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Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd November 2021 Episode starts with Ashok asking Purab if Veena Devi ji makes food in the house, and says I mean she is a busy personality and asks if she gets time. Purab recalls Veena Devi making food for him and giving him news that she found her heir and bahu. He thinks whenever she cooks, she makes it for her own motives. Thapki’s mother offers food for Purab and signs Thapki.

Thapki says she wants to say that she is also like your mother and asking you to have food. Purab eats food with her hand. Preeti asks Sudha to feed her with her hand. Sudha pats on her face. Two goons come there and says you have taken money from us and having food here. Sudha and Ashok gets up. Sudha asks them to leave and says you have booked Mata ki chowki and then cancelled it, you will not get your money back.

Ashok says let me talk, and tells that it is your mistake. The goon tells that they want their money back in cash. Purab gets up and goes to goons. He asks them to leave in 1 min, and Commissioner is my friend, shall I call. He says you will not get the advance back, and asks if they want to jail. They leave. Anchun appreciates Purab for making the goons leave. Ashok apologizes to Purab. Purab says we get to meet such goons, its ok. I understand. Ashok thanks him. Thapki smiles.

Veena Devi waits for Purab. Purab tries to open the tap, Thapki opens it and thanks him for fulfilling duty of a son and son in law. She offers him towel. He is about to go. She stumbles and falls on him. He holds her. They have an eye lock.Thapki’s mother comes there and makes sound. Purab and Thapki get shy.

Purab gets a call and goes. Her mother takes her to room and writes, you call him garam patila, but he is good at heart and asks her not to leave him, and promise her that she will fulfill the marriage. Veena Devi asks Purab why you are not picking the call. She asks did you tell her the truth? Purab says I didn’t get the time, she is with her family. Veena Devi says her family is also betrayal like her.

Thapki promises her mother that she will not leave Purab. She comes to him. Purab says why are you smiling, if you are working in toothpaste ad. She says she has 32 pearls, and laughs. She says actually I want to talk to you something. He asks her to say. Just then light goes off. Sudha says electricity dept takes full bill and gives half light. She calls Preeti and asks her to get candles.

Thapki tells Purab that she will bring candles. He asks her to show her 32 pearls. She says good joke and goes. He thinks what happened to her, that she is smiling. She brings the candles. He sees the wax about to fall on her hand and takes the candles in his hand. He asks what do you do? You are hurting yourself. He says lets go to room and talk. Don’t take me wrong. Sudha looks at them.

Sapna tells Priyanka that Purab haven’t come till now. She asks Priyanka to call Sudha. Purab tells Sudha that damad ji is thinking this house as his own. She says one suhaagraat was less, that he went again to the room. Priyanka calls Sudha. Sudha asks why did you call me? Priyanka says we are now relatives. She asks if Purab and Thapki are getting welcomed there. Sudha says they are locked in the room from much time.

Priyanka ends the call. Sapna asks Priyanka if she made Sudha and Preeti behind her, when Thapki was about to become her bahu. Priyanka asks her to leave that and says Thapki and Purab are in the locked room and might have started their family planning. Sapna is shocked.

Thapki talks to Mata Rani and says she got confusing husband, sometimes he is good and sometimes bad. She says I named him garam patila wrongly, and says I shall talk to him and fulfill the promise given to Maa. She says I will talk to him, please support me. Purab thinks this namesake relation will not go for long. He thinks he is not worried for Thapki, but worried for his family specially for her mom, she is good. He asks Purab, if I can say. Thapki insists to talk to him first.

He asks her to say. Thapki says thank you. Purab asks why? Thapki says you saved my family from goons, and gave them so much respect, and a big thank you, as you thought my mother as yours. He asks her to sit and says Thapki, I have much respect for your mother, she has raised you alone, and this is not an ordinary thing. She is mother India. Thapki says let me speak and says my mother’s dream is my marriage. He says I want to talk about marriage. He says I didn’t like you.

She says you called me fraud, selfish etc. He says whatever happened was a misunderstanding, it doesn’t matter. He says truth is that we are two different people, I do 10 mins in 5 mins, and you takes 5 mins to tell what you wanted to say. He says I am sorry, I am not laughing at your problem, but this is reality. He says we are opposites and our marriage. He stops. Thapki asks him to say. Purab tries to say. Thapki says we will pat on each other and will say together. Thapki says I want to fulfill this marriage, while Purab says I can’t fulfill this marriage. Thapki is shocked.

Ashok tells his sister that she got a son and not son in law. Thapki’s mother tries to speak. Ashok says since that guy left you, he took away your voice, and says very soon you will get your voice back. He asks her to keep two more blankets in Thapki and Purab’s room. Purab says I don’t accept this marriage, this marriage is fake. I didn’t come here for pagphera, but to leave you here forever.

Thapki asks how can you break this marriage, and says Pandit ji said that our marriage. Purab says Pandit ji says this to everyone. Thapki says you can try atleast. He says we will not be happy together. She says we can try to keep each other happy. He says ok, I don’t want to talk to you, infact Mom don’t want you to return in that house. Thapki says you can say whatever you want to, but don’t drag Maa ji in this,

she has accepted me infront of everyone. Purab says she didn’t know that you stammers, and says if she had known the truth, then she wouldn’t have made you heir and bahu. She says she sent me to drop you. Thapki says why muh dikhayi happened, and says Maa ji fed laddoo in my mouth. He says she didn’t make you eat, but forcefeed into your mouth. She says you are saying anything, and says you are liar. Thapki’s mother comes out the room holding the blankets.

Purab says I am telling for last and final time, there is no place for you in my house and heart. She asks him to stop and asks him to take all the gifts which they have given. She says from where I don’t get any respect, I have no interest to take jewellery from there. She handovers bangles in his hand. Thapki’s mother is shocked.

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