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Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th January 2022 Episode starts with everyone seeing sindoor on Jaya’s forehead. Sapna says we were told that Thapki’s Papa is not there, and asks if she got remarried at this age. Priyanka says this will be breaking news in the city, Veena Devi’s samdhan got young and got married.

Sapna says Thapki’s Papa might have returned. Hansika smirks. Sapna asks Jaya to say something. Sudha insults Jaya and asks where is her lover, who gave her a daughter before marriage and now sindoor. Thapki asks her to stop it and tells that her identity is due to her mother, and that is enough.

Hansika signs Sapna. Sapna says we want to know as you are our family’s bahu. Veena Devi says this is the matter of Singhania family’s prestige and asks her to tell who is that guy? Purab says only I will speak now. He asks Jaya to give answer to all the questions today. Mukul comes there and hears Purab asking her to say.

Sapna says now Jamai also asked, and asks her to say. Purab says I had said that only I will ask her. He asks Jaya to tell the name of that person, due to whom, there were so many problems in Thapki’s life. Jaya cries and looks at Thapki. Hansika thinks her plan is ruining and asks Purab not to force her.

Purab says I had said that only I will say, and tells Jaya that person shall take responsibility for his doings. He says it is enough, you both will not be humiliated for others’ mistake, now it is the turn of that person, until when you will save that coward and until when Thapki and you will be taunted. He says I want to know that coward man’s name, due to whom Thapki had to hear taunts since childhood.

Mukul says I am that person, I was unaware that Jaya was pregnant and have not left my daughter. He says he didn’t know that I have any daughter. Purab thinks sorry Maa, I have to do this, to get justice for you. Mukul says Thapki is my daughter and Jaya is my wife, this is truth. He says I am that unfortunate person, who couldn’t give the name to them. He says he really don’t know that Jaya was pregnant else…

Purab asks what, you haven’t left her. He asks do you realize that you have betrayed the woman, who had given her everything to you. He says mistake is not of you both, but of that person who ran away from his responsibility. He tells Thapki that from today, nobody will call you illegitimate. Sudha says nobody will call her and asks why nobody is asking them, why they didn’t tell us about knowing about him.

Sapna says Hansika and Thapki are half sisters. Veena says now I understood why you was favoring Thapki that day, and calls him shameful. She says you all have made my house dirty. Purab says nobody has made the house dirty. Veena asks him to be silent and tells that she is tired of Thapki’s dramas. Jaya folds her hands and asks Mukul to go from there. She goes to her room. Thapki runs behind her. Jaya locks the door and cries.

Thapki asks her to open the door once and says I want to talk to you. Jaya asks her to go from there and says I want to be alone for sometime. Thapki cries sitting outside. Purab comes there and asks Thapki to give sometime to her, and says she needs it. Sagar comes to Preeti and returns her pink handkerchief.

He tells that he is with her, if she needs anything. Preeti says you are good, but your wife. He says I am alone. Preeti says I am there for you. Priyanka comes there and sees Sagar and Preeti smiling at each other. Priyanka comes there and asks what are you doing with her. Sagar tells that he was asking her to go. Sagar tells Priyanka that his friends are jealous of his wife’s beauty. Priyanka gets happy.

Purab comes to Thapki and tells that the tag will be moved from you and Maa. Thapki asks did you know about it? Purab says yes, I have heard you. Thapki says I know your intention was good, but you shouldn’t have done it. Purab says everyone was questioning maa, what I would have done. Thapki says if he had to accept Maa, then he wouldn’t have left her at first place.

She says she was illegitimate before and now too. He asks her to give sometime so that people’s perception is changed. Thapki says I don’t want to change anything, we don’t want him (Mukul). She says we don’t want to set anyone’s home, snatching someone husband and father. She says we are habitual to hear people taunts. Purab says wrong habit shall be changed, it is Mukul uncle’s turn now. She says she can’t bear if anyone says anything to my mother, I don’t want to take revenge or punish that guy. She goes.

Thapki comes to Jaya holding the food plate and says you used to say that when daughters grow up, they become their mother’s reflections and asks if I can make you have food. Jaya cries. Thapki says whatever happened, my husband is responsible.

Jaya says I am responsible for whatever happened, this was my life’s truth which came out infront of everyone. She says I am worried about you as whatever Veena ji and Sapna ji said about you. Thapki says whatever they said was in anger, as they were also shocked. Jaya asks if she is hiding something from her.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Thapki searches Jaya and collides with Purab. She blames him for the happenings. He says he will make everything fine. Thapki asks him not to do anything now.

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Telecast Date:5th January 2022
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