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Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th December 2021 Episode starts with Guru ji giving a pot to Hansika, and asks her to use the three tatva in the pot and make music. Priyanka asks if this old man is mad. Sapna says if Guru ji doesn’t give his blessings to Hansika, then Veena will feel insulted. Thapki asks Servant to take the breakfast outside, and thinks if Guru ji don’t like Hansika’s singing then Maa ji will feel bad.

She thinks what to do? Guru ji says I will have breakfast after hearing the song. Thapki messages Hansika to connect her video phone to the speaker etc. Hansika asks can I sit in the temple and sing, so that I can sing well.

Guru ji says surely. Hansika is sitting in the temple and pretends to sing. Thapki sings in the kitchen. Purab notices Hansika and sees Thapki’s pic on Hansika’s mobile. He goes to the kitchen. Veena and Guru ji enjoy the song and open their eyes. Thapki stops singing and opens her eyes, she sees Purab standing.

Veena Devi, Guru ji and others come to the temple. Hansika gets up. Guru ji says Veena said right, you have Saraswati’s voice. Priyanka whispers how did she sing so well, when she has a black heart. Guru ji appreciates Veena’s choice and tells that whatever happened with you, I was worried, but now I am relieved that your heir will lighten your career. Guru ji leaves. Purab brings Thapki out. Veena blesses Hansika. Purab asks her to stop and tells that he brought Thapki to say the truth.

He says he was waiting for Guru ji to go, and tells that the song which you all have heard, was actually sung by Thapki and not Hansika. Veena Devi is shocked. She says you want to say that Thapki was singing from kitchen. He says no Mom, I was telling about the music which Thapki played on the pot. He says Hansika sung the music, but Thapki gave the music. He asks Thapki if this has happened? Thapki nods her head.

Hansika apologizes and tells that I was helpless. Veena Devi asks what is Thapki’s helplessness, she wants to get caught to take credit. Thapki says I wanted to make you happy. Veena goes. Vinod blesses Thapki. Thapki says I will start the party arrangements. Hansika thinks nobody came to know that actually Thapki was singing the song. Preeti wears the earrings given by Sagar.

Ashok knocks on the door asking Preeti to open the door. Preeti takes off earring of one ear and forgets to take out another. Jaya asks her about her earrings. Preeti says it is cheap. Ashok tells that they have seen an alliance for Preeti and the guy earns 1 lakhs rs. Sudha refuses to get her married to that guy.

Thapki makes arrangements for the party. Purab asks the men to bring something carefully and keep it. Thapki says not there, there will be DJ system, food buffet etc. She asks them to keep the thing in the gifts corner, and asks Purab for whom, is this gift? Purab says I will not talk to you, until you give me special gift. She asks what do you want? He says what is given by heart and what seems to be good to heart.

Thapki thinks what could be the gift and tells that even she wants special gift from him. He says you are not in a position to bargain, but tell what do you want? Thapki says I want something, seeing which I get tears in my eyes and smile on my face. He asks what is this gift and asks her to give the gift. Thapki goes. Purab gets a call that Jaya’s reports are ready asking him to pick it and asks if she shall fix the appointment. Purab thinks reports for what?

Preeti thinks to elope. Sudha asks did you trap any rich guy? Preeti thinks the guy is married and says nobody. Sudha asks her not to elope. Preeti elopes from the window. Sargam meets Anchun in the restaurant and tells that Thapki got a chance to organize Diwali party. Anchun hopes Veena ji gets acceptance.

Sargam asks him not to take tension. He teases her and offers to give her coffee treat. Sargam says ok. Sudha collides with Jaya and scolds her. She asks who asked you to get my daughter’s alliance with a poor guy and asks her to go, says she don’t want to see her face. Purab comes there and holds Jaya, as she falls. He asks what are you doing? Sudha says it is our daily’s matter, and asks him not to interfere.

Purab asks Jaya what did she say? Jaya says Bhabhi is worried as groom’s family is coming to see Preeti. He asks did you tell Thapki? She says she will tell once the marriage is fixed. She says she will make tea for him. Purab asks if she is fine? Jaya says I am fine. He says he got the call from hospital and shows reports online.

Jaya says it was normal check up, and asks him to sit. He says we will go now. She says she has a lot of work to be done. Purab takes off his jacket and wears apron to help Jaya. Jaya says you can’t do the work. He asks if a son can’t help his mother. Jaya thinks Thapki is very lucky.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Thapki and Purab dance in the party. Veena Devi and Dadi look on.

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Telecast Date:30th December 2021
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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