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Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th December 2021 Episode starts with Purab telling Thapki that she used to make him have food even when he is not hungry and says it is now your turn today. Thapki says but it is my favorite papdi and says she will eat along with him. She asks who told you that it is my favorite? Purab asks her to eat it first. She says I will not eat alone. Purab says I don’t eat this street food.

Thapki asks him to go to room and sleep, and says I will eat alone. He says he was going, but shall sit to enjoy the fresh air. She says ok you have the air, and I will have the pani puri. She punctures the pani puri, and it breaks fully. He says I will make you eat. She asks him to make her eat first, just like pani puri bhaiyya. He asks if handsome guy is looking as panipuri bhaiyya and refuses to make her eat.

She smiles. He makes her eat it. She asks him to make her eat more. He makes her eat. She makes pani puri and asks him to have it. He refuses, but have it. Thapki says when you don’t know acting then why do you do it? He says no, feels hot and goes to switch on the fan. He switches on the fan and the balloons fall on her. Purab holds thank you balloon and thanks her. He asks her to tell the truth and asks if you didn’t think even for a moment, that whatever happened was truth.

She says no, as I couldn’t see shame in your eyes, and tells that whenever I see in your eyes, I see honest and good person in it. He says how can you do it so easily, and says I doubted you, but you trusted you. Thapki says how you do everything, taking care of unwanted wife’s mother and arranging all this. She asks why did you go to ladies washroom. He says I was in a hurry, and had read that it was written gents washroom, don’t know how it was messed up. He asks her to have pani puri. Thapki says we can eat.

Hansika comes to her room and gets angry. Priyanka comes there and knocks on the door. She says you tried but couldn’t reach the destination and asks what will you do now? Hansika asks if you came to talk all this with me so late in night and asks her if her husband don’t love or spend time with you.

Priyanka says my husband is hardworking and sleeps early being tired. She says you will understand when Thapki throws you out. Hansika says even if I have to go, I won’t go empty handed. She asks her to go. Priyanka goes.

Next day, Purab is getting ready to go to office and hides his white shirt behind the pillow. He calls Thapki and asks about the other pair of his shoes. Thapki says it must be in the cupboard. She searches for it and gets it.

He wears it. Purab calls her again and asks how is the shirt? Thapki says very nice. He says it is not at all nice, and asks for his white shirt. Thapki searches for it and finds it behind the pillow. She says she will press it and bring. He says he will wear this shirt only. He tells that the shirt button is broken. Thapki finds him smiling and tears another buttons, asks him to get it stitched. She goes. He thinks it is fun to tease her.

Preeti comes to the restaurant and gets Sagar’s message that she will get the job. She sees Sagar there. Sagar says this company is of my friend, and I am the silent partner. He asks her to sit. Sagar asks about what kind of clothes she likes to wear, her favorite food etc. She replies and then asks why are you asking personal questions?

He says he needs to know about their personal choices also. She says she likes Maldives. He says you got this job and asks her not to tell anyone that she got this job due to him. He says he is going for lunch and asks her to join him. She says ok. Sagar gets Priyanka’s message that she is sending lunch through driver. Sagar replies her.

At the dining table, Purab looks for Thapki. Sargam asks Purab why he is roaming with buttonless shirt. Purab says my wife don’t care for me, and I am asking her to stitch the button. Thapki says he has broken it himself. She asks him to stitch himself. Purab says I work in office She says even she works in office.

Sargam records their video and says she will post it on social media so that people’s mouth is shut. Vinod says Thapki has shut their mouth. He appreciates Thapki. Sapna comes there and says I want to be happy for you both, but worried for Hansika. She says people call her bahar wali, pati chor etc.

Hansika is in her room and is packing her stuff. She tells Thapki that she is leaving. Thapki asks are you fine? Hansika pretends and says everything is over. Thapki asks her not to feel guilty and asks her to have breakfast before going. She tells Hansika that Purab will not go to wrong washroom and says I think someone tried to trap you and Purab. Hansika is shocked.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Thapki is singing song in the room while Hansika is pretending to be singing. Purab gets doubtful. Veena’s guru comes there and appreciates Hansika for the great singing. Veena Devi blesses her too. Purab brings Thapki there and tells that the song which they heard was actually sang by Thapki.

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Telecast Date:28th December 2021
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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