Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd January 2022 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 2nd January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki coming to her room with her room and finding a big nail in her sandal. She takes out it and wipes the blood from her foot. She keeps the gift in the bag and thinks I will give it to you, when the clock strikes 12.

Hansika looks at her and thinks Purab will be mine at 12. I have thought of special arrangements for him. Sagar comes to Preeti and complains to her about Priyanka. He says she is not Biwi no. 1, but shakki no 1, and that’s why I acted not to identify her. He says she checks my messages and don’t let me go out. Priyanka asks waiter about him and is coming there. Preeti tells Sagar that he is not alone, but I am with you as a friend.

Sagar says you are more than a friend. Preeti smiles. Priyanka comes there. They hide. Dadi tells Thapki that she heard that 22 varieties of icecreams will be served at midnight, but she can’t get it. Thapki says I will get it and goes. Hansika thinks it has been easy for her plan.

Jaya tells Mukul that Thapki has suffered a lot and asks if everything will be fine, people call her illegitimate, even the family members. She recalls Sudha taunting her. Mukul says I have done wrong with Thapki, you don’t know about it. Jaya asks do you know her? Mukul says I came to know few days back, and have done bad with her.

He says today my pain has increased a lot, that there is no reason to live. Jaya holds his hand and says we don’t want your life, just want one thing. Mukul says whatever you want. Jaya takes sindoor from the room’s temple and asks him to do a favor on her, and asks him to fill her maang infront of Mata Rani.

He takes sindoor in his hand and fills her hairline with it. Jaya smiles and gets emotional. Hansika comes to the freezer and thinks to send Servant from there. She asks him to go and have food, as when the clock strike 12, everyone will shout for icecream and he can’t eat food. Servant goes. Hansika smirks.

Thapki comes there and thinks where did the Servants go? She tries to get the icecream, but falls down inside the freezer and it gets closed. Thapki shouts for help. Hansika thinks how was my trap, half sister. She recalls spilling oil on the stairs so that Thapki falls down inside. She wipes the stair and thinks everyone will think that Thapki came to get the icecream and fell down mistakenly. She thinks to switch off the freezer so that she don’t feel much cold. She switches off the freezer and says just 15 mins remaining for the new year. She will enjoy with Purab.

Priyanka goes live on social site and tells that she has 22 flavor icecream today for the new year. She finds the freezer switch off and switches it on. Thapki shouts for help, Priyanka comes near the freezer. Sagar calls her. Priyanka says she is coming. Thapki tries to climb to open the roof, but fails. Priyanka thinks if someone shouted and goes.

Anjali asks Hansika about Mukul. Hansika says he is your problem, I am going to enjoy with Purab. Purab tells that he is searching Thapki and says don’t know where is she? Hansika says she must be in the room. She says you didn’t ask me how am I? She asks him to give performance with her at 12. Purab looks on. Thapki shouts for help and calls out Purab. Purab is in the party.

Hansika says I have a request, will you wish you like last year, and will you hug me, I will feel good. Purab says I…He tries to go and collides with Dadi. Dadi says Thapki haven’t come, she had gone to bring icecream. Hansika gets upset with Dadi. Thapki feels cold and shivers. Purab comes there and says she is not here. Thapki hears his voice and calls him. Purab calls her. Thapki recalls Purab stamping his feet to get her attraction. She stamps her feet in the freezer. Purab hears the sound.

Precap: Purab takes out Thapki from the big freezer and covers her with a cloth. He then tries to give her mouth to mouth respiration. He gets worried as she is still unconscious.


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