and says she said right, even her anger is justified, even teacher scolds the student. He asks Hansika to keep practicing and leaves.

Mamaji apologizes to Thapki. Thapki says it is not your mistake, Mami ji is smart. Arjun says I am more smart and says I made its copy already. They get happy. Sudha asks her daughter Preeto to come to the market. Arjun says I am hungry. Sudha asks him to have aloo paratha, and asks Thapki and her mother to have dalya. Mama ji says no need to have dalya, go to temple and have prasad crying there. Preeti asks her not to stammer more, as other bhakts needs mata rani’s time too. They leave.

Veena comes to meet her Didi’s guests. Veena’s husband comes there. A guest asks Veena to sing a song for her song, as he celebrates 7th birthday. Veena gets surprised and message Rekha that she will charge 5 lakhs to sing happy birthday song.

Thapki comes to the recording studio, and the watchman stops her, says time is up. Thapki sees many singers standing in queue and argues with watchman to let her go. He says you are stammering so how will you sing. Didi asks what is this Veena? Veena says I sent bill to you, as I don’t know your relatives’ number. She says send me the money and I will sing song. Her husband Vinod asks Veena how is she talking to the guests? Veena says joke and says your understanding is getting less with your hair.

They can’t give this much money. Purab comes there and says I need to talk to you. He asks what was the need to do this with the guests who have come to meet you and why did you talk to Dad like that? Veena says they are still here, as they are your Tai ji’s relatives else they would have been kicked out. Purab says what is the meaning of showing arrogance on your own family?

She asks didn’t I do anything for you. Purab says you sent me to hostel. She says I sent you so that you can study well and handle my company. He says no, you sent me so that you don’t need to attend parents-teachers meeting and to more shows. She asks if you are taking revenge from me. He says you know that Hansika has talent and you rejected her as she sang your song. He says many singers come to our studio and wait with CD in their hands and hope in their eyes. She asks him to go and search the real talent, come to the office at 3 pm.

Thapki is still waiting outside and asks watchman to let her go inside. He asks her to go. Thapki says I will take risk of hearing their taunts and asks him to hear. He doesn’t listen to her. Purab comes in his car and is on call. She sees him and tries to tell watchman, but he doesn’t listen so she opens the gate for Purab. Purab looks at her and tells Hansika that watchman takes 30 seconds to open the gate. Watchman sees his car coming inside and gets grateful to Thapki for opening the gate. Thapki says you was busy in mobile so I have opened the gate. She says she will come tomorrow. watchman asks her to go inside and try her luck.

Veena Devi’s car gets stuck in traffic. A lady selling the flowers knock on the window. Veena opens the window and gives her money, saying she is giving as she is working. She asks her to give flowers to someone else. The lady tells Veena that she is good at heart too and says she will pray for her. She stammers while saying this. Veena asks the driver to drive, as she will put black sight on my voice. She thinks she has hatred for the stammering people. Thapki enters the studio gate.

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Telecast Date:5th October 2021
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