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Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th December 2021 Episode starts with Thapki telling Hansika that it seems someone tried to trap Purab and her. She says you had slipped and Purab held you. Hansika says may be it happened accidentally and says the floor was wet and says it happened due to the mistake of the staff member. She says my life is ruined due to all this. She says when all this will end.

She says Papa’s case, and this. Thapki asks her not to blame her papa. Hansika tells that Papa’s business is in loss, and he has big debt on him, and might have to sell the house. She thinks you will stop me now from leaving the house. Thapki says I can understand, but you shall be with your papa during the time of crisis, and asks her to be with them. Hansika says ok, and thanks her.

She takes her luggage. Thapki calls Hansika and says if you need anything then call me. Hansika says sure half sister, and thanks her. She makes an irritated face and goes out of room. She tells Thapki that she will take Veena aunty’s blessings before leaving. She touches Veena’s feet and says you used to say always that I don’t take your blessings, and says I used to respect you from outside, but not from my heart. She says the way you accepted me, I respected and love you.

She asks her to bless her that she can deal with the outside world, and says sorry. She says I won’t let your and Purab’s name be ruined outside. Veena hears her. Hansika thinks someone please stop me and thinks this chuk chuk gaadi is not stopping me.

Purab comes there and sees Hansika leaving. Veena stops her and says if you go out now, then everyone will regard her wrong, we have announced her as the face of the Veena records. Purab asks her to stay back until everything is sorted. Veena asks her to go to her room and says this house is still yours. Hansika thinks Thapki’s plan is ruined.

Later Thapki is stitching something and the needle pierces in the finger. Purab gets concerned for it and blows on it. Thapki says it is a small injury. Purab says he will call doctor to get her injection. She refuses. He says I will call doctor and pretends to call Doctor, and asks him to give TT injection to Thapki.

Thapki says I don’t want injection and asks him to keep the phone down. Purab says come doctor. Thapki snatches phone from his hand and says hello doctor, I don’t want to get injection and says hello. Purab says it is fake call dumbo. She says she is stitching his shirt. Purab says what do you think that Hansika shall go back. Thapki says I think hansika shall go to her papa, but Maa ji has much experienced than us.

Later Vinod tells Purab that everyone will welcome the new year together and gives the evening responsibility to Thapki. Thapki says ok. Sargam says I will help Bhabhi. Thapki asks can we do some charity through Maa ji’s hands. Purab says you think so much about Maa ji, I hope even she thinks good about you. Sapna tells that her bahu couldn’t draw her husband’s attention even after so many years of marriage. Sagar comes to the office and gives gift to Preeti.

Preeti says it is for me. He says he is the signing partner of his friend’s company. He gifts her jewellery for the new job. Preeti gets happy and imagines sitting in the car. She is about to fall, when Sagar holds her. Preeti says I had lost my balance. Sagar thinks you will come to me directly. Thapki asks the Servant to see the stuff and also the decorations. Purab asks do you need help? Thapki says once I finalized the guest list, I will tell you. Purab asks her to give him a juice.

She gives him the juice. The Servant comes and says I brought tomatoes, and goes to bring coriander. Purab asks what is in lunch? Thapki says matar paneer, gobi matar. He refuses and says combination shall be good with Matar. Thapki says shall I make matar with matar. He asks her to make paneer, aloo with matar. Thapki says you are so punctual, why are you wasting my time, and asks him to go.

She slips and he holds her and sits behind the kitchen cabinet. The tomatoes roll and fall down the slab. They laugh. He asks will you have tomato. She says you don’t laugh even for the bad joke. He finds ear phones, says I will not talk to you now and asks her to give a special gift on new year. Thapki smiles.

Purab asks her to make tea for her Guru ji’s Guru. Veena tells Hansika that he is her Guru, and she has learnt everything from him. She asks Guru ji to bless Hansika. Guru ji says I will bless you, but before that you have to pass the test. Thapki comes there and brings the tea. Veena Devi asks her to go and says I don’t want your bad reflection to fall on Guru ji. Guru ji brings the pot and asks her to play music on the pot and sing the song. He says this is your test. Thapki hears from far.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Purab gets doubtful as the song starts before Hansika starts. Thapki is seen sitting in the kitchen. Guru ji praises Hansika and says there is Saraswati vaas in your voice. Veena Devi blesses Hansika. Purab brings Thapki there and says the song which you all heard was actually sung by Thapki and not Hansika.

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Telecast Date:29th December 2021
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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