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Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th November 2021 Episode starts with Thapki coming to Hansika’s room. Hansika ends the call with Anjali and silently puts her left hand inside the plaster and asks Thapki, why she returned? Thapki asks if she was expecting Anjali Aunty. Hansika thinks she caught me, and thinks game is over.

Thapki says I can understand, you might be missing your Mother. She says just now your Papa came, and said that he will convince Anjali aunty and take you from here very soon. Hansika says daughters are special for Papas. Thapki says may be, I don’t know as I have no Papa. She asks her to rest and says goes. Hansika thinks how to fool her, she is foolish by birth. She thinks to go and meet Veena.

Thapki is writing the expenses of her mother’s surgery, medicines and hospital expenses. She thinks she didn’t talk to Purab about her salary. Purab comes out after the shower. He wipes his hair and sees her smiling. Thapki is thinking that she had come out of bathroom and the water droplet fell on him. He asks what happened? Thapki says she is worried and shows the ink scattered on the diary, says just heart is made now. He asks her to calculate again, and says first make my schedule for today.

I shall know whoever I am meeting today. He says then I have to go to office. She says you are happy to go to office. He says revenue is increased, and you shall be happy too as it happened due to you. Thapki says I want to talk to you, we do job for…he says to earn name, respect and to be independent. Thapki says more than that, salary. He says ofcourse, we will talk in the office and asks her to get ready fast. Thapki asks him to say it here. Purab says can you cut the ladies finger in the office and says he has HR dept to handle it. She asks him to give her an idea. He asks her to get ready.

Hansika comes to Veena Devi’s room. Veena Devi says she doesn’t like anyone interference while doing riyaaz and taunts her. Hansika says why are you so irritated, if you are unhappy with life or your choice bahu Thapki. She says you used to run away from such people and today she is staying in our house.

She says I am talking about Thapki. She says if you haven’t changed the bride, then would be in advantage. Veena Devi asks her to leave. Hansika shows the video in which Veena Devi changed the name plate of the brides, and also the video in which Veena Devi offered her cheque to leave Purab. Veena Devi is shocked and says you was recording everything. Hansika asks shall I show this to Purab and says enjoy your old age and do riyaaz, but don’t think of coming in my way. Hansika smiles and goes. Veena Devi gets worried.

Mukul asks Anjali to get manicure, pedicure etc and says you don’t care for your daughter, who is staying in someone else’ house. Anjali says it was her decision to stay there. Mukul says you forced her to take this step. Anjali says she will return once she gets some intelligence. Mukul says what is going on in your mind? Anjali says you are hiding a secret with me and asks for his wallet. He says it is difficult to talk to you.

Dadi asks Purab to come to her. Purab says Thapki will take my 5 mins in room. Dadi says she is your wife. Purab says my secretary and asks where is she? Dadi says she is making breakfast for you. Purab sits to have breakfast. Hansika eyes them and thinks Veena Devi haven’t understood why I came here? Thapki serves him food. Purab starts eating. Dadi asks him not to hurry up. He stops Dadi from having the peanuts sandwich and asks Thapki if she don’t know that Dadi is allergic to you.

Thapki says no. Hansika smiles. Dadi makes them eat it and asks them to stop fight and talk. Thapki says I will have breakfast later, first I will give breakfast and medicines to Hansika. I had forgotten. She gets up to go. Hansika calls Purab and asks him to come to her room fast. He gets up without finishing the breakfast.

Thapki serves breakfast for Hansika and keeps the medicines too. Jaya calls Thapki and tells that her surgery date came after 3 days. Thapki says money is not arranged yet. Jaya says Purab has deposited the money and said that he will take me to hospital. Purab comes to Hansika’s room. Hansika comes out running from bathroom, wearing bathrobe and hugs him. Thapki comes there. Purab asks what happened? Hansika says Thapki came. She then tells that there is a lizard in the bathroom. Purab checks and says there is nothing. Hansika asks him to get pest control done. He says ok and goes. Thapki keeps the breakfast and asks her to have it. She asks her to lock the door.

Thapki comes out to Purab. Purab says Hansika is scared of lizard. Thapki says did I ask? She thanks him and says I talked to my Mother and she told that you have paid the money. Purab asks her not to get angry and says I will cut it every month from your salary. Thapki says lets go to office. He asks her to take auto and says it will look odd, if boss and secretary come together. Thapki calls auto. Hansika thinks Thapki is stupid not to show right on Purab. Thapki is in the auto and thinks she found it strange, seeing Hansika and Purab together. Auto stops and says it is not starting. Purab comes in his car and signs her to come fast. Thapki sits back in the auto again as it starts.

Veena Devi comes to Hansika and asks if she came to snatch Purab from her, when she loved London Music school. Hansika says I am sanskari and Purab is married. Veena Devi says stop acting. Hansika says yes, I came for Purab. Thapki sees Purab standing on the road and asks auto driver to stop the auto. She asks Purab to come and sit in auto. Purab sits in auto. Hansika says Purab and Thapki’s relation is weak.

She says I have come to take what is mine. Veena Devi says he is not mine. The auto driver plays the song, tum dena saath mera….Purab and Thapki look at each other. Veena Devi says she doesn’t like Thapki much, but there is some connection between them. She says they look far, but they are near each other. She says you have no idea, what he does for her? Purab thinks just 15 mins left to reach office. Auto stops. A transgender comes there and asks for money. Purab gives him money, and the transgender blesses them to have beautiful babies.

Veena Devi says you can’t get Purab even if you stay here for life. Hansika says challenge, I like it. She says let’s just wait and watch. Veena Devi and Hansika smiles.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Thapki comes to the room and sees Strawberry icecream on the table. She asks Purab, how did he know that her favorite flavor is strawberry. He says the hampers which you have sent to the employees and you had eaten Diwali sweets strawberry barfi. He says that’s how he took a chance. Thapki eats the icecream and says you have talent and does some work good. He says some work? Thapki says I have forgotten to meet Dadi, she had called me. Purab stops her and wipes the icecream from her lips. Song plays…..

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Telecast Date:25th November 2021
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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