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Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th October 2021 Episode starts with Purab and Thapki looking at each other in the temple. He says you. She says you, what are you doing here? He asks her the same question. She says she came to temple and asks if she wants to run away from his marriage. He asks why you are so much ready?

Thapki says why, are you jealous of me? Purab says bride shall be beautiful, and not the baraatis. He says today is Preeti’s marriage. Thapki asks with whom Preeti is marrying and asks him to say. He asks what is this sarcasm, can’t you see that I am very worried. Thapki says who started it? if I will not get ready in my marriage, then who will get ready. He asks your marriage and says God shall only save you.

She says you are cheap, and have such thoughts for your brother. He asks who is the brother? Thapki says your brother Armaan, and says there is a limit of joke. Purab says you are calling your jija openly. She says Armaan ji is my and stammers. Purab says clever girl etc. Thapki says Armaan ji is my would be husband, and your mom Veena Devi ji has chosen me. Anchun comes there and tells Thapki that he brought slipper for her on discount, and tells Armaan jiju is waiting for her.

He sees Purab and says sorry for not seeing him. Thapki says he has spoiled my mood. Purab thinks of Veena Devi’s words and thinks how can this happen, her voice is having flaws, I shall tell her truth to everyone. He runs out of the temple in a hurry. Ashok tells his sister that he knows what she is thinking and tells that it is good that she got a good family. Sudha thinks she is waiting for 5 lakhs which Priyanka will give me. Preeti says she is planning to shift there.

They all come to Veena’s house. Sapna praises Thapki and says atleast I will have one bahu of good values. She taunts Priyanka and asks her to make a video of Thapki and her, while they are talking. Priyanka says interview is not happening, I will take pics. Sudha says yes. Sapna asks her to make video, and asks Thapki how is she feeling to become Singhania family bahu, nervous. Priyanka gets worried.

Thapki says a little bit. Priyanka says she is feeling shy. Sudha says Priyanka is right, she is feeling shy. Sapna asks do you get time to prove her shy and asks Priyanka to make video. Just then she gets a call and goes. Servant comes there and tells that cards are ready. Priyanka asks him to tie the cards on the doors and tells Sagar that she is getting the cards tied to the wall, so that the brides don’t get swapped. Purab comes there and asks for his mom. Priyanka says she is getting ready.

Purab thinks Thapki must be hidden her truth, else Mom wouldn’t have selected her. He looks for Veena Devi. Veena Devi asks the guy to try and get the admission for Hansika. He says I tried, but it is impossible for Hansika ji to get admission there. Hansika comes there and says defeat is clear on your face, neither you can get admission for me nor bahu of your choice. She will meet on the mandap.

Veena Devi says admission letter is going to come in sometime. Hansika says it shall come become the rounds, and asks her to hurry up. Veena Devi thinks she shall twist her finger, to make Thapki as her bahu. Purab comes to Veena Devi’s room and looks for her. He calls her, but her phone is in the room itself.

Vinod asks Pandit ji what is he saying and says now you are asking us to get Purab and Hansika marry first and later Armaan and Thapki. Pandit ji says Rahukaal is going on in Armaan’s kundali, and says once the rahukaal goes, he can marry after 30 mins. Veena asks Sapna to agree. Sapna thinks Veena will get jealous seeing her barbadi and agrees. Vinod and Sapna leave from there.

Pandit ji tells Veena Devi that she has made him do a sin. She says sin for someone, becomes good deed for other. She gives him money and he goes. She comes out of the room. Purab tells Veena Devi that he wants to tell her about Thapki. Sargam and Dadi don’t let him speak and take him away from there, to the mandap. Veena Devi thinks you didn’t leave any choice for me, now the brides will be swapped. She looks at the name cards on the doors.

Ashok tells Thapki that he will do her kanyadaan as he has given her upbringing like her father. Veena Devi says from where such love is seen. Priyanka hears them. Veena Devi tells Ashok that there is a custom in our family and says only groom sees the face and hears the voice of the bride after marriage.

Priyanka thinks this hadn’t happened during my marriage. Sudha says we will do as you say and says we will go to Sapna. Sudha and Preeti come out and tell Priyanka that they will get rich now. Priyanka asks them to be quiet. Veena Devi asks Thapki’s family to go out and be the part of the marriage. They go out.

Veena Devi covers thapki’s head with dupatta and says someone will come to take you for marriage. Purab tells Dadi that he wants to tell about Armaan’s would be wife. Dadi says there is still time for his marriage and says all the best. Sargam also says all the best. Sagar asks Armaan to get ready, as next is his marriage. Armaan laughs. Nandini tells Hansika that time has come to go to mandap.

Veena Devi comes there and asks if everything is fine. Nandini says mandap. Veena Devi says there is still time for marriage. Media has come to get some bites from you both, they want to meet Purab’s saas and sasur. Nandini says I will do touch up of make up. Veena Devi says there is no time. Nandini and Mukul leave from there. Hansika says you wanted to talk about my admission and that’s why sent mom and dad outside. Veena Devi says admission letter is about to come.

Hansika says you have time till the marriage, once it starts then oops. Veena Devi sees her phone and takes it. She says I am trying and will come. Hansika thinks she didn’t come to say anything new, why did she come here? Veena Devi replaces Thapki’s card with Hansika’s card. She thinks everyone will think that Hansika is inside now, and thinks she shall keep her away to succeed in her plan.

Purab thinks why the marriage rituals are so long and asks Pandit ji when he will call the bride. Sargam says it seems someone wants to become husband fast. Priyanka comes to take Hansika. Veena Devi locks Hansika’s door. Priyanka sees Hansika’s name board and goes to Thapki’s room.

Veena Devi thinks Hansika can’t come out and can’t call anyone now. She comes and sits to attend the marriage. Pandit ji says mahurat is ending, call the bride fast. Priyanka brings Thapki there with veil on her face. Thapki comes and sits beside Purab. Veena Devi thinks I have written your destiny and whatever I have written can’t be wrong, you will become my bahu only.

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