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Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th January 2022 Episode starts with Hansika making Thapki unconscious and says time has come to take your place. Sargam worries for her baby and thinks to go to Thapki. Hansika scolds the goons, for not been able to handle a girl. They tie Thapki’s hands and mouth and keep her in the basket.

Sargam is coming there and sees Hansika and the goons standing, holding the flower pots. She asks what you are doing in bhabhi’s room. Hansika says they told that they want to keep puja ingredients in the storeroom. Sargam says this is not storeroom. Hansika says they came here mistakenly, and asks them to go.

Sargam asks where is Bhabhi? Hansika says she must be downstairs or might be sitting with Jaya aunty. She looks at the bangles and mangalsutra taken off from Thapki, and calls Anjali. She says parcel left from here, and shall reach the hospital. She asks her to ask Doctor to do the test fast. Anjali says don’t worry, everything is in control. Hansika smirks.

Pandit ji tells that mahurat has come to start the puja. Purab is seated for the puja. The goons are taking the basket out of the house. Pandit ji asks Purab to take gangajal and sprinkle in the house. Sagar thinks to romance with Preeti in the house. He throws paper at Preeti. Preeti smiles and picks the chit.

She reads it, that meet him in the storeroom after 30 mins. Hansika gets ready in the similar saree like that of Thapki and wears the mangalsutra. An apple falls down from near the Mata Rani’s temple. Purab picks the apple and doubts on the goons, asking what is in the basket. Thapki gains consciousness and tries to make the sound.

The goon tells that it is puja mandap ingredients, as the puja started, we are going. They tell that they were scared that he might scold them and that’s why got scared. Purab says ok, go. Thapki makes sound from the basket. Purab asks the goons to stop.

Hansika wears the ghunghat hearing someone coming. Sapna comes there and asks Thapki to come, unaware that Hansika is in the veil. Hansika looks at Purab going to the basket. Purab asks why this basket is shaking up. Hansika thinks they’ re still here and thinks the goons will take my name if caught.

The goons tell that they are tired and couldn’t lift the basket. Purab touches the basket. Just then Vinod comes there and calls Purab. He says if you take so much time to sprinkle gangajal then when will you do the puja. Thapki tries to make the sound. Purab is doubtful still. Vinod takes him. The goons take the basket out.

Hansika is seated for puja and thinks once Thapki’s sonography report comes, Purab will throw her out of the house. The goon calls tempo guy to bring the tempo. Thapki finds a pin in the basket and cuts the tape/cloth with which her hands are tied. Sargam thinks Bhabhi is seated for the puja, I have to go to doctor alone.

Dadi comes there and asks if you are fine? Thapki frees herself. The goon tells other that they shall take her to maternity hospital. Thapki thinks why they want to take me to hospital, who is behind all this.

Pandit ji asks Purab and Thapki to add ghee in the havan together. Hansika touches Purab’s hand. Purab thinks why the feeling is different today. Dadi asks Sargam to bring something. Sargam tells Hansika that she couldn’t bear the pain and is going to doctor. Pandit ji asks Purab and Thapki to light the diyas on every corner of the house. Thapki thinks who is seated for puja on my place and asks Mata Rani to help her.

Suddenly a heavy wind comes, and the aarti plate falls down from Hansika’s hands. Everyone is shocked. Purab says Thapki and gets up. The goons sit in the tempo and starts driving. Veena says this is inauspicious. Sapna says something wrong will happen now. Pandit ji asks Hansika to clean her dupatta.

Sargam thinks she couldn’t bear the pain and goes out silently. Hansika comes back. Pandit ji says now you both shall complete the rasam. Purab goes with the veiled bride (Hansika or Thapki) to the inhouse temple and completes the rituals. Pandit ji asks Purab to lift his wife and take 2 rounds around the havan fire. Purab lifts her and takes the rounds. Thapki’s veil is lifted and her face is shown. She is Thapki, with whom Purab is completing the rituals. He looks at her.

A fb is shown, Thapki recalls getting up in the basket and jumping out of the tempo, before it starts. She then comes to the room. Hansika comes to the room to clean the veil and thinks my plan couldn’t be successful. She finds Thapki standing there and gets shocked.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Thapki confronts Hansika and says you are behind it. Hansika says Purab was mine and he will always be mind. Thapki says Purab was never yours and says my husband Purab made me wear this mangalsutra and sindoor. She takes mangalsutra from her.

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Telecast Date:24th January 2022
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