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Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd December 2021 Episode starts with Thapki asking Hansika to tell the truth to everyone. Hansika says you said right. Thapki leaves her hand and says I just wanted to see, if you have repentance for whatever you have done or not? Hansika says I always used to tell Papa, why I was not having any sister. She says now I have a sister, and says when you was singing and I was lip syncing and smiling, for the people. She asks for a chance from her.

Thapki says I need chance. Hansika says ofcourse, I can give you a chance. Thapki goes from there. Anjali comes there and asks Hansika if she is mad to call her sister. Hansika says I called her sister and she sang song for me. She says she will do hardwork and I will sing for her. She says one day, I will steal her husband from under her nose. Anjali says you are like me. Hansika says I have set my step sister, what you will do with your sautan. Anjali says she will be there,

and if your father brings her here, then I will handle him. Veena asks Purab why did he stop her from giving bytes to media. Purab says they have written wrong things about you and until they apologize to you, we will not give them any bytes. Thapki comes there and tells Purab that event manager….

Veena asks Purab to ask her to leave from there, and says if she didn’t feel peace even after snatching our everything. Mukul comes there and says you can’t behave like this with Thapki. Veena asks why you are defending her, with what relation. Mukul says Thapki is my daughter. Thapki nods him not to say. Mukul says I mean, she is like my daughter and she has helped Hansika so much, and that’s why I regard her as my daughter. He says I have done Thapki’s kanyadaan with my hands. Veena says so very good, take her with you, why you are burdening us with her.

She says this girl has ruined my respect and I have to begged infront of others due to her. Thapki tries to clarify. Veena Devi says I don’t know why did I ask you from Mata Rani, it was the most inauspicious moment. Purab asks her to go home and says he got the car. Mukul asks Thapki about Purab and her relation. She says we don’t have heart relation and asks him not to take a stand for her next time, she has fought alone and can handle alone in future too. She goes.

Preeti comes to the restaurant to meet the guy, and thinks how I will identify him. waiter comes and gives her menu card. She checks and thinks 1000 Rs of coffee and thinks where is my blind date. She thinks the guy is rich. Sagar is her blind date and gets tensed seeing her. He recognizes her as Thapki’s sister. Preeti also recognizes him as Thapki’s jeth ji. He thinks to cancel the date, and messages her that they shall meet tomorrow. Preeti replies ok and is about to go, when she collides with waiter and the drink falls on her. Sagar says sorry and says he came for the meeting. Preeti says she came to meet her friends.

Hansika asks Thapki why is she waiting? Thapki says she has some work and asks her to go home. Hansika says I will help you. She thinks now I have to praise her to make her happy. Purab sees the spot lights falling on Thapki as she assists the event manager. He runs and rescues her. They fall at the safe place. Hansika gets irked. Purab asks are you fine? Hansika thinks Purab still cares for her and thinks to do something big.

Preeti is standing outside the restaurant and feels cold. She thinks her dress is wet. She messages her blind date to drop her home. Sagar looks at her and thinks she is hot. He replies her that he is busy. He realizes Preeti is his blind date and offers to drop her home, without telling anything.

Thapki says sorry for whatever happened? Purab says sometimes you say sorry and sometimes thank you, don’t say it many times that its importance is gone. Thapki thinks you have always trusted me, I will make everything fine. Anchun calls Thapki and tells her that some goons are beating Rohit. He asks her to hear. Rohit tells the goons that he will get the amount 6 lakhs from Sargam, Veena Records owner. The goon takes his phone and gives him classic phone. Thapki asks Anchun to keep eye on Rohit and thinks to prove her innocence.

Hansika comes home. Sapna stops her right at the door. She says I want everyone to know about her truth, before she comes here. Hansika thinks if she will expose me. Servant brings aarti plate and gives to Sapna. Sapna says Hansika brought Saraswati avatar and says I will do your aarti. She whispers to her and asks her not to forget that she is in their team. Purab and Thapki come there.

Sapna and Priyanka praise Hansika and take her inside. Veena tells Hansika that she wants to give her something for whatever she has done today for her. She takes out her chain and pendant of mata rani, and tells that she wants to give it to Hansika. Thapki is shocked as the pendant is of mata rani. Veena walks towards Hansika and falls. Thapki holds the locket and saves it from falling down. Dadi thinks Thapki deserves the love and respect. Veena takes back the chain and makes Hansika wear it. She says I want to say one more thing, Hansika will be the face of Veena records along with me. Hansika smiles happily. Veena Devi goes. Thapki looks at Hansika.

Later Thapki drinks water. Hansika comes to her and gives the chain and pendant in her hand. She says we know that you deserve it. Thapki returns it and says Maa ji gave it to you, listening to your voice. Hansika says face was mine, but voice was yours. Thapki refuses to take it. Hansika says so much bad have happened with you, but you are so good. Thapki asks what bad? Hansika says what Papa has done was wrong. She says it is difficult for my Mom and me to accept this fact. Thapki says your Papa loves you a lot. Hansika looks at them standing in the kitchen and calls his name.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Thapki and Sargam are kidnapped by the goons. The goons tell that they will get 2 lakhs from their stuff, and the remaining amount will be paid by the fat girl. Thapki says I have another way to get you money and asks them to free their hands. The goons free their hands. Thapki asks Hansika to run. The goons try to catch them. Purab comes there and fights with the goons. The goon breaks tube light on his back. Purab is still fighting.

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Telecast Date:23rd December 2021
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