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Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th December 2021 Episode starts with Hansika asking Thapki to believe her, and says this is shocking for me and my mom, she went in shock after knowing the truth. Purab comes there. Hansika takes his name. He comes inside and asks why did you take out the Mom’s pendant. She says it was loose, so I asked Thapki to tighten it.

He says Lawyer will message you for all the requirements to hire you in the company. She says she will send all the details to him personally. He goes. Hansika says this pendant will be kept with me, as the safe keeping of yours. She says I will give it to you when everything is fine.

Sagar gives costly dress to Preeti. Preeti gets happy and thanks him for the dress and also for dropping her home. She goes. Thapki comes to room and thinks Purab slept without having food. He opens his eyes and says I don’t want to. He says I will not be weak, if I don’t eat one night. He says my stomach is filled with mom’s happiness, I will not do dinner. Thapki closes the door and takes blanket to sleep on the sofa. He goes out and brings plate.

He says just because I am not hungry, it doesn’t mean that you shall be hungry too. He says whatever happened, I couldn’t forget. He says we can’t blame anyone in Mom’s matter, but we can’t ignore with whatever happened with Sargam, it was wrong. He says we care each other as life partners, and says there seems to be a war between husband and brother inside me. He lies down to sleep. Thapki thinks I will prove till tomorrow that Anchun and I are innocent, and then your war will end.

Preeti checks the gifts and finds hand bag of Rs 22 k. She gets happy. Safar comes back home and thinks she is good and dumb. Priyanka comes there and hugs him, calls him baby. She asks if he had food. Sagar says my stomach is full, I had went on date with a girl and had food. She asks what?

Sagar says he has to do all the work, as Purab is always busy with his wife. Priyanka says you must be tired, shall I massage you. He says yes. She pushes him on the bed and massages his back. He asks her to do it with force. She stands on his feet. He shouts and asks her not to break his back. She says she will give him best massage.

Sargam asks Hansika to help her with the dress and says Rohit called me for party. Hansika thinks I asked him to get underground and he….Thapki goes. Anchun asks Thapki to come on video call and says Bua will come to your sasural if you don’t come. Jaya takes the call and asks Thapki why are you ruining your own voice for other. Thapki is about to tell her about Mukul, but stays quiet. She says Purab and his company needs me. Jaya says I am coming there, we will sit and talk. Thapki says don’t come here, I will come there and asks her to trust her. She asks her to give call to Anchun.

Jaya gives the phone and goes. Thapki asks did you come to know how Rohit will take out money from Sargam. Anchun says he don’t know. Thapki says Rohit called Sargam to meet, and says we can catch him red handed. Anshun says matter is serious, goons are involved and asks her to bring Purab there. She calls at office number and asks the receptionist to give call to Purab. Receptionist tells that he went to meet lawyer. Thapki messages Purab that she is going to expose Rohit and going there, and asks him to come as he might be needed. Thapki asks Mata Rani to make everything fine and thinks I will not get another chance.

Hansika calls Rohit. Rohit doesn’t pick the call and thinks she is of no use of me. Sargam comes there and hugs Rohit. Rohit hugs her too and puts something in her bag. Thapki and Anchun record it and gets shocked. Thapki asks if it is drugs. Police comes there and tells that everyone shall be checked. They take Sargam’s purse. Sargam says I haven’t done anything wrong. Inspector finds the drugs packet in her purse and shows her. Sargam says it is not mine. Inspector asks her to tell this in Police station. Rohit comes and says she is from respected family. Sargam says I don’t want to go to Police station. Inspector says we will not take you to PS and will co operate.

He takes her to side, and asks for 6 lakhs cash. Sargam says I don’t have money right now. Thapki asks Inspector to leave her. Sargam asks what are you doing here, are you following me? Thapki says for your safety, to show you Rohit’s truth. She shows the video, in which Rohit is putting drugs in her handbag. She then shows the video to Inspector. Sargam slaps Rohit and says how dare you, and says I loved you. She asks didn’t you have any shame. Thapki says he will not have shame and asks Inspector to arrest him. Inspector signs the constable.

The constable grabs Rohit’s collar and scolds Rohit for his plan to get money from the fat girl. Thapki says fake Police, I will call real Police. The goons kidnap Thapki, Sargam, Rohit and Anchun. Thapki asks Sargam, where is my brother? Sargam says she is fine. Thapki asks where is my brother? She calls Anchun. The goons tell that he is locked in other room and was shouting. Thapki hopes that Purab has read the message. The goons tell that they will get 2 lakhs rs from their stuff and the remaining amount will get from her family. Thapki thinks to stop the goons and says I am chuk chuk jaadi and will take time to speak, and asks them to have patience.

She says Sargam’s family is very rich. She stammers much. Sargam thinks why she is stammering so much. The goon asks her to talk fast. Thapki says when I get scared, I stammer much. She says I have another idea to get you money and asks them to free Sargam and her hands for that. The goon says we are professional goons. Other goon says we shall free their hands, what they will do. They free their hands and asks how she will give money? Thapki asks Sargam to run. She takes rod and tries to beat the goons. Sargam also takes the rod. The goon holds the rod and says now you are gone. Purab comes there and fights with the goons. The goon breaks tube light on his back. Thapki shouts Purab.

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Telecast Date:24th December 2021
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