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Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th November 2021 Episode starts with Veena Devi telling Thapki that she is very clever and says I thought you are new player, but you are sharp player. She says I knew that whoever stammers is having dirt in their heart and says but I am seeing for the first time that such people are clever and changes color like squirrel.

Thapki is shocked. Veena says you haven’t told Purab about the truth for your own motive. She says what did you think that you will bring prasad for me, organize my birthday party etc and I will give you respect and make you rani in this house. She says you have kept the info against me to use at the right time, so that you can attract Purab and get him fully.

Thapki says your doubt is legitimate, but Purab cared for you and made you eat cake, as he loves you a lot and didn’t do this on someone provocation. She says not just 25 days has passed for our marriage, but I understood him, and says sadly you couldn’t understand your son in 25 years. Veena Devi is angry.

Thapki asks her to move the hatred from her eyes and see diamond in Purab. She says I always regarded you as my God, and wants to trust you always. She says you have chosen me for Purab and got me married to him. She says that day will come near when you have to accept me, this is not my challenge, but my strong belief on you, that’s on my God. Veena Devi gets thinking about her words. Thapki goes.

Purab tells the employees that they want songs on echoes platform, new APP. He writes on the board as the employees tell the figures. Purab says we want our shares to be atleast 47 percent here. He asks the guys to go back to work. He asks Anuj to make mail him. He tells Thapki that they can get crores of profit if they get this deal.

Thapki says surely sir. Purab tells that there are three rival companies, everything depends on this meeting. She asks when is the meeting? Purab says not confirm yet. Thapki says I have an idea, we shall go rest, and you can rest there and divert your attention. She says we will return home, when the presentation time came. They come home. Employee comes there and gives pendrive to Thapki. Thapki tells Purab that this is the presentation pendrive. He asks her to keep it safely.

Thapki keeps it in the cupboard. Hansika hears them. Thapki asks Purab to have dal and chawal. Hansika says if you have rice then will feel sleepy. He asks then what to do? Hansika says we shall play TT/Table tennis. Thapki says even I was called as TT/Thapki tripathi in college. She says bad joke. Hansika asks him to come and play and asks thapki to cheer for her when she wins. He says in your dreams. Thapki comes there and sits. Hansika and Purab start playing.

Hansika says I used to defeat him in the college too. Purab wins next. Hansika says you have got better. She then asks Thapki to play with Purab and says I need a break. She thinks I shall play my real game and goes. Thapki tries to play with Purab. He asks her to focus and teaches her. Thapki couldn’t play. He says leave it, it is not fun to play without competition. Hansika comes back and asks if he was missing her.

He asks her to play. He gets a message and asks Thapki to get the pendrive as they have to leave for meeting immediately. Thapki comes to the room and finds the pendrive missing. She comes back to Purab and tells that the pendrive is missing from the drawer. He says what do you mean, that you didn’t get. He asks what are you saying? Hansika recalls stealing it, puts in his jeans and keeps it in the washing machine.

Purab shouts at Thapki. Thapki says I have written everything in my notepad. Purab asks if I will give this big presentation reading from your notepad and calls himself foolish to give her big responsibility. Hansika goes behind Purab and says if you go angrily then the meeting will be bad. She asks him to postpone the meeting. Purab says my competitors will get the deal and goes. Veena Devi hears her and says I know that you might have done something and says you are inauspicious.

Hansika asks her to give the credit to official bahu Thapki and says she is useless. Veena Devi says quiet, I didn’t ask for your opinion and knows how you are keeping gun on her shoulder and firing. Hansika says you have become smart and says it was my work and asks what will you do. She says my turn will come and that time I will not back off. She goes. Veena Devi says I will end this game before your turn comes.

The employee tells Purab that he has transferred the file from Computer to pendrive and then deleted it. Purab scolds him for not getting the back up. Other employee comes there and says they have reached for the meeting. Purab goes to the meeting. Thapki comes to the office. The client asks him to tell the exact figures.

Purab tells that their songs ranking is good on overall APP and can earn good profit in prime time slot. The client asks about the profit and says numbers do matters. Thapki is standing outside and asks Purab to write on the board. She writes big on the paper. Purab sees the figures and writes on the board.

Thapki writes App Revenue and Profit margin. She helps him with all the figures. Purab says so figures are infront of you and profit will be in your pocket. He says platform is yours, but talent is ours. He says we shall fix this deal for 60 and 40 percentage. He says 60 ours and 40 yours. The client appreciates him for knowing the figures exactly and says you have done good research. Purab smiles looking at Thapki.

He comes home happily and tells Dadi that lakhs and crores of people will hear Mom’s songs. Dadi asks if Thapki didn’t help you. Purab says she helped. Dadi says she came home angrily and asked if he scolded her without any reason. Purab asks if she complained about me.

Dadi says I have experienced and haven’t whitened this hair in sun. He asks what to do. Dadi asks him to cheer her up. Hansika hears them and gets upset. He thinks Thapki asked him to have food and says he can convince her using food. Dadi suggests them to go to a hotel for candle light dinner and then apologize to her.

Purab says I will go and talk to her. Hansika thinks she shall do her work. She collides with Purab and asks if his presentation was successful and says my game plan worked as stress buster. He says yes. Hansika is about to hug him. He stops her and says we are just friends. She asks if friends don’t hug. Purab says they do, but now I am married and shall maintain distance.

Hansika thinks I will get closer to you and tells that she wanted to take him and Thapki to dinner. He says he has other plan. Hansika emotionally blackmails him and says we shall go. He says 7 pm. Hansika says ok. Purab says till then I will convince her. He comes to the room and then comes to the bathroom. He sees Thapki taking out the clothes from the washing machine and asks if she needs help. She says I can do work. He says I am talking to you and you are not hearing me. The pendrive falls down from his jeans. Purab picks it and is shocked.

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