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Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd January 2022 Episode starts with Sargam coming down to meet Rohit. She says thank you for coming. Rohit says I haven’t come for you, but to take my money. Sargam says I was never important for you, this baby. Rohit asks her to give money and end the matter.

Purab comes there shocking Sargam. He twists Rohit’s hand and beats him. He says I had made me understand, if you are foolish or deaf. Sargam says Bhai. Purab asks her to stay out of it. Thapki comes there and tries to stop Purab. Purab looks at them angrily and says nobody shall come in between.

He says I told you, not to call my sister and beats Rohit more. Rohit gets injured. Purab beats him more and says you want to tease my sister in my house. Rohit says you had problem if I talk to her, and says we were in a relationship and asks what would have happen if she was pregnant with my child.

Purab says if this had happened, then I would have killed you. He picks a flower pot and is about to hit him. Thapki stops Purab. Purab breaks it on the ground. Sargam gives gold chain in Rohit’s hands. Rohit runs away. Purab goes inside the house. Dadi asks Purab, what happened to his hand.

Purab says nothing, everything happened due to your bahu. He says she wanted to eat tamarind, I climbed on the tree and fell down. Dadi smiles. She says tomorrow is moonlight and it comes once in 100 years, and the couple who does the puja of the moon, gets together for 7 births, I want you both to do this puja, so that you both and the baby gets blessed. She asks will you do puja? Purab says yes, Dadi and goes.

Sagar takes Priyanka’s mobile from her hand. Priyanka says my fans will be upset. Sagar says no third person between us today. He asks her to cut the cake. They cut the cake. He makes her have cake.

Priyanka dances with him. Sapna looks at them and closes the window. Priyanka feels drowsy and faints on him. Sagar calls her and recalls adding sleeping pill in the cake. He thinks she will sleep for 12 hours and I will romance with Preeti.

Sargam tells Thapki that nobody shall know about this truth. Thapki says I was about to tell the truth to Purab in room. Sargam says you have promised me, how can you break you. Thapki says she is feeling guilty to hide a big truth from him. Sargam says if you tell the truth to anyone, then will see my dead face. Thapki asks if she is mad, and says I have seen his anger, now I can’t tell truth to him even if I want.

Sagar comes to meet Preeti. Preeti opens the door and asks did you get time to come here? Sagar says I had stopped to buy this for you, and shows the earrings. Preeti gets happy and says it is so beautiful. Sagar thinks I know she will get happy. Preeti closes the door. He asks for the return gift.

They look at each other smilingly. Door bell rings. Sagar says who has come? Ashok and Jaya comes there. Preeti says you was about to come tomorrow. Ashok says work was over so we came. He asks her to give him water. Sagar is in the barrel and moves inside it. Ashok and Jaya see it. They run behind him holding the rod. Preeti pours water on the floor. Ashok slips. Jaya holds him. Preeti helps Sagar runs away. Ashok gets concerned for Preeti.

Thapki comes to Purab and says he shall not be angry. He tells that when Sargam’s matter comes up, I couldn’t control my anger. Thapki says its ok, and cleans his injury and asks him to rest. She says we have to sit for puja tomorrow. Purab asks if she will do puja for baby. Thapki looks at him and says Dadi told about the mahurat. Purab refuses to do any puja until she tells the truth to him.

He says we both know that whatever you are doing is wrong. He says there is no effect on you for my doings. Thapki recalls Sargam’s words and asks him to calm down. She says you asked for sometime when I asked you about our relation. She says just like that, give me some time and I will tell you the truth at the right time.

Purab says both are different thing, our families are involved, their hopes are at stake. He asks how much time, do you need to tell the pregnancy truth. She says she don’t know. Thapki asks him not to refuse to sit for puja, atleast for Dadi.

Hansika calls Anjali and says Thapki’s truth will be out, by getting her sonography test done. She says I will do solah shringar for him and will sit with him for the puja.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Thapki gets ready to do puja. Hansika asks her to rest and says you will be called for puja. She then send the goons in Thapki’s room, who make her unconscious. Hansika snatches her mangalsutra. The goons are about to take Thapki out in the big basket. Purab is seated for the puja.

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Telecast Date:22nd January 2022
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